you've never looked better

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  • i struggled when i was bullied by people who i thought were my friends, but then i made new friends
  • i struggled through high school with maths, my sister told me to just accept that i wouldn’t pass it, but i managed to get a C in maths gcse
  • i went to college, i struggled, but i passed my classes 
  • i went to university, i struggled. i did a year abroad and i struggled and thought i couldn’t do it anymore. but i kept going and i managed to graduate my degree with a 2:1
  • i graduated university and i was struggling trying to find a job for over a year. but now i’ve just managed to get a christmas temp job which i’m starting near the end of this month.

what i’m trying to say is, life is hard and there are so many battles. but after each one you go into the next one even stronger and you can do it! you’ve got so much ahead of you and whatever it is you’re finding hard at the moment you will overcome it and i guarantee you - you’ll come out stronger than ever <3

  • Clint: As my co-agent, do you think I'm getting fat?
  • Natasha: No way. You are in the prime of your life; you've never looked better!
  • Clint: And as my ex-girlfriend?
  • Natasha: You look like a pile of crap ate a second pile of crap and then crapped out a third pile of crap.
  • Clint: Wait, so which pile of crap am I?
  • Natasha: The third one.
  • Clint: What? That's the worst one!

theowlandthefinch  asked:

Wilford: [Taking the Host shopping for sunglasses] Try this pair. Oh, yes. Perfect. Fabulous. Stunning. You've never looked better. Host: What do they look like? Wilford: [Staring at the glasses currently on the Host, which are bright pink cat-eye glasses with ladder shades and rhinestone accents] Beautiful. Subtle. Understated. You look sophisticated. No one will even notice you don't have eyes.

oh my god can you imagine wilford and bim taking host out for a shopping spree day and just dressing host up and having him try on different outfits and host just has no idea what he’s getting himself into and just wants to go home the whole time lol

Mind over matter

Pairing: Niall/Harry

Summary: Harry’s stupidly smitten with his guitar teacher.


a/n: Based on this pic and written for the lovely Iva.

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