you've just been poisoned

modern queens | cleopatra vii

“she’s a temptress, more of a shallow celebrity than a queen,” octavian muttered darkly. he couldn’t stand her, not the way she spoke, the way she looked, the way she sat across the sea and did something that the romans had never known a woman to do: rule.

“true,” lepidus said in a largely uninterested voice, “but she is still a queen. why do you let her bother you so much?”

with a roll of his eyes, octavian turned to face his friend. “it’s not a simple case of whether she bothers me of not, she is a direct threat to us, and i am the only one in rome who is not blind enough to see it!” he finished his rant with a yell, smashing a glass on the ground for dramatic effect. “she is the whore queen who seduces everyone in her path and leaves men to their deaths once she has what she wants. her son is the son of the closest thing i had to a father, and if i slip up in any way, the people will turn their backs and pick him to lead them forward. she is cunning, manipulative, and a damn lot smarter than anyone else, mainly because she has them all convinced that she is none of these things. she alone has the power to crush us, and instead of putting a stop to her, one of us has decided that the best course of action is to fucking sleep with her!”