you've got yourself a tag now

If you like something about yourself, don’t be ashamed to flaunt it a little (or even a lot). You have the right to love yourself, so love with all you have.

Ask meme for the senior wc tag!
  • Bluestar: Who inspired you to get into warriors, if anyone?
  • Fireheart: What were you like when you first got into the series?
  • Redtail: What's your earliest memory of the fandom after you joined?
  • Spottedleaf: Did you have anyone (older than yourself) guiding you through the fandom?
  • Lionheart: Have you ever moderated a Warriors community, forum or otherwise?
  • Longtail: Have you ever been really against something in the fandom, but accepted it in time?
  • Graystripe: Do you have any friends you've made during your stay in the fandom, back in the day, that are still your friend today?
  • Sandstorm: Has your opinion on anything in the fandom drastically changed?
  • Ravenpaw: Is there anything you met through the fandom that isn't part of the fandom now?
  • Smudge: Have you ever considered leaving the fandom? If so, have you done so before?
  • Halftail: Have you had any losses in the fandom since you've joined?
  • One-eye: Have you ever cut yourself off from the fandom, and if so, why?
  • Dappletail: Have you felt that the fandom's gotten worse?
  • Yellowfang: Have you ever created something that got famous in the fandom to some degree?
  • Barley: Have you shown many non-fans the series, and if so, have you made any people into warrior cats fans?
  • Rosetail: Have you ever felt left out?