you've got to be taught

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i just think it's funny how many times burr foreshadows shooting alexander: "fools who run mouths off wind up dead" (aaron burr, sir) "you've got to be carefully taught. if you talk, you're gonna get shot" (my shot) "why do you assume you're the smartest in the room? soon that attitude may be your doom" (non-stop) "all he had to do was try ... we oughta give it a try" (the room where it happens)

• “I couldn’t seem to die” “wait for it”

• “like you’re running out of time, are you running out of time?“

• "dark as a tomb where it happens”

• “your pride will be the death of us all; beware, it goeth before the fall”

• “he seems to thrive when so few survive, goddamn it I’m willing to wait for it”

• “click, boom, then it happens!”

• all of the ten duel commandments

like damn Burr can you maybe chill

Hamilton and Laurens tell the group they're in love
  • Mulligan: Whatever. I'm into horses.
  • Lafayette: *leaps in the air and starts rapping incomprehensibly, but smiling*
  • Burr: Geniuses, lower your voices! You stay out of trouble and you double your choices. I'm with you, but the situation is fraught. You've got to be carefully taught, if you talk you're gonna get shot!
  • Everyone but Burr: ...
  • Hamilton: Shut up, Burr!
  • Lafayette: You are the worst, Burr.

normani & camila | something beautiful


Prayers to CT.  Here’s my little lesson for all…this song was not appreciated when written in the 30’s because of fear that people will not understand nor appreciate the meaning of the song.  It was also stressed that it will be irrelevant to society.  I think it was relevant, and still is.  Stop hate.  Stop violence.  Love and stop the madness

  • Boy: I'm sorry.
  • Girl: Sorry for what?
  • Boy: For taking you for granted. For being such a coward. For ignoring you.
  • Girl: It's okay. I already accepted that fact and i got used to it, anyway.
  • Boy: Can you still forgive me and let's give it a try this time?
  • Girl: You know, I've always wanted to hear that from you. i've always wanted to make you realize my importance and existence. I've waited until i have no reason to wait. Until giving up was my last option.
  • Boy: I'm really sorry, but don't worry, this time, i will make it up to you. i'll surely treasure you and hope you'll give me another chance.
  • Girl: I am sorry too. Time got into me. You've already taught me so many things and one of it was to love myself first before anything else and i thank you for that. You've hurt me many times and I cant risk experiencing that again. Thank you anyway but i am better off without you.
  • <p> <b>Me in the cinema with my very loud talkative friends just before the movie begins:</b> geniuses, lower your voices. You keep outta trouble and you double your choices. I'm woth you but the situatiom is fraught. You've got to be carefully taught, if you talk you're gonna get shot<p/></p>