you've got to be kidding me with this

Having seen some of the fallout from the latest Steven Universe episode(s) I’ve realized something:

Before “Wanted”

Normal person: “Don’t you think you’re reading into a kids show a little too much? I mean, it’s not that deep.”

Me: “I mean, it’s got a little depth to it, but yeah, you’re right. Maybe I am looking a little too into it by attempting to analyze every line spoken and every little detail in the background.”

After “Wanted”


  • Cas: *on the verge of death (again)* Dean you've got to leave me here. Just go. It's too dangerous for you and Sam to stay here.
  • Dean: No Cas. I'm not leaving you here to die alright?
  • Cas: You - You've got to go Dean. I'm beyond saving but you two... you can get out of here. Go!
  • Sam: No way dude. You're family Cas
  • Dean: *single man tear* And family means no one gets left behind.
  • Adam:
  • Adam:
  • Adam:
  • Adam: Are you fucking kidding me?!
  • Chanyeol: Hey Kyungsoo, can you...?
  • Kyungsoo: No, I'm busy.
  • Jongin: *walks into the room* Kyungsoo, can you...?
  • Kyungsoo: Yes. Of course.
  • Chanyeol: You've got to be kidding me.
  • Baekhyun: Seriously, did you expect anything different? Kyungsoo is genetically not able to say no to Jongin.

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Okay, but why is no one talking about the MOST PURE CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME in the Kiwi video? Like, YES, ANGEL, YOU EAT THAT CUPCAKE WHILE CHAOS ERUPTS AROUND YOU. What was his name? Did he get to play with the puppies? Did he give Harry the biggest hug ever™ at the end of the shoot? (DS people give the best hugs ever, don't let anyone tell you different.) I NEED ANSWERS ABOUT THIS ANGEL BABY WHO HAS STOLEN MY HEART. PLEASE TALK ABOUT IT WITH ME.

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LOOK AT HIM JUST LOOKING AT HARRY!!!! Because Harry is a BEACON of SHINY JOY and i love how INCLUSIVE this video is!! and how much FUN these kids must have had.


Are you fucking kidding me

I deadass wake up from the best nap ever to see that CHRIS IS GOING OUT OF HIS WAY TO LET EVA KNOW THAT HE’S SERIOUS ABOUT HER AND SHE’S STILL DOING SHIT WITH JONAS. AFTER HOW HE TREATED HER. I HOPE SHE SHE STOPS AFTER SHE HEARD EMMA TALK ABOUT JONAS. OR CONFRONTS HIM ABOUT BEING A FUCKING DICK TO EMMA. BECAUSE CHRIS AND EMMA DO NOT DESERVE THIS! THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR FEELINGS PLAYED WITH BY EVA AND JONAS. EMMA HAS BEEN THERE ALREADY. I’m so disappointed with how this turned out. Why did Julie HAVE to give Jonas a love interest? He was totally fine with just his boy squad? And that Chriseva clip was beautiful and she had to go make in unnecessarily complicated for what?? To bring back a toxic couple??? Man. I love Julie but wtf is this shit?

  • Scott: Theo, can you...?
  • Theo: No. Sorry, I'm busy.
  • Liam: *walks into the room* Theo, can you...?
  • Theo: Yes. Of course.
  • Scott: You've got to be kidding me.
  • Corey: Seriously, did you expect anything different? Theo is genetically not able to say No to Liam.
The F.C.C. May Launch an Investigation of Colbert’s Trump Rant—Yes, Seriously
The Late Show host set off a firestorm in certain communities earlier this week when he told a particularly harsh joke.
By Laura Bradley

“On Thursday, Federal Communications Commission head Ajit Pai—a Republican—appeared on Fox News, where he said that if the F.C.C. received complaints, it would investigate Colbert. And sure enough, on Friday, Pai—who succeeded Tom Wheeler as chairman in 2012—reportedly confirmed that an investigation will soon be underway.“

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What's one of the carziest, but most fun, things you've ever done?

Ok, here’s the story of the first (and only) true prank I’ve ever pulled on anyone.

When I was 7, I really, really, really didn’t get along with my middle sister (she was 11). I hated her, actually. She played the Miss Perfect role when my parents were around and she was the greatest bitch ever to me when we were alone.
One day, we got into a fight that went so far that she threatened to throw my plushie out of a window (it was a big deal for me, I was a kid).

Of course, I told her I would tell the parents about this if she went all the way with her threat so she backed down. But I knew. I knew this lil bitch would have thrown my plushie away.

So of course, OF COURSE, I needed to get revenge.

So I waited for her to get out of her room and try to watch the French equivalent of American Idol and I went into her room.
What. could I. possibly. steal from her? Something valuable, but not too much, something she couldn’t live without though. Something no one would think I would steal.

I stole her mattress.

Now, I don’t know if you know about this, but I’m short. Really short. And at the time, I was even shorter. Super short.
And I weighted, what, 50lb tops? I was just a little shrimp.

Only fuelled by resentment and loathing towards my sister, I lifted her huge mattress. It weighted more than me. I didn’t care. I dragged it across the house until finally I got the idea to hide it in the basement, in a little room no one ever went to.

Innocent like an angel, I got back to my room and waited.

No more than 10 minutes later, I hear my sister scream “WHERE IS MY BED”, and then a few seconds later “ADRIEN”. Everything was going just as planned.

I got out of my room and innocently asked her “What is it, @?”
“My mattress is missing, and I know you’re responsible for this!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Pissed off, she went to see my parents.
They laughed her off.

My father, completely exasperated because he was trying to focus on our American Idol show, finally decided to check her room.
Indeed, the bed was missing.
“See? Adrien took it!
- Oh, don’t be silly, @, look at him, he’s too little to lift that huge thing. Stop accusing him”

At the same moment, I was behind my dad, sticking out my tongue to my sister. She was losing her mind.

My dad went to get my mother so she could as well note that my sister’s mattress was missing.
“Maybe a thief really did steal it?
-Don’t be absurd, who would steal a mattress? Plus, this is the second floor. No one can get here anyway else than by the stairs.”

I was gloating. As my parents were debating of the supposed fate of the mattress, my sister desperately wanted to sleep and she knew I stole her mattress. She couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually, she ended up sleeping in a sleeping bag, on the floor of her room. I couldn’t be happier.

The day after that, my mother suggested we look in the house to find the mattress if it was still here.

But no one suspected me.

So, in the middle of the next night, I went down to the basement, lifted the mattress again and dragged it to our court, where there was a lot of building stuff. In a dark corner, I hid the mattress under a blue tarpaulin where we had put things under before.

They looked for the mattress for 3 days then gave up and bought a new one 3 other days later. My sister hated me more than ever. I was a tiny evil genius.

They found the mattress 4 months later, and it was full of mould. I was never suspected and my sister got grounded for not taking care of her things.

  • me: *shows up to my sisters wedding in 18th century Sunday best*
  • me: a toast to the groom,
  • me sister: oh my god
  • me, in a slightly muffled voice: to the groom, to the groom, to the groom
  • my sister: you've got to be kidding
  • me: to the bride
  • my sister: really? at my wedding?
  • me, in a slightly muffled voice: to the bride, to the bride, to the bride
  • Jason, while looking through the fridge: You've got to be kidding me! We don't have a single bottle of ketchup in this whole freaking mansion, and now I have to eat a gross dry hotdog without ketchup! Why does the world hate me?!
  • Barbara: ...
  • Barbara: ...
  • Barbara: Anyway I'm currently bleeding out of my vagina right now, but no, go ahead, I'm sure your problems are inconvenient too
  • Dude: so when are you gonna tell Ben how you feel?
  • Carlos: *screams*
  • Carlos: *realizes Dude is still under the truth gummy spell*
  • Carlos: What are you talking about?
  • Dude: Let's be real. You're only with Jane to satisfy Disney's heterosexual agenda for the sake of having a heterosexual couple.
  • Dude: But you want to be with Ben.
  • Carlos: He's with Mal. I can't do that to her.
  • Dude: Ah huh! So you do like him!
  • Carlos: Okay, okay. You got me. But I mean he's the reason I'm not afraid of dogs anymore. He's the reason we're together.
  • Dude: True.
  • Carlos: And plus he is pretty cute. His eyes. His smile. The way he carries that suit.
  • Carlos: But when he dressed up as an Isle kid, he looked hot as fu--
  • Dude: Listen! If you don't make a move in the third movie, I'm gonna be a very bad dog.
  • Carlos: The worst thing you've ever done, Dude, is spilling water on the floor while drinking from the bowl.
You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me



Tony Stark x Reader
 Ooh can like request a imagine or something like that where like you start dating tony stark and then you were telling your best friend about a new guy u started dating and then she was like I’m dating a new guy too and she showed u a picture of it but u didn’t say anything because you didn’t want to ruin the friendship. If you can write it thanks if u can’t it’s cool too
Warnings: None
Notes: Sorry that it is quite short, but I didn’t really know what else to write about it. Anyway hope you enjoy it!

Sitting down in the small café you couldn’t wait to tell Cathy all about the new guy you had been seeing. He wasn’t your usual type, however you saw this as a good thing, obviously your previous relationships hadn’t worked out all that well. Fiddling with the hem of your skirt you waited patiently for your friend to arrive. You noticed her the second she walked in the door. Cathy was for most the perfect woman. She was incredibly tall, almost 6ft, with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. You wished you were more like your friend, she had guys practically flocking to her, and she could have anyone she wanted. But you thought to yourself, you didn’t need any old guy wanting you, you had Tony. The two of you had been dating for the last month or so, but you’d decided to keep it to yourself until you were sure that you were serious about a relationship with the billionaire. Standing up you greeted your friend and sat back down opposite to her. “So Y/N, why did you want to meet so urgently?” Your friend questioned cocking an eyebrow. “Well…” You replied with a smirk, “I just thought you might want to know about the new guy I’ve been dating.” You said with a smile on your face. “Oh my god!” Cathy squealed clapping her hands “Finally a man that has caught Y/F/N’s eye!” she said making you giggle. “Actually it just so happens that I am officially of off the market as well.” Your friend blushed. “Oh I’m so happy for you Cath, I know you haven’t exactly had the best track record with relationships.” You said with a sad smile. “Yeah I know.” She smiled back sadly, “Do you wanna see a photo?” She asked trying to contain her grin. “Of course!” You replied, a smile now plastering your face as well. Taking the phone from Cathy’s hand you peered down at the photo in front of you. ‘Oh you’ve got to be kidding me’ you thought as you looked down at the photo of Tony, your boyfriend, with his arm around your best friend and his lips on her cheek. Refusing to ruin this for Cathy you pretended that nothing was wrong and congratulated her on her newfound relationship. Why did you always pick the jackasses?