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me and Alice (antonshuddervevo) were talking and this headcanon happened: 

Neville is dyspraxic (for those of you who don’t know, this is a motor-coordination disability causing clumsiness etc), and when he is going to go destroy Nagini with the sword, he’s psyching himself up for a really badass moment like

“okay longbottom you got this. this is your moment. just cut the head off the goddamn snake without embarrassing yourse-”

and then he trips and off comes Nagini’s head 

and while everyone is like “woah mate that was a badass moment” later on, Neville is there just like “it was gonna be cooler I swear”

As you guys may, or may have not noticed, I've become a lot more active than I was a few months ago, and it's been a while since I appreciated all my favourite blogs and bloggers here on tumblr. So to celebrate my return and my love for you guys, here's a list of my favourite/most reblogged from/most influential blogs, that I love seeing on my dash. It pretty much includes almost everyone on my blogroll, tbh. I tried to include as many people as I could, and if I did not include you, it might've been because you've changed your url ever since and I've missed out on a lot and don't recognize your url, ja feel? 

But hey, I love everyone on my blogroll. You wouldn't be there if I didn't appreciate you and your blogs. 

I should also probably mention that I picked these blogs from end to start on my ''following'' list. So if I've been following you for a very long time, chances are, you're on this list. 

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers for making my blog such an uplifting and motivating place to come to. Makes me feel like I must be doing something right, whether it's relevant to my future or not. Without further ado, here's my first follow forever, of the many to come this year. 

Best Blogs Ever

a b c

- adidaslilo adoraliam absolutelouis ashtonirwns azarry 
bandanaharry bandanasharry batziam bewbies billiejoh
blowmikey blowszarry britisharold britishire brodways 
caradellies carnivalarry chesirestyls chocolatefonlou ciaoloueh 
cozyackles crazymofas craicthatniall cumonlou curlyyhaz 
cuteniam cyrilliart    

d e f

- dopeaszayn druglarry endharry everyharrys darnzayn 
donechapel dumbloudore duranduranoffical ehzayn 
emwahtsons fabingar fabnialls famelou fcksmalum 
firstfeb fuzetea   

g h i

g0tommogo girlalmihgty godamnmalik godlymalik getliam 
girlalmihgty got-niam harrymint harrydont harryniips 
harrythighs haroldstyls hhoran hiplouis hornyforniallhoran
hoecasta hazflirt hazzgazm horanmyselfaround horansunshine
hrrys imdoingharry itsgottabelou          

 j k l

- jamesniall jawllines jerkstyles kingoftheniall knightchanges 
kryptoniall leavemepayne liamsunrise likesboys llirry 
living-a-lovely-life lordhazz lordhrry louissaf louisbiceps 
louisstolemyharry louniallharryliamzayn lourryillousions 
lukescrotch lustlou lustsniall

m n o

- niallar niallsmoan niaeller niullars nialljh nialljhoren 
nialljhorn nialllhoran narreyh niallthedinglehopper 
niamrockme ninicutiepie
 nudeshaz nudeshire noharrys 
nopeziam michaelcliffrod midnightmems mistahmaliks
mrkilam mullingarpunk myharrystylish ofcraic ofdisnay ofteacups 
ohziall orgaziam

p q r

percysj poyntere princejavadd punkbrits purpleperrie 
raepunzel raspystylez reebaluvspink rejectnarry

s t u

- sexgodliam shutyournarry sigh-ziam sixsteen sleepyharrystyls 
smullingar snogsniall stockholmlou stonedcliffourd stopstyles2k10 
sttrumniall stylanconcept stylecs styles-way teacuphaz teasedlou 
teenluke tomlinsiin tomlimshire tomlinkicks tommo-payno-girl 
troulou ughlilo uhjavadd unitedkings ukcuties

v w x

- voicestyles whtieeskimo wingsto-fly woahstylz wolvhampton

y z #

-  zazain zaynjmaliks zaynmilaks zaynmalif zaynmalik2015 
zaynsluts zaynwest zeymar ziallbums 1dasfuckk 100emoji


you are all awesome as fudge. 

Also, a few special mentions:

To the following people: Gina (adidaslilo), Eva (purpleperrie) Carolina (wingsto-fly) and Renee (horanmyselfaround) – I haven’t talked to any of you in ages. Literally, ages. I must’ve been a year younger the last time I properly conversed with any of you. I’m sorry for completely cutting myself off from any sort of socializing, and I just want to let you know that I’m super thankful for all of you for being my friend, even if you don’t remember me anymore. Always in my heart. P.S. Gina, you were, and always will be my favourite blog. 

+ more special mentions,

for people that I’ve met on this website (not specifically through this blog), but have made me feel awesome since the day I met them: sophialaura, bree, jamie, serena and tabbie. ~squad~ 

And that's it. I love you all. Bye. + Conveniently enough, this is my 40,000th post on this blog. Woo!

♥  Instead of making a end of year follow forever, I decided to make a new year follow forever! Thank you to all my lovely mutuals for making my dash great and i hope we look forward to a good year! The follow forever is in alphabetical order and includes all my lovely mutuals and all my lovely new mutuals ive made recently! I've bolded every single one of you because you all deserve it! And if I went through and tried to bold my favourites it would of ended up like that any way haha! If you've recently changed your url then it may be under your new one or your old one! Sorry if i missed anyone! This is quite a long as follow forever!  ♥

♥  Holdmedownstyles - I still remember when we first spoke and you were pissed as a fart haha! And ever since then you’ve been such a lovely friend to me! Thank you for doing all my coding haah! You have the most posh caravan ever! Love you lots becca!    

  Nialleatsass - Even though you left me, I love you. But come back boob. You've been my best friend on here for so many years and ill always be thankful for that. I wish you to best of luck at college baby bear :* I love you lots and lots! 

♥  Sweetniallofmine - Everybody wants to be a cat! :) We've only become friends recently but i love you so much! You’re so funny and kind but I really hate your colouring book. 

  Adoresnialler - Hiiii Nigel! You’re hardly here any more and I miss you loads so get your snowflake arse back here because im still protesting for a squeal of your fic! 

  Holdmetightniall - Wendy, you’re forever killing me when you change Niall hair to brown! You’re like one the the kindest people on here and i love your blog and you so much! Thank you for your edits haha!   

  Datirish - Sofie, I miss you so much! I hope you’re job is going super well! Message me when you’re on! I love you loads! 

  Anklebiterirwin -  Theresa, you may have gone to the other side and left Niall but you’re still my #1 furby! Love you lots! :) 

  Stylesasfuck - I think we've followed each other for quite a few years! You’re a lovely friend and its quite clear that you want Niall even though you’re a Harry blog haha  

# - @17blk @5738milestoniall

A -  @acenialler @addictingnarry @adoraliam @adoresnialler @aghniall @ahoysailorniall @allniallwell @allofnjh @allthatniall @alreadyniall @anklebiterirwin @aw-narry

B - @bamniall @banghorang @bisexual1d @blessing-andacurse @boobiesforniall @breadnjh 

C - @canttake-myeyes-off-of-1d @classybrits @clovernarry @comelyniall @constantniallfeels @coronaniall @cozyhorans @craicbacks @craicprince @craicthatniall @cralaic @crazymofas @criesbc1d @cuddlerniallerr @cuddlme @cuteirishsunshine

D - @daddystylesaf @dahrbae @datesliam @datirish @dellusionialll @deluxenialler @derbycountyofficial @despicble @destroymeniall @dibsonthat1d @dickingniall @dirtbaghs @dirtyhipsniall @doggylukehemmings @doncockstah @donthaz @drunkiehoran @dublincraic @dudebroniall

E - @eatwithnialler @edelveiss @endtochange @ermstyles

F- @fabbadboi @fairy-niall @faithiniall @fkclou @flaminglou @flirtyniall @frickingirish @fuckinialls @fuksniall @fukswithniall @fullynialls @funkystyles @fvckniall

G - @gayfic @getsomehaz @girlalmightyyvevo @golfnialll @gottabestyles

H - @h-oransparadise @hairyslegsareharry @halcyyon @halfaniall @haroldhey @harryandniall @harryneko @harrysbunislife @harrysgotnocontrol @harrysps @hazduh @hazzzlou @hiatus2k16 @hickeyniall @hmeschapl @hoe4harry @hogwartzlou @hokieniall @holdmedownstyles @holdmetightniall @horanchesthair @horancum @horanhasit @horanhugs @horanhunt @horanmyking @horansd @horanwanks @horanwow @horrans @hotdamn5boys @hsarold @hurricanenialler

I - @idiothoran @iiniall @ilreland @imagineallcomplexly @imjustanotherniallgirl @insertniallurlhere @instadayum @irishkinks @itsneverenough @itsonlyniall

J - @jerryrusso @jhorans @jizzyhaz @justdontniall @justniallhoran @justniallkiss @jvddmalik

K - @kanyeweastofficial @knouis @kryptohoran @kryptonarry

L - @la-poole @laddylads @lastfirsthoran @lil-craic @louieeee @luckyhoran @lunagoes1d @lustsniall @luvvirish

M - @madeintheniall @moansforhoran @mobniall @moneypowerzayn @mucho-niall @mullingarbum @mullingual @mystylez

N - @naillr @nakedhoran @narreyh @narrygoals @narrying @narrylime @narryofcourse @narryster @neilhoranz @neverenoughnialler @neverenoughofniall @niall-hooran @niallbehoran @nialleatsass @nialledfrombehind @niallersmiler93 @niallertheirish @niallezr @niallfuckmeup @niallhasthenicestbutt @niallhoranhasthat1thing @niallhurun @nialliscuteandhot @niallisonfiya @nialljameson @nialllmighty @niallloficial @niallmao @niallnextdoor @niallofficiial @niallsbabymama @niallsblckgirlfriend @niallsexyback @niallsful @niallsgatorade @niallsmoan @niallsotherside @niallsprincss @niallstoungue @niallstwin @niallthegun @nialltingale @niallurby @niaru @niftynialler @nightliam @nilldos @ninicutiepie @ninjanialll @njaller @nllhoran @nobodaynoboday @nolo2k16 @nottodayniall @nouisast @nouisdamn @nouisjpg @nouisoreos @nouistella @nudeshaz @nudeshire @nuteluke

O - @ocean–blue–eyes @ofcraic @officialiams @ofsnapbacksandtattoos @ofziall @ohnoniall @okaypunks @only-niall @oopsndhi @orgasmtommo @ourlads

P - @panlou @paynfullyperfect @paynogang @perfctioniall @plasticdvck @plowmehoran @purrhoran

R - @rapunzlse @raspberriesonharrystummy @relaxliam @rhythmoftheniall

S - @salamandraloca @seaofstyles @secretnialler @seducingnialll @shimmynialler @shutupziall @shutyournarry @siiickstyles @sizekinksquad @slamharry @slaysniall @sleepynialler @slutnialler @snapbackcurls @snapbackniall @snogsniall @spellniall @squadlourry @stealmyniall @stophaz @styaller @styholic @stylanrise @stylanstoran @stylesasfuck @stylishhazz @suckmypussyniall @sunshinelouissivan @sunshyniall @supraslut @sweaterhaz @sweetniallofmine

T - @takennarry @tanktop-narry @teacuptommo @theniiall @thirstlou @thishorans @tinselous @trueniamheart @turdyhoran @twogirlsonedirectionfanfics 

U - @undercoverlegend @undertheniall @upinthefluff

V - @valleyofniall @vaniallaa @viciousmalik @voicestyles

W - @wantniallie @whenlouis @wmybooze @woahstylz @wonderwolfe 

X - @xmadeintheam @xx-1d-babe-xx

Y - @yumhoran

Z - @zarriallsyndrome @zaynars @zel-horn @ziaell  @zipplekink



 I’ve recently passed 3k so I've decided to run my first ever tumblr awards!

R U L E S:

☁ mbf this excited moose

☁ reblog this post (no likes sorry)

☁ must reach a decent number of notes or I will cry

☁ you have until October 15th to reblog

A W A R D S:

☁ Best URL

☁ Best icon

☁ Best theme

☁ Friendliest blogger

☁ Best sidebar

☁ Best rising blogger*

☁ Best overall

* around 500 followers or less- please send me an ask with your follower count

☁ One winner and One runner up from each category

P R I Z E S:

Winners will receive:

☁ a spot on my blog until next awards run

☁ Promo upon announcement

☁ Unlimited further promos whenever you choose

☁ Doodle / short ficlet of your choice

☁ My eternal love and friendship ♥ Let’s spark this more profound bond

☁ Best overall will also receive something else of their choice, message me and we can sort this out. I’m awful at thinking of prizes, maybe a drawing? a cute ficlet? or smutty heuheuheuheh

Runners up will receive:

☁ a spot on my blog until next awards run

☁ Promo upon announcement

☁ Two further promos whenever you choose

☁ Something handwritten by me - this could be your URL or your favourite saying, whatever you like c:

☁ My eternal love and friendship ♥ Let’s spark this more profound bond

any questions just drop me an ask. Thank you guys!✿