you've been so brave

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YULIA: We cannot escape. Its not possible. Can only get out if they open the doors LIV: For fuck's sake! Come on. Somebody! Please! (she slams her fist against the wall and can hear Yulia squeak in fright behind it, she slams it again) VOICE: OI! What's going on down there?! (there's footsteps down the stairs outside, the voice is directed elsewhere) Gonna have to stay here, seal it up. They can't... LIV:(can't make out what they're saying. Gone.. their chance gone, just like that. She failed)

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I have been working on this for a week. Obviously it is the small res version as the main one is massssiiveeeee and would take longer than I have left on this earth to upload. It is the MOST WORK I have EVER put into a piece of FANART. I am doing a DEGREE … NOT in HARRY POTTER or even ART. I am going to FAIL. Enjoy anyway!x

“You’ve been so brave.” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Chapter 34: The Forest again (©JKR)
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