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The Aftermath Addendums

Journal Entry 29/1/2017

I received a call from Adrien’s school today… apparently he disrupted class by offering one of his classmate a tampon…

…to eat.

Where did I go wrong?

As such, I am arranging for Natalie to have ‘the talk’ with him. Hopefully, a thorough education regarding the subject of how reproduction works will mitigate any further incidences. 

-Gabriel Agreste

So, @mr-hawkmoth​ and I had the idea of including reaction/response diaries from other characters in the ML universe to compliment the events of The Adrien Diaries. This series will be known as The Aftermath Addendums, and will include a variety of diary/journal/weblog reaction entries from numerous pov… whichever I think would react in the most hilarious way to poor Adrien’s shenanigans. I hope you enjoy!

*Please note, other add-ons to this weird universe I am creating (with the help of @mr-hawkmoth) will also be tagged using #The Adrien Diaries & #The Aftermath Addendums

The classes as clickbait articles
  • Scout: This Video Will Prove You've Been Taking Energy Drinks Wrong Your Entire Life!
  • Pyro: Wow! These Two Buttons Are All You Need For Success
  • Soldier: He Points A Rocket Launcher At His Feet, What Happens Next Will Shock You
  • Demoman: 10 Alcoholic Beverages You Should Drink On The Job
  • Heavy: Doctors HATE him! Never Visit A Hospital Again By Eating This One Weird Food
  • Engineer: This Man Got A Prosthetic Robotic Arm. First You'll Be Shocked, Then You'll Be Inspired
  • Medic: He Lost His Medical License For This! Doctor Discovers Amazing Controversial Miracle Cure
  • Sniper: This Man Pees Into A Jar, After Seeing This You Will Too
  • Spy: He Takes Out An Icicle, A Pocket Watch, and a Snub-Nosed Revolver. You Won't Believe What Happens Next

So these odd drawings are for the wonderful @rumpledspinster who in a post requested if I could make this horrible movie called ‘Rollergator’ (yes-that’s its name) into something Rumbelled in a way. 

I took that challenge and made an AU where Bae and Rum are humanoid like magical crocodiles, and Bae runs from home after a fight with his father to see the human world and learn how to become one (thinking that what he and his dad are is bad). He ends up in SB but is unable to return home, lost and alone he is found by the town librarian who takes him in and tries to help him return home with magical chaos abound (while a worried and frightened big bad croc Rumple searches desperately for his son).

As for the rollerblading part… Eh, I guess Belle does that to get around SB-perhaps she’s trying to entice people to come over by delivering books?

  • Azriel: *pets a cat lovingly and talks with it with a baby voice
  • Cassian: feelings? Azriel? Mor I think you've been drinking too mu-
  • Cassian: *sees Azriel*
  • Cassian: ..
  • Mor: I know
  • Cassian: Okay nope I'm going to sleep I've seen too much already.

Y’all, this number is a top-to-bottom SHOW STOPPER. Jason Danieley flexing his classical training and putting your technique to SHAME on his high Bb’s. The interesting use of drag which contributes some level of subversion that brings the number closer to its follies roots. Kristen Chenoweth NAILING EVERY SINGLE COMEDIC BEAT TO THE BACK WALL OF THE THEATER. LAUGH.OUT.LOUD.FUNNY, PEOPLE. Fanny Brice would be PROUD. AND! Pissed that Jason had turned this into a conservatory pissing match, hauls out her 2001 right-out-of-Oklahoma soprano. AND!!!!! in a final act of spite toward punkass tenor Jason Danieley and his Nailed Bb, she counters with a D, then, AS IF TO SAY, “YES, I CAN AND I WILL GO THERE,” UP TO AN F. 


In summary, I don’t believe this clip gets enough credit.

  • court lady: master young shil demands to enter the court, you highness.
  • queen ji so: well she's not welcomed.
  • court lady: he. he is not.
  • queen ji so:
  • queen ji so: yes... he is not welcome.

Hey friends who drink alcohol: there are apps (I have one called AlcoDroid but there will be Apple versions too) that let you track your alcohol consumption and your BAC. You do have to remember to add a drink every time you’ve had one but once you’re in the habit of doing it it’s second nature to open the app every time you put your empty glass down.

It’s really helpful to visualise where you’re at and know when to stop, check whether you’re under the legal limit, and if you happen to need medical help it’s great to be able to show people exactly how much you’ve (knowingly) had.

There’s no link because idk how to do that and this isn’t a sponsored post I just want to share because I live by this app

anonymous asked:

Momma Ro, since you've been out drinking, what type of drunk are the companions? And what type of drunk are you?

I turn into a huge ho when I’m drunk. As I said earlier I kissed like 10 people at the last part I was at and had my boobs out half of the time. I also yell at people to drink water when I begin to sober up.

Cait: Used to be a violent drunk. Decided to give up alcohol when she quit the chems. No one knows that though. When they are gathered around the campfire at sanctuary and everyone is cracking open their beers she drinks water from a flask. No one has caught on yet. 

Drink of Choice: Water

Lightweight? Hell no.

Curie: Suspicious drunk. Becomes strangely paranoid. Don’t touch her. She’ll slap your hand away. Not lightly either.

Drink of Choice: Wine

Lightweight? She’s two sheets to the wind after a glass or two.

Danse: Getting him to drink is a challenge. He needs to remain constantly vigilant and he can’t do it drunk so he almost never does. If you manage to get a few drinks into his system he stops being a  hard ass for once in his life. Becomes rather amiable. Ended up laughing with Hancock one night and was leaning on him for support while he tried to stand up.

Drink of Choice: Whiskey

Lightweight? Hardly. But if you give him tequila things change.

Deacon: Turns into an even bigger slut. No one thought it was possible but apparently it is. The weird thing is you can hardly tell if he’s drunk. It’s sort of disconcerting. He doesn’t even get a hang over.

Drink of Choice: No one knows what it is, but it makes your eyes water if it gets anywhere near your nose. 

Lightweight? He’s a tank.

Hancock: He doesn’t drink often. Drugs are his thing. Not alcohol. When he drinks he becomes depressed, really despondent. Can get a bit violent. He likes to be left alone. He usually only drinks if he’s upset. If you want to have fun with him it’s better to keep the booze away from him. 

Drink of Choice: Anything

Lightweight? Needs at least seven drinks to be boozed up.

Kent: Smiley drunk. Sleepy drunk. Get’s ten times friendlier (impossible sounding right). Wants to talk about his feelings. Sometimes ends up crying, not because he’s upset though. You’ll just hear him sobbing “I just love the Shroud so much.” Sort of a mess.

Drink of Choice: Muttfruit Wine

Lightweight? Oh god yes.

MacCready: Whines. Just whines about everything. Likes taking off his clothes. Is super touchy. Tries to make out with everybody. Laughs at everything. Cries about nothing. Keeps taking off his shirt and asks “WHO WANTS A TASTE.” He’s a blackout drunk. Wakes up with a wicked hang over.

Drink of Choice: Rum

Lightweight? Yes.

Maxson: Can hold his liquor like a champ. Get’s sort of horny. Wants to kiss Sole. Probably wants to have sex. Sloppy kisser extreme.

Drink of Choice: Bourbon

Lightweight? Nah. He’s good.

Piper: Goes on rants about the state of the common wealth. Likes to debate. Gets sort of angry when she’s drunk. Wants to fight everyone. Will pass out. Has a hangover the next morning.

Drink of Choice: Gwinnett Ale

Lightweight? Pretty average tolerance.

Preston: Hardly drinks. Gets very chilled out when he does. Spacey as hell. He seems to be contemplating something. Will kiss someone, fall asleep, and forget about it in the morning. No one has the heart to tell him though.

Drink of Choice: Gwinnett Stout

Lightweight? Pretty Average.

Valentine: Group mom. Tells people when they’ve had too much. Makes sure everyone drinks water. Picks people up and puts them in bed. Is an exhausted father around these drunk toddlers. 

X6-88: Coursers aren’t programmed to react to alcohol.

anonymous asked:

Mare leans down, brushing a kiss over the crown of your head. He drags his lips down slowly to press feather-light kisses over your eyes, cheeks, the tip of your nose. Finally he pulls you in by the waist, one hand firm on the small of your back, the other tangled in your hair as the smell of smoke lingers around you. He claims your lips in a slow and passionate kiss, tasting you thoroughly. He pulls back smirking, licking his lips. "Don't know what you've been drinking babe, but I want more..."

(Ooooooo. My. Gods. That just ruined me on so many levels?!!!! *goes to hide in a hole with my bright red face*)

brixtonpuppy  asked:

Hey mate, what's in the shakes you've been drinking?

I make a shake with gainer powder, lactose free whole milk, coconut oil and peanut butter. It’s tasty and roughly 2,000 extra calories a serving. Do it twice daily and, well, you can see the results! :-)

based on @oh-mother-of-darkness‘s post :’D [x]