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  • Aries: Blood, sweat, and tears. None of which will be coming from them. They're passionate about what they believe in, and don't really believe in "everyone is entitled to their own opinion."
  • Taurus: Utterly hopeless. If trying to change their mind, you can forget about it. During arguments they pretty much lock up and refuse to lose their cool unless you say something atrocious.
  • Gemini: Confusing. They'll start arguing their side, switch halfway in between, spin your words, and soon, you'll be agreeing with them because you can't remember what you were originally arguing over.
  • Cancer: Sad. Cancers love arguing, but as soon as they forget why they felt so strongly about it in the first place, they'll freeze you out in an attempt to make you stop and feel bad for arguing with them.
  • Leo: Infuriating. If they end up agreeing with you, they will not admit it. They will go home, reevaluate their life, and bandage their egos. You will not know about this pity party ritual.
  • Virgo: Normal. What you'd expect an argument to be. Two level headed people discussing their opinions, a compromise is reached, and everyone lives happily ever after. Except now you've been added to a hitlist.
  • Libra: Fair. You probably won't be arguing with a Libra, since they're most likely to be a mediator. They like making everyone happy, they're constantly reevaluating their own opinions, questioning everyone, and trying to see everyone's side.
  • Scorpio: Terrifying. Their death glare will scare you into agreeing with them and seeing their point of view. SIDE NOTE: if you're text arguing they'll just ignore you since they can't intimidate you.
  • Sagittarius: Obnoxious. You can't ever have a serious conversation with them or prove them wrong, because they're the human equivalent of an internet troll.
  • Capricorn: Condescending. It doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong, Capricorn will make you feel like absolute garbage. They will verbally abuse you until you don't feel like arguing anymore and you give up.
  • Aquarius: Enlightening. Their perspective is usually refreshing and an eye-opener, and they won't make it feel like you're arguing, just having a friendly debate.
  • Pisces: Helpless. Like Cancer, they will trick you into thinking this whole argument is your fault, and you will spend the rest of the day trying to make them feel better and trying not to die over the immense amount of guilt you feel.
despite what you’ve been told (pt 3)

sometimes when I’m writing a fic like this it just goes and does things on its own and i’m left to stare at it like “Oh. Oh. That’s what that’s about.” so here’s an interlude with Phichit bless everything

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A little over eighteen months ago Phichit shoved an advertisement under Yuuri Katsuki’s nose with a grin and watched him read over it, blinking behind his glasses at first, then wide-eyed with interest.  Phichit gave it about twenty minutes to settle in, watched Yuuri curl up against the rink barrier, protein bar stuck in his mouth, green-guarded skates tucked under his thighs, tapping the web address from the brochure into his phone.

Then, “Let’s enroll together!” Phichit said, rocking back and forth on the bench, and Yuuri’s expression shifted from curiosity to vague horror.

“N-no, I’d rather not.”

Two days later Phichit tried again, but his roommate shuffled away from him, waffling, “It’s really not me, you know?” and pretended to study until Phichit dropped the topic.

But he’d seemed intrigued at first, Phichit thought, then after another two days of frowning to himself he realized the problem and tried again, after draining his water bottle mid-practice, this time holding up his pinkie when Yuuri came to a stop at his side.

“If you enroll with me, I solemnly swear to put my phone away, not take a single picture, and never tweet a word about it.”

Yuuri wasn’t wearing his glasses, so his squint might have looked more suspicious than it actually was.  “Really?”

“Of course!”

There are probably people who think Phichit is genuinely incorrigible and unscrupulous when it comes to social media, but he does actually recognize that boundary between teasing your friends in ways that are harmless and actually hurting their feelings.  So when Yuuri smiled and linked his pinkie with Phichit’s and said, “Deal,” he made sure his word was as good as the gold he’ll one day wear around his neck.

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Happy Riida and his band of happy merry men!

Cr: Don’t You Get It PV Mezamashi news report

February 2016 Horoscopes
  • Aries: You may be feeling the itch spend a lot more money this month, take out a little and hand the rest over to someone who can keep it safe for you. Just in time for valentines day, Jupiter will form a trine with the moon and sensual taurus. You'll be in the mood to snuggle up and be sweet, but also, you'll be thinking about doing a generous amount of shopping for your s/o. Be careful! Venus and saturn come together on Feb 29th to bring some awesome career news. The potential is there for a new job, a new position within your current employment, or the chance to learn an entirely new skill. With saturn on board, all the lights are green. A mixture of energies on Feb 6 could be confusing, aries, and a long distance message could be the reason. A sudden change in a financial or romantic situation is on the agenda, but don't worry, YOU will be initiating the change. Communicating will be a breeze, but TRY to be gentle.
  • Taurus: Venus will be hooking up with Jupiter on Feb 9th, you can count on having some amazingly good luck. But careful, when these two get together their motto is "nothing exceeds like excess." You can count on Feb 14th being absolutely delightful for you, thanks to the moon making contact with jupiter, who is still in your solar fifth house of lovers. You may think a financial matter has gone terribly wrong on Feb 5th, or at very least that you are in over your head. Get an appointment with a trusted professional and find out once and for all, exactly what you need to do to get this situation solved. It wont be long before you see positive results for your efforts. Mars has been making its way through your solar seventh house of one-to-one relationships, and this passionate planet has teamed up with sexy scorpio. You probably haven't been getting much sleep recently, and you won't get much rest this month, either. Your natural sensuality coupled with scorpio's appetite for pleasure...have fun.
  • Gemini: The new moon in aquarius on Feb 8th will plant a seed in your solar ninth house of education, so you might have a sudden urge to sign up for a class to improve your resume or even learn an entirely new profession. Chances are good that computers will be involved, so you should enjoy yourself, no matter the subject. If you're missing someone who's far from you, the temptation to drop everything and go to them will be almost impossible to resist. If there's any way you can, be spontaneous. If you need a loan, apply before Feb 16th. If a family member comes to you in need around Feb 6th or 7th, you'll need to make up your mind in a hurry. Is this the first time, or the first of many times? The moon, virgo, and neptune will all be in your solar fourth house of home, family, and domestic issues; misunderstandings will occur. Make communication a PRIORITY.
  • Cancer: If you aren't seeing someone, expect a lot of admirers wanting to get to know you a lot better. Valentines day looks great, thanks to a trine between the moon and jupiter, who never fails to bring presents, hugs, and good feelings when he visits. If single, and a sibling or neighbor offers to introduce you to someone they're sure is perfect for you, give it a shot--no matter what happened last time. If you're thinking about roommating; venus in capricorn will be on duty to help you come up with a fair financial arrangement you both can stick to. Be sure to have everything arranged and set before the moving van arrives. A high intensity meeting between venus and pluto will take place on Feb 5th. These two create "interesting" relationship scenarios, ranging from obsession to instant, irresistible infatuation. If you meet someone who seems dangerous, take time to get to know them, but always trust your gut.
  • Leo: Mercury's retrograde last month probably brought someone back into your life, but if you didn't have a chance to get together, you can change that as of Feb 13th, when mercury's energy re-enters your solar seventh house of relationships. Venus also pops in on Feb 16th, so if you two were once an item, you might give them a second chance at the title. Around Feb 9th, it may strike you that a coworker or higher up is attractive. If the feeling is mutual--and you'll be able to tell immediately--get to know them better. This month, a few more financial goodies will come your way around Feb 9th, most likely through partnering up with someone from the past that you worked well with before. An uneasy aspect between mercury and jupiter could make talking things over hard around Feb 27th. If you just can't understand where the other person is coming from, and it's obvious they feel the same about you, take a breather. You might be asking the wrong questions and a change of perspective could make it all better.
  • Virgo: You may not get much relaxing done around Feb 3rd, but you will for sure be amused and entertained. Mars is in scorpio, and they've teamed up with pluto to inspire you to make a statement, a serious statement. When these three come together, all bets are off. Jupiter and the moon will be in the earth signs, giving you a delightful valentines day, especially since jupiter is in your solar first house of personality and appearance, you will quite literally be in your element. A sudden windfall around Feb 6th may cause a bit of a stir in your neck of the woods, especially since there may be a debate about who actually, brokered, negotiated, or initiated the deal. If you wish you had an extra day to think about things, take heart. On Feb 29th, you'll be able to restore stability to you and yours. If you were born on or around August 26th, the full moon on Feb 22nd will occur in your sign, illuminating your feelings and wishes for your physical body. Neptune will be opposite to it, so you may just intuitively discover something wonderful about yourself, like a talent you didn't know you had.
  • Libra: If you're attached, you two will get even closer. If single, keep an eye out for someone quite a few years younger or older than yourself. This will be a pretty peaceful month for you, libra. There is, however, a trine between venus and the emotional moon in touch-loving taurus, which can mean valentines day might be VERY memorable this year. If an argument about money matters comes up on Feb 6th or 7th, try not to get too worried about it. Once you've vented, it will all be over. Be sure to vent though. It's not good to hang onto something and let it simmer. Communicating your needs to a loved one or child could be tough around Feb 10th or 27th. But if there's something you really need to say, make an effort. It might be hard because of a past misunderstanding, lay your cards on the table and straighten things out.
  • Scorpio: On Feb 18th the sun will set of for your solar fifth house of playtime, and you'll probably find that being around water is fun, but also necessary for your peace of mind. On Feb 28th there will be double those same feelings, so if you haven't made it to the beach, the lakeshore, or even the pool, do it now. With ultra passionate mars on duty in your solar first house of personality and appearance, let's just say this will be a month to remember. You might have run into someone new who oozes sensuality almost as much and as skillfully as you do, would that be grand? The new moon on Feb 8th will occur in your solar fourth house of home and family matters, so if you've been thinking of moving, adding a room or converting a den into an office, this is a terrific time for it. Do yourself a favor and think outside the box while you're planning. Inventive measures are called for. On Feb 7th, you may find someone close to you is furious and just about ready to explode. The thing is, they may be mad at you for an unintended slight. Not to worry, venus, will help you talk them into sitting down and sorting things out.
  • Sagittarius: The best--guilt free--days to hang out with your s/o or best friend this month will be February 8,9, and 10th. Passionate mars will stay in scorpio in your solar 12th house of secrets for the entire month. So if you're doing something you'd like to keep under wraps, or doing the same for a friend, you might be able to pull it off. As of the 5th of next month, not so much. On Feb 5th, venus meets with pluto, so you might find that what you need to move forward with a financial plan is well within your reach, provided you're willing to go after it--with all the paperwork completed this time. Right around Feb 6th, you'll find it especially easy to communicate with your nearest and dearest, even if they have just given you the biggest surprise of your life. Stop snooping and let them wow you!
  • Capricorn: There's nothing better, in your head, than when a plan comes together exactly as you pictured it. You should know all your plans are subject to hidden change around Feb 6th and 7th, so try not to get too attached to your schedule. Go forward with your master plan for romance. Fiery, passionate mars will spend the month in your solar eleventh house, paired up with scorpio, so someone you've always thought strictly as a friend may suddenly be exactly who you're looking for. One of you may give some obvious hints. On Feb 5th, venus will collide with intense pluto. They'll be in your sign and solar first house of personality and appearance, so if you have financial issues to settle, you'll have just the attitude that will work in your favor. Mercury will get into an uneasy inconjunct aspect with jupiter on Feb 27th, things could get a bit hairy around this time. A certain someone you've been trying to reach with your words might not understand our point at all. Dont beat yourself up. Take a day and try again.
  • Aquarius: On Feb 6th you might cross paths with someone delightful from another state, coast or country, and if you fancy them, things will move fast. Venus will enter your sign on Feb 16th, so if you're not seeing anyone, she'll draw some admirers your way, and you can count on every single one to be "interesting," your fave quality. On Feb 29th, venus might even inspire you to settle down. Venus will get into a sextile with saturn also on Feb 29th, so authority figures will be more than willing to listen to your ideas, and sign you up for an unusual project. This pair blends freedom and responsibility in the best ways. It might be tough to get your point across around Feb 27th, when mercury forms an inconjunct with jupiter, who can always be counted on to blow things out of proportion. If it's a work related issue of the behavior of a colleague, wait two days and all will be well.
  • Pisces: Jupiter will continue through your solar seventh house of one-to-one relationships, urging you to expand your horizons with your s/o. Have an adventure together. If single, remember: jupiter arrives with an entourage. Mars, scorpio, and venus will get together on Feb 7th, urging you to throw caution to the wind and allow yourself the luxury of getting up close and personally involved with that certain someone you're madly attracted to. Get to know them well and by the full moon on Feb 22nd, you two might be quite the item. Venus will get together with intense pluto on Feb 5th, and a financial issue related to loans, inheritances, or joint resources could be tough to navigate. If someone else has been managing your money, your best bet is to take charge of the situation. Communicating with your s/o could be challenging around Feb 27th, thanks to an uncomfortable inconjunct with mercury and jupiter, in your solar seventh house of one-to-one relationships. If you need to put some distance between the two of you until you figure out how to speak what's on your mind, do it.

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Fitzsimmons in the Academy [my no-headcanons]

We all remember the famous deleted scenes from ‘Seeds’ right? The one about Simmons’ boyfriends and Fitz loneliness. I get it why many people have some headcanons about it, but here’s the thing: I don’t share most of them. So here are my no-headcanons about Fitzsimmons in the Academy:

  1. Simmons and her great fashion sense.
    What she said was “Beyond average fashion sense”. Does that mean she was always dressed nicely and fashionable? Well, for me it means that she was not dressing in average way. So she was not dressing like other girls and she thought she was dressing better. And so, she was not following the fashion but wearing what she thought is nice. I’m afraid she might even stood out a little with her “fashion sense”. And she hasn’t even noticed that.
  2. Simmons had an active dating life.
    “It draws attention from the opposite gender”- that’s exactly what she said. Which implies that it was the guys chatting her up, not the other way round. I really can’t imagine Simmons flirting with anyone even now, not when she couldn’t see the way Trip and Fitz were looking at her, not to mention how smoothly she accepted Fitz’s date invitation. I doubt she was any better at this in the Academy.
  3. Simmons had boyfriends, Fitz never had a girlfriend.
    Simmons answer to Skye’s “Simmons had boyfriends” is quite clear: “Not quite.” So she did not have boyfriends, she had dates. Usually first dates and then she was not interested since they were boring. On the other hand Fitz admits that he doesn’t have an ex and so he hasn’t had a girlfriend. But that does not imply he hasn’t had any dates! Actually I wouldn’t even go as far as saying that he hasn’t been dating anyone for, let’s say, a month or something, without treating this serious enough to call that girl an “ex”. Rember how in “When Harry Met Sally” they talk about their dates and Harry admits that his was terrible? Sally tries to cheer him up by saying that it will take time for them to enjoy dating and even more time to have sex, to which Harry replies that he had sex with the girl. The point is: it’s slightly different for guys in terms of definitions. So we can say for sure that Fitz never was going out with anyone he treated seriously. I wouldn’t say that he never had a date or sex though.
  4. Fitz was a poor lonely boy sitting inside his room until Simmons got him out.
    I always thought Fitz is the more social one of these two. He was the one who slapped Ward in ‘Pilot’. He was the one who got all friendly with Martha in ‘The Hub’. Let’s face it, he can be charming if he wants to. Still, in Seeds he admits that he was a bit of a loner, nobody could understand him until Simmons came. But here’s the catch: no loner calls himself that. A true loner thinks he’s completely normal. And Fitz sees that he was not as outgoing as he thinks he should be. Which for me implies that at least he was making an effort. Which means that no, he was not crying alone in his room and trying to loose himself in his projects.

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Love how one person asked once if you could add captions for the hard of hearing and you've been adding them ever since.

Aww i always feel like one person who speaks out could equal a thousand that feel the same but said nothing. If it’s reasonable and well within my ability of doing i dont need a bunch of people and a petition to convince me it’s worth it.


The others never can never understand when stuff happens like this.

This is also based on that post and Kate gave me a wonderful idea about this on skype so like I finally got around to finishing and making it.