you've all been accepted

has someone already made a post abt how another way in which millennials confuse and enfuriate non-millennials is our refusal to take ourselves or our surroundings seriously?

like maybe it’s just an age thing as opposed to a generational thing, but I feel like to our generation nothing is sacred. which isn’t to say we don’t respect or cherish anything, just that there isn’t this deep seated need to maintain the status quo and protect things just because they are long-standing/traditional/expected

and like. millennials can laugh at themselves. we’ve got a whole generation trying to demean and belittle and villainize us and we share their articles and their thinkpieces and we laugh at them. we don’t shun the negative stereotypes, we wear them like medals of honour. like armour. my mum always amends her comments on the latest millennial-bashing trend with “but I don’t think you’re like that” and I always tell her “no man I am exactly like that. I am as dyed-in-the-wool Millennial as you can get” and I take pride in that. she doesn’t get that. when people bash her generation she takes it personally and she feels the need to either defend herself/her generation or else distance herself from it. I feel no such desire

and I think there’s 2 reasons for that. 1 is that we grew up with the internet, where anyone and everyone can be ruthlessly (and basically concequencelessly) ridiculed, both teaching us to expect disrespect and to learn to live with it.

and 2 I think in an age where a third world war is a serious concern in the immediate future, where the lower class is undervalued, where we have more debt and pollution and institutional instability than possibly any other generation before us, and where our very futures are at risk, who the hell cares if baby boomers think we’re taking too many selfies, or are too “PC”, or too entitled. at the end of the day, we have more important things on our plates I mean, the fucking world is on fire and we didnt even set it ablaze. might as well make s'mores and take selfies in the firelight.