You're the Best Lee Soon Shin Baby Recap

Lee Soon Shin (IU) is a 20-something year looking for a job fresh out of college. Unfortunately for her and most other graduates, she has no experience what so ever and because of that she is often overlooked in interviews. What’s worse, she’s even mocked because of her name, “Lee Soon Shin” who was a famous naval commander. Dejected from another job failure, she heads home.

On her way, she runs into a former friend of hers, fresh out of army duty, Park Chan-Woo (Ko Joo Won) who she clearly has a crush on. Unfortunately for her, Chan Woo oppa only has eyes for Soon Shin’s second eldest sister, Lee Yoo Shin (Yoo In Na). We then get to meet Yoo Shin in a rather hilarious scene where she is drunk like no other and poor Chan Woo has to piggy back her home, kicking and screaming.

The next day, we can see how the pecking order in the family is established. The eldest daughter, Lee Hye Shin who is married to a successful man is adored by the entire family, especially the grandmother. Yoo Shin is the “bully” who probably means well but just comes out plain mean and often gets away with things, and Soon Shin tends to be ignored in favor of her more accomplished sisters. Anyway, Soon Shin gets a part time jig as a server at a hotel, her boss warns her not to mess up (meaning that of course she does). The gala that’s she’s serving at allows us to meet the rest of the cast. Song Mi Ryung (Lee Mi Sook!) is an accomplished actress who is a little older than the rest of her fellow actresses, but is still very respected. She has signed a deal with Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Seok) who runs Gabi, a talent agency, ans a seemingly cold Chaebol. In a funny twist, he’s actually not your stereotypical chaebol, in that this guy is a complete fail. He tries to act suave in front of his ex, Choi Yeon Ah, and is so nervous about it that he actually has to PRACTICE talking to her. It totally cracks me up.

Anyway, he does get around to talking to her and just when he leaves, thinking he has the upper hand, he runs smack into Soon Shin and she spills all over him, she’s immediately fired.

Feeling down on her luck, Soon Shin trudges home, but then to her surprise, a talent scout seeks her out. He introduces himself as “Shin Joon Ho” and the CEO of Gabi. The audience knows this is a lie, but keep in mind that Soon Shin doesn’t. He convinces her that he’s actually a really important talent scout and leaves her with his contact information, it’s a total scam but, Soon Shin can’t see it. She comes home and she finds that her mom has prepared cake, Soon Shin is excited, thinking it’s for her birthday, but it ends up being for Hye Shin and her daughter Han Woo Joo. Soon shin eats with her family dejectedly as Yoo Shin chastises her for getting fired and not doing so well and not getting a good job. Soon Shin, finally has enough and shouts that she’s been street casted. Her family takes it about as well as you would expect, all of them saying no and Yoo Shin believing it’s a joke. However, later on that night, Mom has second thoughts and decides to support her daughter, feeling bad for all the other times she’s let Soon Shin down in favor of Yoo Shin and Hye Shin. So the next morning the mom and daughter pair head out to find the fake “Shin Joon Hoo”. They agree to have a meeting in the same restaurant that the real Joon Hoo is meeting Yi Jung in an effort to add her to his roster. The episode ends with Soon Shin calling out “President Shin” and both men look at her. 

Verdict: I like it. :) People were a little cautious with IU, but I personally found her to be very charming in the role and quite natural. She’s not excellent, but she’s decent and seems to keep getting better. I look forward to seeing more scenes with her Jo Jung Seok. Also guess who popped up in this drama? Lee Ji Hoon from School 2013! D'awwwwww <3