what i know about blurryface

after today I remembered when I had a huge obsession with finding every single thing blurryface has done so let’s talk about the blurryface twitter account woot

mmkay so here’s the creation date

but twenty one pilots didn’t announce the album until march. and according to @tylersoldtweets the account just sent people dms and then blocked them which is how the account got attention. 

then one day he posted this 

it became twenty one pilots header

then this

lets look at a calendar

this was the day that it was tweeted

so what happened monday night?

the stressed out music video

in fact the account posted videos of Stressed out played backwards. Here is a link to the videos REVERSED. And apparently the account favourited and unfavourited tweets that included the words “Stressed out” 

here’s another thing the account did:

what could that mean?

the day after that tweet twenty one pilots uploaded a video that is three minutes and 30 seconds long.

let’s look more into the world of the blurryface twitter account!

tyler’s old header was tweeted

let’s talk now about the song Ride. The account seemed to have some sort of obsession with that song.

blurryface also did a periscope to which he played ride. (i do not know if the photo is the same thing as the linked video)

here’s the link to the periscope. someone said that maybe what they’re saying is swedish. 

now about leaking their own album: I don’t really know how to get into that so here’s a link to a how they leaked their own album 

let’s look at some other shit! in no order!

and then most recently

which was posted a day before they announced the tour

and today

this actually had some pretty good theories

alright kids that’s what i’ve got

i’m still new, i didn’t start listening to them until September so please correct me if i’m wrong with anything here

DA:I Romances: A Summary

Blackwall: Your reward for flirting and constant pursuit of a fleeing man convinced he’s worthless is romantic kisses in a horse stable, m’lady. But don’t let the charm hide his big ball of problems tucked under that majestic beard, m’lady.

Cassandra: Smoothest Inquisitor is smooth. Release your inner cheesy romantic while giving the middle finger to those who gossip and tease. Poetry, flowers, sex in the garden, and pillow talk of dead ex-lovers.

Cullen: A classically written romance that comes straight from the CW channel. Awkwardness to the max. Two people blush their way through most conversations with stutters and head rubbing. Receive joy from the fandom and writers.

Dorian: Fight off nagging religious folk and phobic parents. Kind of like real life! Laugh your way through the pain; sass, snark, and sarcasm galore to cover the subliminal and not-so-subliminal angst. Enjoy domesticity while claiming to not be domestic.

Iron Bull: It’s just sex… Until whoops you actually care for each other. Kinks include bondage, doing it on the war table, and improving self-esteem and independent thinking. Find yourself wondering just how the fuck it works… Until then shrugging it off because who cares it just does.

Josephine: Have you ever wanted to date a Disney princess? This romance is for you. Flirt tirelessly, discuss politics, flirt tirelessly, fight off other suitors (literally,) and enjoy frequent kisses in the garden. Don’t expect people to remember you.

Sera: Bask in hate from the fandom while enjoying a playful romance full of pranks, picnics on the rooftop, and fights typically ending in the revelation of insecurities, and spit takes. Young, fun, and full of life. Expect fluff, receive feels.

Solas: Interview with the fade elf. An intellectually based romance with reservation, continuous games of 20 questions, followed by more questions rather than answers, and tears. Cry your way through heartbreak. Makes the biggest ‘oh, shit’ moment in the game that much more ‘oh, shit.’