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YAS YOUR HEADCANONS OMG IM LIVING how about hmm badboy!jimin and nerd!kook or something along that chiche tropes lines. id love to read your take on it♡♡

i’m glad you enjoying them dear xD ♥

• jimin isn’t one of those ‘fake badboys’

• he has tattoos and piercings and the most dominant aura ever

• regardless of his knack for causing trouble (there isn’t a moment in time  jungkook DOESN’T see him with a bloody knuckles after a fight) girls swoon over his looks

• jimin has a Reputation with getting snarky with teachers though he does his homework thoroughly and gets somewhat good grades

• “C-? fuck it i passed i’ll take it”

• jungkook is a nerd but not the type with glasses, acne, and braces….okay he used to have those but that’s not the point

• he’s known as the smartest kid in the school and is a big target for bullies despite being quite built himself

• he’s quiet so he takes all the shit handed to him and doesn’t fight back

• though he didn’t expect a sudden hero when some jocks throw him into an empty classroom to beat the shit outta him

• “ya know, here i was thinking i was the only one with a fetish for bruises” jimin clicked his tongue as he yanked jungkook up to his feet then eyed him before smirking “you’re cute for a nerd”

• jungkook was still in shock to properly respond as jimin walked away

• he never knew why jimin had stepped in to save him but since then, people have seemed to leave him alone

• like he usually does during lunch, jungkook heads to the roof of the school to eat his food that he packed

• but didn’t expect to see a battered jimin sitting down and smoking a cigarette

• “why do you keep getting into fights?”

• jimin would just eye him before mockingly blowing his smoke into jungkook’s face, smirking at the younger coughed and waved the smoke away

• “why do you ask so many questions?”

• jimin ends up staying up there with jungkook, stealing a part of his sandwich though even if jungkook wanted to scold him about that, jimin’s smirk shut him up

• whenever jungkook goes to the roof for lunch, jimin is always there; smoking a cigarette and either battered or not, there is no inbetween

• though it’s a little bit hot out because the humidity came out of nowhere but luckily jungkook dressed in preparation with tight blue jeans and a tank top

• jungkook’s head shoots up as soon as he enters the roof, spotting jimin eye-fucking him as he leaned against a railing

• “my my, don’t you look damn fine today i didn’t know you’d pull it off”

• jungkook just blinked dumbly at him “pull what off?”

• he certainly didn’t expect for jimin to pin him against the wall either

• “turning me on” jimin simply growled against jungkook’s lips “your thighs look damn good in those jeans, boy”

• jungkook didn’t know where the courage came from, maybe he just wanted to see if he could dominate the most dominate male he’s ever come across

• but he was the one pinning jimin against the wall now and shamelessly went to grab jimin’s plump ass

• “says the one who wears jeans so tight, one would be able to tell if it was heads to tails if you had a quarter in your back pocket”

• and jimin would just grin wide at him, a spark igniting his eye

• needless to say jikook ditched the rest of the school day and opted to crash landing (literally) in jimin’s apartment

goodnight, all you wonderful ones. unless Kanye does something truly amazing, in which case i may end up levitating my way back online somehow. or else we’re just going to have a very interesting good morning post in a few hours.

but for now, i leave you with this inside glimpse of the mating rituals of the american cobra, naja swiftitius.

what i know about blurryface

after today I remembered when I had a huge obsession with finding every single thing blurryface has done so let’s talk about the blurryface twitter account woot

mmkay so here’s the creation date

but twenty one pilots didn’t announce the album until march. and according to @tylersoldtweets the account just sent people dms and then blocked them which is how the account got attention. 

then one day he posted this 

it became twenty one pilots header

then this

lets look at a calendar

this was the day that it was tweeted

so what happened monday night?

the stressed out music video

in fact the account posted videos of Stressed out played backwards. Here is a link to the videos REVERSED. And apparently the account favourited and unfavourited tweets that included the words “Stressed out” 

here’s another thing the account did:

what could that mean?

the day after that tweet twenty one pilots uploaded a video that is three minutes and 30 seconds long.

let’s look more into the world of the blurryface twitter account!

tyler’s old header was tweeted

let’s talk now about the song Ride. The account seemed to have some sort of obsession with that song.

blurryface also did a periscope to which he played ride. (i do not know if the photo is the same thing as the linked video)

here’s the link to the periscope. someone said that maybe what they’re saying is swedish. 

now about leaking their own album: I don’t really know how to get into that so here’s a link to a how they leaked their own album 

let’s look at some other shit! in no order!

and then most recently

which was posted a day before they announced the tour

and today

this actually had some pretty good theories

alright kids that’s what i’ve got

i’m still new, i didn’t start listening to them until September so please correct me if i’m wrong with anything here

Few years younger Lexa & Aden messing around during practice.

Bonus: Indra & Titus