Healing from the past - a Jemily one-shot (based on this prompt)

The first few weeks after the team had rescued JJ from Askari nobody had quite dared to bring up what she had been through before the team had arrived.
It felt like everyone around her was walking on eggshells and while she had appreciated their sensitivity in the beginning it quickly exhausted her and it was only when she confronted them that things finally seemed to return back to normal.
However, as time passed, it dawned on her that Emily still treated her differently but at first she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.
It was only after a while that she fully realized what it was exactly that Emily was doing. Whenever she would enter a room JJ already occupied she would announce her presence. It started innocent enough with more pronounced steps or small coughs before walking in and sometimes she would speak up and wait for JJ to reply to make sure she had noticed her. It wasn’t something JJ terribly minded because she knew Emily only meant well but some days she still wondered if she should talk to her about this issue.
One afternoon she was doing the dishes while listening to the radio playing in the background, when she felt a pair of arms carefully and slowly slipping around her waist until two hands came to rest on her stomach and a body gently was gently pressed against her from behind.
“Hey there.” Emily quietly spoke up and inhaled the scent of JJ’s hair as she waited for her response.
“Hey.” JJ breathed out and relaxed before turning around to be able to look Emily in the eye. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion but before she could phrase any question Emily already began to explain.
“I didn’t want to startle you.” Her voice was still quiet, almost hesitant as she scanned JJ’s face for her reaction.
“Emily.” The name came out in barely above a whisper but JJ stopped herself short when she saw the caring look in Emily’s eyes.
“I know how strong you are JJ but you are still healing. It’s okay. I just want to help you.” At Emily’s reassurances JJ’s features softened considerably and she was grateful for her open and honest words. It was true, she was still healing after everything Askari had put her through, and Emily knew this better than anyone else. At first it had scared JJ how easily the brunette could see through her facade but as their relationship had progressed she had found it was a blessing in times where she couldn’t find the words to express how she was feeling.
She still had a hard time letting anyone close to her but with Emily it was different, she was there when she was consumed by flashbacks and nightmares and with her she felt safer than with anyone else.
“Thank you.” JJ’s voice was small and laced with emotions and she easily melted into Emily’s embrace and found comfort in strong arms being wrapped around her in a gentle but protective manner.
In lieu of a reply Emily pressed a soft kiss into JJ’s hair and simply held her close, treasuring the moment and knowing they would get through this hardship as well.

How to write "suck my ass" in different languages.
  • Bulgarian:Glŭtni mi zadnika
  • Chinese:Shǔnxī wǒ de pìgu
  • Danish:Sutte min røv
  • Filipino:Supsupin mo ang aking puwet
  • French:Sucer mon cul
  • Georgian:proji amiloke or traki momiwove
  • Haitian:Souse manman bourik mwen an
  • Hindi:Mera pichwada chuso
  • Icelandic:Sjúga rass minn
  • Indonesian:Mengisap pantatku
  • Irish:Suca mo thóin
  • Japanese:Watashi no o shiri o suu
  • Korean:nae eongdeong-i leul ppal-a
  • Lao:dud kon khongkhaphachao
  • Latin:suge culum meum
  • Malay:Menghisap pantat saya
  • Maltese:Terda ħmar tiegħi
  • Mongolian:Minii iljig khökhökh
  • Portuguese:Chupa meu burro
  • Romanian:Suge fundul meu
  • Russian:Sosat' moyu zadnitsu
  • Slovak:Suck môj zadok
  • Spanish:Chupar mi culo
  • Thai:Dūd tūd k̄hxng c̄hạn
  • Ukrainian:Smoktaty moyu dupu
  • Vietnamese:Suck ass của tôi
  • Welsh:Sugno fy ass
  • Yiddish:Zwygn myyn tʼákʻs
  • Zulu:Ncela ass yami