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So I was tired recently and this happened…


Legend has it that if you look at these photos long enough, you begin to hear the cries of thousands of emos all around the world.

Did I ever mentioned to you guys how does the full CORE looked like?

Cus this is how the full CORE looks like

The upper part was supposed to be shown as we get to higher floors using the elevator but Toby decided to not include it (source from the official undertale artbook)

So for your viewing pleasure, this is what the full CORE would look like. Maybe there’s even more in the upper part but I think this is the full picture.

Then I proceeded to fangirl aobut how awesome Gaster is, an absolute genius. 


I think one of the most underrated Moana moments is that Maui says that he is a hero to both men and women (keyword being “both”), but then corrects himself to say “all.” I remember reading somewhere that some Polynesian cultures actually consider there to be a third gender that represents those who do not fit in with either male or female and are somewhere in between. Seems like Disney is starting to realize that gender is not binary.

On a related note, sorry for the bad quality Netflix screenshots.

Okay, I have a life hack for you.

Last week, I got attacked by the most painful and persistent hiccups of my life at work. My co-worker heard me hiccuping and said, absently, “Got the hiccups?” and I said miserably, “Yeah.” And she said, “Prove it.”

And I glared at her, because why the fuck should I prove anything to her? And I waited for the next hiccup, which would prove that she was a dick and that I was, indeed, suffering from hiccups. And… that hiccup never came. And she smirked and said, “My daughter calls me whenever she has hiccups and when I ask her to prove it, she never can.”

And that was weird. But later that night, I got hiccups AGAIN, so I said to my boyfriend, “I HAVE HICCUPS.” and he said “Yeah, you do.” And I said, “No, ask me to prove it.” And he gave me a look like I was a crazy person, and I hiccuped again and insisted he ask me to prove it and he did and BAM. I couldn’t do it!

And a few days LATER, I got the hiccups WHILE DRIVING ALONE, and I said, out loud, “DUDE, I have the hiccups.” And then, in another voice, “PROVE IT.” And bam. Couldn’t do it.

The moral of the story? Apparently hiccups are little shits who refuse to perform on command. 

There you go. Hiccup cure. I can’t promise it’ll work for everyone, but so far, it’s worked for me like six times.

You’re welcome.