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It's better if you're gone from this world. Your mother and father should of aborted you from the moment they knew. You're a disgrace. A fuckin home wrecker.

😭 -cry cry-

It’s pretty interesting that RIGHT when I turn my anon back on, you appear 2.6 seconds later. You must’ve been waiting sometime to pounce again huh? probably checking my profile everyday until you could get your chance again, am I correct? I find it so interesting that you’d go at great lengths to try to harass me, I mean you have a life right? so why are you wasting it? You’re only showing how persistently bothersome and immature you are. Anyway at this point I’d advice that you get yourself checked out, I hope the best for you. xoxo

PS: you sent this message at 4 in the morning? seriously? (yes I can check at what time/day you send me these) -pat on the head- sad cookie

this post is going to be a complete mess

Okay. *takes a very deep breath* *rubs hands together* okay. Ooookay.


Happy birthday Phil?

Since im a complete mess this post will be too so ill put a keep reading line to save you all a ton of scrolling.

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