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...But they credited you... Thats not reposting. Its just like rebloging. Cause if you put something online people are allowed to share. You're being unfair to someone who clearly follows you here, maybe even a fan! Someone who probably just wanted everyone to see how good your fanart was

Hello, anon! Thank you for coming forward with your thoughts. I figured I’d get an ask like this, just like others who joined the movement. I have a lot more asks pending but I think I’ll address yours first while the issue is fresh—

First off, I’m sorry to say right off the bat that you are wrong. Reposting is reposting. It’s not like reblogging because… it’s reposting. A reblog would have my whole post intact, including my caption (unless a boo-boo happens where my caption gets deleted, oops) and would come directly from me, as a source, easily reached with a click of a button.

That was a repost. They took screenshots of my post and re-uploaded it elsewhere, without my permission, might I add. A repost is a repost. You can try to sugarcoat it, but a repost is a repost.

Secondly, you seem to not have read or looked at my post in its entirety. Please read back on what I said about “crediting”. And, as you can see from the screencaps:

  1. they were clearly NOT following me, I underlined it—there’s a great big FOLLOW right next to my name,
  2. if they are not following me, then they couldn’t be that big of a “fan” of my work, and I actually don’t mind if people don’t follow me as long as they don’t repost my work (especially something I specifically made for my followers), and
  3. I don’t actually have “fans”—I have friends. Anyone who follow me, whether mutual or not? Friends (who like and enjoy the same things I do). And friends don’t do friends like this, fam.

Lastly, I’m being unfair? Silly anon. c: Who do you think got the short end of the stick here? Is it the reposter or me? I was the one who was taken from, and I reiterate, without permission or my knowledge. I was the one whose feelings were trampled because they couldn’t even bother to ask/check with me first. I did not name or directly link them either to make sure no harm comes to them personally. And if they are truly innocent, then they shouldn’t feel called out, yeah? Can you tell me again who was being unfair?

Thank you for your ask! I encourage more people to ask and address the issue of reposting with me and other people in the protest, because it does help to clear things up and spread awareness. I’m aware a lot of people may be confused with the concept itself, and that’s okay! We all have to learn things sometime. We are here to guide you. Just remember to be respectful! Thank you and have a good day! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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8. After a long day , 18. This is so unfair, you're bigger and stronger than me. With Peter Parker please :)

Situation 8: After a long day

Sentence 18: “This is so unfair, you’re bigger and stronger than me.”

You sat at your small desk in your cramped bedroom staring at the computer screen for an unhealthy amount of hours.  The clock on the corner of your laptop read 6:43 PM.  You mumbled words to yourself as you attempted to finish the essay which should have been done days ago.  You were so concentrated on the screen in front of you, you failed to hear the window open and a certain someone creep into your room.  

Your fingers quickly typed in another sentence before you felt a pair of arms wrap around yours causing you to squeal.  Peter laughed at your reaction before quickly letting you go.  

“What the hell Peter? You scared the shit out of me!” you exclaimed, throwing the nearest object towards his direction which happened to be an eraser.  

Peter immediately caught the object in midair without even blinking before saying, “You should’ve seen your face, it was priceless.”

“I hate you, I hope you know that,” you said before returning to your essay.  

“So, what are you working on?” Peter asked, standing behind your chair and peering over your shoulder.  

“That essay I should’ve done a while ago but haven’t.”

“The one that is due tomorrow?” he asked.  

“Yes, the one that was due tomorrow, now can you please leave me alone?”

“Oh come on, I haven’t been able to talk to you all day because of this stupid paper.  You promised that you were going to watch Star Wars with me!”

“That was before I found out that we have a freaking paper due in less than seventeen hours!”

“Okay, you are stressing way too much over this, everyone knows you can afford to do poorly on a paper.  I bet you are still going to get an A on this one. So here’s the deal, you are going to watch Star Wars with me whether you like it or not.”

Before you had any time to protest, Peter quickly shut your laptop and grabbed your hands slightly pulling you towards the door.  

“No!” you whined, “I have to finish this paper.”

You tried pulling yourself from your grasp and back to your desk praying that Peter would not object.  

“Oh no you don’t,” he said before pulling you onto his shoulder forcing you out the door.  

“This is so unfair, you’re bigger and stronger than me!”

“Well this is the only way I’m getting you to spend time with me!”

You felt your body get set gently on your living room sofa where an assortment of snacks and drinks had been set up.  

“When did you do all of this?”

“Your mom let me in,” he replied before putting in the movie, “Now let’s just enjoy the movie and not worry about some stupid paper about the Renaissance period.”

You groaned in defeat before you replied, “Fine, I will watch Star Wars with you.”  

“Yes!” Peter exclaimed before sitting down next to you.  

A few minutes in you asked, “I don’t understand, I thought we were watching the first Star Wars movie?  Why does it say Episode IV?”

“You don’t understand, this is the first episode.”

“No it’s not, it says Episode IV.”

“Will you just watch the movie?”

“Okay okay! I will!”

the signs and why they're judging you
  • !!!!! NOTE: CHECK BOTH SUN AND RISING SIGNS; if you don't know your rising sign, find out @
  • aries: they do not always judge people, even though they might seem intimidating. if they're judging you, it's because you seemed opinionated or pretentious to them, or tried to be domineering.
  • taurus: since they may be opinionated, they can come across as super judgmental even when they're trying to be supportive of you. once they've grown accustomed to things, though, they don't judge you at all and are super chill with you.
  • gemini: if you seem boring/bland to them, or if you don't have a good sense of humour, they're definitely judging you. they also judge you if you're not open-minded enough; they like people with whom they can have a good debate, and with whom they can discuss their various ideas and perspectives.
  • cancer: they try their best to be non-judgmental, but they absolutely hate people who are nasty and cruel for no reason. so if they're judging you, it's because you came across as a generally negative or pessimistic person.
  • leo: they judge people who are unoriginal; they appreciate creativity, uniqueness and independence, so they hate people who blindly copy others. they also judge you if you waste too much of your time on insignificant or trivial issues.
  • virgo: they judge you if you're careless with your actions and words - that is, if you don't think before you speak/act. they also judge you if you're too disorganized, unprepared for important events or too laid-back. they admire people who work hard for their achievements and detest disorder.
  • libra: libras and libra risings are usually open-minded and friendly, so they don't judge you often. but if they are judging you, it's because you seemed too impulsive and rushed to make a decision too quickly without considering other options. they may also judge you if you're unfair or untruthful; they respect justice and honesty, and dislike being misled into thinking the wrong thing.
  • scorpio: they're judging you if you're fake, or try to pretend to be someone you're not; scorpios and scorpio risings don't like people who seem untrustworthy. because of that, they may also judge you if you seemed to share too much. they are usually secretive as a rule, so people who are too open seem unreliable or disloyal to them.
  • sagittarius: they're one of the least judgmental signs. if they're judging you (which is rare because it's likely that they don't care enough to judge you), it's because you were overbearing and tried to push them around OR because you were selfish and didn't allow them their independence.
  • capricorn: they're judging you because you seemed lazy, or weren't interested in doing anything productive. they're judging you even more because, on top of all that, you choose to spend your time on irrelevant gossip or other uninteresting things.
  • aquarius: often considered the least judgmental and most open-minded sign of the zodiac, aquarius and aquarius risings only judge you in very rare circumstances. firstly, they're 100% judging you if you tried to confine them to some sort of routine, or tried to take away their independence, or if you tried to force them to do something they don't want to do. they also judge you if you seemed egoistical - not proud, which is something they can admire, but egoistical and boastful.
  • pisces: they're judging you if you criticized or seemed to belittle someone's dreams, especially their own. they're also judging you if you tried to pressurize them into doing tedious, boring work, or if you forced them to come to terms with reality.

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You're being unfair. White people also sometimes do not get served the most spicy food in Indian restaurants because of the prejudice that white people can't handle real spicy food. So, you know, there's that.

Also tragic. #truesuffering

The signs as David Bowie lyrics
  • Aries: "Though nothing will drive them away, we can beat them, just for one day, we can be Heroes, just for one day"
  • Taurus: "He talks like a jerk but he could eat you with a fork and spoon"
  • Gemini: "Heaven loves ya, the clouds part for ya, nothing stands in your way"
  • Cancer: "You're not alone, you're watching yourself but you're too unfair, you got your head all tangled up but if I could only make you care"
  • Leo: "The kids was just crass, he was the naz, with God given ass, he took it all too far"
  • Virgo: "His words of truthful vengeance, they could pin us to the floor, brought a few more people on, and put the fear in a whole lot more"
  • Libra: "She'll come, she'll go. She'll lay belief on you, but she won't stake her life on you, how can life become her point of view"
  • Sagittarius: "Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel, come get up my baby, look at that sky, life's begun, nights are warm and the days are young"
  • Scorpio: "You love bands when they're playing hard, you want more and you want it fast, they put you down, they say I'm wrong, you tacky thing, you put them on"
  • Capricorn: "If she says she can do it then she can do it, she don't make false claims"
  • Aquarius: "I wander round, feet off the ground, I even go from town to town"
  • Pisces: "I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour, drinking milk shakes cold and long, smiling and waving and looking so fine, don't think you knew you were in this song"

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*Guest at check out:* Hey I just wanna let you know when I checked into the hotel last night there was a huge hole in the wall and all the furniture was broken and stains on the carpet. Just letting you know they so I don't get charged for it. *Me:* Sorry, you should've told us last night, if we don't have proof it was already like that you're still liable. *Guest:* WHAT THAT'S SO UNFAIR YOU'RE LITERALLY STEALING FROM ME. (seriously how do people think they can get away with this shit?)

Let me guess he had some land in the everglades he wanted to sell you also right?



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Can you make your anti hinata post in english? I dont speak spanish sorry and im interested in your opinion😞😞

You make me so happy! I’m still an english student, but I will do my best!

We’re tired of complaining, right? But I didn’t expect anything else from Studio Pierrot.

Basically the main characters of the anime were degraded to a few minutes of screen! They didn’t miss the opportunity to make Hinata relevant and hide Sasuke and Sakura. Everything was focused on the wedding that already had a movie, and a lot more fillers with characters we didn’t want to see so much.

I really don’t agree that my favorite anime had such a boring ending. I don’t hate NH and the other canon couples, but the way SP handle everything is so tired and redundant. I hope to hear epic words, deep thoughts, more than ten minutes of Sasuke on the screen! But what we have received is the eternal princess of the anime Hinata being flattered, fulfilling her dreams (the only ones for whom she lived), and ending the anime with the Naruto-kun’s hand.

Maybe I’m wrong, but an epic farewell would be Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura together as a team, Naruto being the prospect for Hokage, Sasuke with his motivations to protect the village and Sakura with projects started for her hospital. Finally together, after all naruto shippuden dealt with that, to be together again, I didn’t even want Sasusaku because I know that SP make short circuit.

I could have made a better end without involving my OTP just to give justice to my favorite manga. It’s good that this is over.

And that was it. I’m really not anti hinata (?), but sometimes pierrot pushes me to be when personally I don’t see anything interesting in that girl. I hope my english is understandable n//////n Love.

Stay Home.

You don’t want Loco to go on tour. 
Loco x Reader - Fluff

You groaned as the sun hit your eyes ruining your sleep, you turned away from the window hitting your head against Hyukwoos chest, you opened one eye and smiled as you saw his adorable sleeping state.

You wrapped your arm around his waist and cuddled into him, Hyukwoo hummed as you left a small kiss on his chest.

“Morning, beautiful”

His morning voice was low and raspy you smiled at his words and kissed his nose “Morning, handsome” You said, softly. 

He opened his eyes and kissed your forehead before closing them again.

You frowned as his alarm went off reminding you that he was leaving for tour, you quickly sat up and turned off the alarm throwing his phone off the bedside table on to the floor, while you were at it. He laughed at your actions making you blush as you had been caught red handed.

“Baby, my phone” He whined.

You crossed your arms and huffed a pout resting on your soft lips “You can’t leave!”

He chuckled at your actions and pulled your arm to lay you down with him, you placed your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around his torso. Hyukwoo held you close and ran a hand through your hair making you hum in approval.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” He stated.

You shook your head like a small child, making him laugh as you held onto him tighter

“Can I get a kiss?” He urged.

You shook your head again. Hyukwoo sighed knowing he won’t be able to get up anytime soon, you lifted your head a little to peek at him

“Maybe, you can stay home” You suggested.

Hyukwoo burst out laughing, once again you sat up and glared at him

“What?” You questioned as he stared at you. 

Hyukwoo perched up and cupped your cheeks “You’re so cute!” He asserted.

You pushed his hands off your face and crossed your arms.

“Don’t be mad, I’ll call you whenever I can!”

You sighed in defeat and flopped onto the bed hiding your face in your pillow, Hyukwoo leant down and kissed your shoulder getting you to turn your face so you could see him, he had a sweet smile and gazed at you lovingly.

“You're being so unfair right now!” You whined.

He raised his eyebrows, a little confused “What? How?”

You sat up once more “You just are” You declared

Hyukwoo enveloped his arms around your waist and sat you on his lap with your back against his chest “I’ll miss you”

You leant against his chest letting out a soft sigh “I’ll miss you more” You challenged

Hyukwoos smile got bigger, he kissed your shoulder and then your neck, you turned around stopping him from going any further, while cupping his cheeks you gazed into his eyes before leaning forward and leaving a tender kiss on your boyfriend’s soft lips.

“I love you”

Hyukwoo leant his forehead against yours and closed his eyes

“I love you too.”

Edit: this was one of my very first scenarios, that’s why it’s really bad 

Settling Down
  • Jane: Okay, just hear me out before you say no.
  • Maura: Jane...
  • Jane: No! Maura, just... just... okay, look. *huffs* All I'm saying is that we should get a puppy.
  • Maura: You had a dog, remember? You never had time for Jo, she was always alone, and I'm pretty sure you forgot about her as often as you remembered her. No, Jane.
  • Jane: That's not fair! It was a different time. We were different people. Besides, that was before the new job, the whole teaching thing, and the whole coming back to Boston thing. Come on, Maura! We need a puppy. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to have a little guy running around? Someone to play fetch with? Someone to watch movies with? Someone to keep you warm on cold nights and do that cute little running in their sleep thing...
  • Maura: I have you for all of that. Why would we need a dog? I really doubt there's anything you can say to persuade me to agree to us getting a dog.
  • Jane: I can handle it! You know I can, and, frankly, I think you're being unfair about Jo. You know I took care of Jo just fine.
  • Maura: What about the tortoise?
  • Jane: Uh... tortoise?
  • Maura: Watson?
  • Jane: Oh! The *tortoise*. Well...
  • Maura: Exactly. The answer is no.
  • Jane: Man! This is so unfair. How are we going to get ready for kids if we don't even have a puppy to practice on? I mean, it's a puppy. Who doesn't love puppies?
  • Maura: You can't crate train a child, Jane.
  • Jane: Well, I mean, you *could*...
  • Maura: *heavy sigh* No.
  • Jane: So no on the puppy?
  • Maura: No on the puppy.
  • Jane: No on kids?
  • Maura: Maybe on children. We've only been officially dating for a few months. Give it time, Jane. I'd like to eventually adopt a child and raise them with you, but I'd like to get through our first year as an official couple as a start. You can understand that, can't you?
  • Jane: Yeah, sure. It's just that it feels like we've been dating for years, you know? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am SO ready to settle down with you, Maura. I think... I just think it's time.
  • Maura: Well... maybe we can start looking into it?
  • Jane: Adoption?
  • Maura: A puppy.
  • Jane: Yes!
  • Cersei: This is Robert the Strong
  • The Hound: Is it fuck. That's my dick of a brother gone soft in the head. Always hated him, but I won't see him like this. I'll finish him
  • Gendry: You're getting a little long in the tooth for all that. Is calling him Robert some kind of fun little joke for you? Tell him to come over here. I'll show you whose strong
  • Arya: You're both idiots. I'm going to kill him
  • Cersei: He's four times your size
  • Arya: You're right, it's unfair
  • Arya: I'll wait if you want to get him some back-up

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I think you're being pretty unfair towards them...

Oh u think this is unfair? Lemme tell you what’s really unfair honey, the same people that harrass me and send me death threats are the same people that use my shit constantly aka the people you claim im being unfair to. Legit get ur head out of ur own damn ass I dont owe them respect when im not given any back

Seriously, who taught this boy how to be so sexy?

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Think you're a bit unfair, Spencer was worried about Caleb eating because it would have helped him focus on finding Hanna. I think you're being unintentionally biased. Don't forget how Caleb cheated on Spencer then screamed in her face 5 minutes later, or how he begged Hanna to be with him then ran straight back to spence after being rejected. And don't forget that gross morning after scene the day after Spencer was shot trying to protect Hanna, haleb are gross and selfish and I blame Marlene

My point was none of the girls were very focused on finding Hanna, so Hanna saved herself. Hanna was being tortured, eating seems like a very small priority compared to someones life.

Im not “unintentionally biased”, I am intentionally biased. I will support Hanna and Caleb through thick and thin because its my personal choice. Trust me I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT, and the way it comes off.

That being said I can say that I HATE the way they wrote Caleb in 6B. The Spencer and Caleb relationship I thought it was rushed and pointless.

“And don’t forget that gross morning after scene the day after Spencer was shot trying to protect Hanna, haleb are gross and selfish”

What made the morning after scene gross? Hanna and Caleb happy is gross? Spencer was shot a week before that, not a day. Also its not like she still was holding on to Caleb considering she was kissing her engaged ex-boyfriend the week prior. ONCE AGAIN WHY IS HALEB GROSS AND SELFISH? What makes them worse than other couple on the show.

Imagine Getting Into A ‘Plushie‘ Fight with Connor
      She had stumbled across her stuffed-animal collection while rummaging through her closet and decided to put them to use again. After stalking
through the house in search of her target; Connor, she finally found him
sitting at his desk. He was hunched over a pile of papers with a frown
creasing his forehead.      She stifled a giggle as she raised up a
stuffed bear while taking aim. Excitement was welling in her chest,
making it near impossible to keep quiet. Just as she thought she
couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer she threw the toy with all
her might, hitting Connor in face, and quickly disappeared around the
corner.     “Y/N!” He yelled as he shoved his chair out. She could
hear his heavy footsteps making their way towards her and as soon as he
came around the corner she threw another stuffed-animal at him before
running back up the stairs laughing hysterically.     She heard
him hauling ass after her, her heart began racing with fear; the kind
you get when you know someone’s about to find your hiding spot while
playing hide-n-seek. She quickly disappeared into the far back of her
huge closet, hiding right by the toy chest. She loaded her arms with as
much ammo as she could, and sat in wait.     “Y/N?” Connor asked,
confused. She could just see his pant legs walking past the door. She
hurriedly stuffed an animal against her mouth to hold back her giggles.
“Where did you go?”     A few moments of silence passed before
she burst out of the closet and began tossing her arsenal of toys at
Connor. He managed to dodge of few but couldn’t avoid them all. She
quickly ran out, and stood there for a moment, unable to move due to her
laughing. Tears began streaming down her face and she lost sight of
Connor. She thought she was going to fall over at this point. After she
recovered she managed to open her eyes, only to see her target holding
the stuffed-animals. She attempted to run away but he pelted her with
them, before grabbing her by the waist and pinning her down on the bed.    
“You think you’re funny?” Connor asked, chuckling at her as he bent his
head down and began pressing steamy kisses against her neck.     “Mmhmm.” She closed her eyes, melting from the heat.       “You interrupted my work, Y/N.” He said with a pout.    
“Well, you looked like you could have used a distraction.” She said,
running her finger down his jawline, her eyes slowly rising up to meet
his.       A smiled spread across his face before he began kissing her intently, “Thank you.”