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Reporter: What is your very first musical memory as a child?

Duff: It was “Lovely Rita” by the Beatles. I was really young, but I could lift the needle and put it on the record, so I was maybe five. There was a little girl in my kindergarten that I was so into, and I thought she was Rita and I kept playing that song over and over again.

My Synth Son is fucking beautiful

“Mom? It’s really great that you’re helping people build someplace safe to live.”\

“Someday I’ll be a minuteman too! And protect everyone.. ‘at a minute’s notice’!”

“I just wanted you to know… I love you Mom.”
“Psst. Mom. I like Mr. Valentine.. I think when I grow up, I wanna be a detective.. Just like him.”

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(read my other ask first ;D) Q1: what was the deal with jensen and misha in season 4 (did they not like eachother, or what do you know about that?) ? Q2: what was the deal with that video that the one girl didnt want to leak from a couple years ago about jensen and misha at a convention? Q3: In your opinion, do you think they actually kissed @ JIB5, or was misha covering his mouth with his hand? thank you and if you are confused about any q's message me! FYI you are my new fave blog!!

staaaaahp you’re so sweet omg stop


1. basically, Jensen and Misha didn’t get close until the end of season 4 and beginning of season 5 (i don’t have a source for this, but i think it’s something Misha has said at conventions).  If you watch the gag reels, it’s amazing how little we see of Misha in the s4 gag reel compared to s5.  They’ve talked about it interviews before (the one that immediately comes to mind is PaleyFest 2011) where Jensen talks about how Misha caught him off-guard in their first scene together, and I guess that sort of translated throughout the rest of the season.  This quote is from the end of s4 where they started to get close:

“Misha did something special. At first I was like ‘Oh no, what is he doing? Why is he acting so weird? Is this guy really like this? Is this who we’re going to deal with?’ Then I got to know him, and he’s a cool, laid back guy. It was very exciting to me to know that I was going to be working with somebody who could really make a committed choice to a character. And it worked— I loved it! I was caught off guard at first, and it took me a little while to get used to what he was doing, but actually that played well for the character, because Dean would have been caught off guard by an angel as well.”

The funny thing about them not getting close until the end of s4 is that there have been //so many// guest stars who talk about how warm and friendly the guys are and how they became friends within the first days of filming, so it was weird that they didn’t immediately become friends.  *insert theory about jensen being attracted to misha from day 1 aka why he was so afraid of getting close to misha*


Okay so this was from Jibcon 2013 and we never got the video of it because the person who recorded it wanted to protect Jensen and Misha’s privacy??  but another fan who witnessed the encounter said this

So Jens approaches Misha from behind, leans heavily with his chest on Misha’s back and covers Misha’s hands with his own, you know like someone’s sitting and you’re hugging them from behind. We’re like, WTF? – it’s all happening in a couple meters from us… Then Jensen takes the marker out of Misha’s hand, still lying on top of him with all his weight and almost pressing Misha into the table – Misha even said “ouch”! – so obviously Jens was very heavy on him Jensen signs the book, still squishing Misha down with his body, then he rises a little, digs his nose into Misha’s hair and draws it like that from side to side a couple of times, rubbing his face against Misha’s hair. Our jaws are dropping, eyes basically popping out, and our feet seem frozen to the floor. The Italian girl who also sees all of it – by the look on her face, she’s feeling much the same as us – wide-eyed, mouth open. She’s looking round her, obviously in search of her friend. The demons are in the line, they’re puffing at each other’s napes so they cannot see any of this. As a result, only five people are the witnesses – the three of us and the two Italian girls in front of the table.

Jensen goes on with his caresses. I guess he wrote something funny in the book, or he simply wanted to apologize for snatching the marker from Misha’s hand. Holding Misha’s chin with one hand, Jens presses his cheek against Misha’s. Like, sorry, I’m so sorry!.. Then Jens backs off a little, making a step back, and Misha’s looking up at him. Then they smile simultaneously, and Jens has those crinkles around his eyes, he’s literally shining. Misha’s also shining, and we’re almost swept off by the affection and tenderness in their eyes. For about half a minute they’re just looking into each other’s eyes, and, as they say, the whole world has stopped around them and only they two exist. (x)

There aren’t supposed to be any videos in the autograph room anyway so I understand why that the girl who recorded wouldn’t want to share it, but i think the entire cockles fandom would break if we ever got that footage.  and yes, we’re still bitter about it.  

3. As for JIB5, I’m not sure!! I like to think that they did and that misha moved his hand after he initially covered jensen’s mouth (and there are those hq photos where you can see misha’s palm and his hand wouldn’t be big enough to cover jensens mouth from that position) but at different angles it looks like misha’s hand is still there and it all happened so quickly that I don’t know if misha could have moved his hand that quickly in those split seconds.  Part of me also doesn’t believe they would //actually// do something like that in front of the fans, considering they’ve done enough and given so much cannon fodder to the fans to have enough homoerotic fanfics written about them to last a lifetime.  there may have been “accidental” lip touching, but i think that full on kissing is something that’s too private and special to them to do in front of so many fans.  :)

If you have any other questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them <33

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i know it's silly, and you probably get this a lot!, but your blog is truly beautiful. i love everything you bring to this fandom! thank you for contributing your time to making this site and this fandom a better place ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

But all I’ve done is just making some silly gifs
Are you sure it is really me you intended to send a message to
No don’t answer I will pretend it’s really me and you’re serious
Thank you so much Thank you

Christmas Cough

Connor x Reader

On the eighteenth day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

It was happening again. Last year Connor had gotten a rotten bout of the sniffles a week before Christmas. What he presumed to be a cold had progressed as the days went by, landing him a spot in your own personal care on Christmas day. He hadn’t meant to ruin such an eventful day, but he still felt guilty all the same. He’d made a personal vow after last year to make this Christmas the best one you’d ever had just to make it up to you, but it was happening again.

It started with a cough here or a sneeze there throughout random intervals during the day. Then his throat started hurting and his skin was warmer than usual. His head hurt and his nose was stuffed. By Christmas Eve, he was an absolute mess; coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and wheezing all through the night. But this wasn’t about him, this was about you, and he was not about to ruin Christmas again because of a little illness.

So he trooped on. Late into the night he snuck out of the comforting warmth of your arms into the cold, dark sitting room. He worked quietly, careful to be sure not to wake you before he was finished. Though it got a little hard at times, he continued to work through the long hours of the night, the sun bringing the joy of Christmas as it rose. Christmas was here, now all he had to do was make it through the day without ruining everything. Yes, he could do that for you.

He admired his work for a moment, taking a minute to give himself a pat on the back. The room was ready, now all he needed was you. No doubt you’d be waking up soon anyways. You always did get too excited on Christmas…

His gentle, long strides brought him back to your room, sweet eyes looking upon your resting figure. A little ray of sunshine peeked in through the curtain, glowing upon your smooth skin. You looked like an angel, his angel. He smiled, a soppy curve of his lips. Your eyes were closed peacefully, no signs of tension in the relaxed state of your muscles. Connor puffed a breath between his lips, his heart beating faster at the sight of you. Oh, but how he loved you.

“(Y/N),” he whispered, his voice raspy with sickness.

You let out a soft groan, flipping onto your side so you were fully facing him. One bleary eye after another popped open, looking curiously to your lover.

“Connor?” You inquired on a yawn, eyes half closed as you stretched the disused muscles in your arms. “It’s Christmas.” You smiled, settling back down into a more comfortable position.

He nodded, kneeling down in front of you so he could admire your features. From the slope of your nose to the curve of your jaw, Connor’s loving gaze was drinking it in. You bit your lip to keep your grin from engulfing your face, taking his hand in yours instead. His skin was warm, more so than usual.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

He’d been sick all week, something that he’d claimed was perfectly normal. He said that he didn’t need to go see a doctor and that he’d be fine in the next few days. But his skin felt awfully hot for a little cold.

“Fine.” He replied, tugging on your laced hands.

You furrowed your brows in concern, sitting up so you could take a better look at him. His cheeks were flushed and his nose was red, no doubt from rubbing at it. His hair was messy, sticking to his forehead from sweat. He clearly was not as well as he tried to act.

“Connor.” You warned, leaping up before he could pull you away. The back of your hand connected with his forehead, a heat rising from his skin. He was burning up.

“I feel fine.” He pouted, resting his large hands on your hips. They were dancing along the prominent bone there, almost enticing you to forget about what you’d felt.

“You are not fine.” You argued, brushing a few strands of his dark hair back into the messy disarray. “If you are sick, don’t pretend you’re not.”

“I have a cold, it is nothing to concern yourself with.” He tried weakly, hoping to get on with the day. He was not going to ruin this for you, no matter how much he’d rather just drop down into the bed and cuddle with you.

“It’s more than that.” You pointed out, challenging him with a gleam in your eyes. “And besides,” you leant forward, resting against his chest and rubbing the tense muscles in his back, “I will always concern myself when it comes to your wellbeing.”

Affection swelled in his heart, guilt following soon after. He’d already ruined so much for you, he couldn’t do it again this year. He didn’t deserve to have someone like you love him so much if he was just going to mess it up year after year.

“Don’t you dare think like that.” You muttered, breathing in the lingering scent of gingerbread and candy cane on his shirt. You knew him well enough to know exactly where his thoughts would be at this particular moment, and he had absolutely no reason to be thinking along those lines.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, his breath against your neck, running down your spine.

“Now, get back in bed and I’ll make you hot chocolate. We can worry about Christmas after you’re better.” You stated, nudging him in the side for good measure.


“I don’t want to hear it.” You deadpanned, removing yourself from his arms. “You’re not ruining anything.”

His gaze dropped to the floor, shame playing across the frown on his face. You sighed, knowing that he probably still felt guilty after last year.

“Connor,” you began quietly, brushing your fingertips across his bicep. The muscle flexed beneath your touch, his big, brown eyes moving to meet your own. “Sweetheart, you need some rest. Working so hard isn’t good when you’re sick.”

He nodded, sending a half-hearted smile in your direction before sinking down onto the soft bed. His eyes moved back to you, looking for some sort of disappointment he was sure he’d find there. He found none.

“I love Christmas.” You said. “But I love you more.”

The smallest of smiles began to tug at the corners of his lips, the gloomy attitude he sported fading at your words. He would never get used to hearing you say you loved him, even if he heard it a million times. And each time he’d be a little more happy than the last.

“I love you too.” He spoke quietly, his voice hoarse.

You smiled in response, turning to leave the room. Just before you made it fully out of the doorway, you stopped to add one more comment over your shoulder.

“Besides, nothing’s ruined when I have you here.” And with that you left.

I am very literally almost in tears because this was such an unexpected and wonderful surprise to get in the mail today! My mood has been lifted 1000%, seriously.

I don’t know who this is from (message me please so I can tell you how much I love you!!!) but you are such a kind human being and you made me very happy today 💛💚💛💚💛💚

@ryeong9: I love you, thank you, sorry, please forgive me~~ Try saying it just once everyday when the day starts~^^ When I was in school some pretty professor had told us about this .. From then onward since it was cheesy I did it alone in my heart, everyone let’s do it together~ㅋ Thank you for the start of my second year as DJ ~♥ (cr)