• someone not on team valor, probably joking:team valor is a bunch of jerks they are the worst!!!!!!!!!!
  • me, a valor who takes everything personally:[crying] im not a jerk

This is fucking disrespectful! Ross doesn’t have to tell us anything about his private life!!

He tell us so many times that he and Laura are just friends but some of us just ignored it -_-

He never gave us fake hopes. He only told us that maybe he will be with Laura because maybe he will eventually be with her. This means that he doesn’t exclude this option.

You can’t say him that a lot of his ‘fans’ hates him or that what he did hurts you! That’s fucking rude! This fandom means a lot to him! 

Why did he hurts you? Because he’s dating a girl that he probably loves?!

And finally, please don’t tell him he’s an idiot!

Some of you are so disrespectful… rude… immature… stupid!! Let’s say it’s okay when you tweet/blog about this stuff but DON’T send him those messages!!

He didn’t do anything wrong!

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hehe, I’m not going to say no to that, anon ;)


Molly: *leans forward* Do it.
Sherlock: *reading the paper* No.
Molly: *playfully prods his foot with hers* Just once.
Sherlock: *turns the page* Nope.
Molly: Please?
Sherlock: *looks up* Molly-
Molly: *pouts* For me?
Sherlock: *sighs; folds his paper, clears his throat* Well, thief, where are you? Come now, don’t be shy-
Molly: *grinning* No, the other one.
Sherlock: *frowns* What other one?
Molly: *twirls her hair on her finger* The one I like.
Sherlock: …
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* Ohhh, the one you…like?
Molly: *nods*
Sherlock: *smirks* Shall I destroy-
Molly: Properly.
Sherlock: *mutters* Why did I marry you?
Molly: *teasing* ‘cause you love me.
Sherlock: *looks at her; slicks his hair back and deepens his voice* Shall I destroy you, Mrs. Holmes? Or will you give me what I want?
Molly: *giggles; holds her hand up*
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow*
Molly: *waves her hand* Come on, you were very good.
Sherlock: *pats her hand and clasps their fingers; pulls her to him* Now… *lifts her into his arms* …shall we begin?
Molly: *giggles* Yes, please.


this got a bit out of hand…


Everyone who asked questions thank you! I love answering questions. All my followers thank you so much, you all make my day and I love each and every one of you even if we don’t talk. Don’t be afraid to message me I love to chat! ❤️

@skullnar - 00:40 High school stuff. What you truly enjoyed.

Anon - 01:56 For your Q&A questions: Why and when did you first writing? When did you start watching/reading Fairy Tail? Annnnd where’d you get your inspiration for Fire’s Scars? (it’s probably my favorite of your fics, and I’ve read it sO MANY times :’) )

@magerain - 03:57 For the video thing - which characters/ships do you enjoy writing most and why any/all fandoms a-okay? :D And hearty congratulations on 1k+, you deserve them all! :D

@jarrynx - 06:30 for the Q&A… what got you into writing? first anime you’ve ever watched? WHY ARE YOU SO NICE AND PRECIOUS? thing you miss most about high school? scariest supernatural event in your life? favorite ice cream flavor? what’s something you’ll never get tired of/too old for? do you play any video games? (you don’t have to answer all, just throwing out things :3 love your blog lots)

@teamedwardjace - 15:03 Hey girl, just wanted to see how you’re doing and congrats on 1000 followers! That’s amazing! (Hopefully Tumblr didn’t eat this). My question: What future directions do you think Hiro could Natsu being E.N.D in terms of plot and how it affect Natsu’s relationships and interactions with his friends especially Lucy and Happy. Other question: Thoughts on the upcoming Breath of the wild game (Zelda)? I’m pretty stoked for it myself (which you likely know lol). Hope you’re having fun in Cali!

@rizzy09 - 18:31 I’m too shy hanna. I feel so embarrassed. So here’s my unoriginal question; ever plan on writing your own book or a multi chaptered fic? Tell us any ideas what it could be. Thanks! (:

Anon - 21:35 If you had to pick between only writing Fairy Tail or only writing for Miraculous Ladybug Fanfics for the rest of your life, which would you choose? 🌚🔮

Imagine Seungcheol showering you in little gifts and flowers while he’s away promoting 아주NICE.

anonymous asked:

Oh Jesus, give me a break. This whole "As an intelligent person I can't believe that I'm expected to accept that Louis is a dad" thing is so embarrassing. If you're really that pathetic that you need your fantasy to keep you happy, then go and read some LOTR or something but stop discussing the lives of real people. It's creepy and stupid. You're not intelligent at all. You're narrow minded and really gullible. Also, stop pretending like you have "inside" information. Louis is a dad, get over it

I have things to say to this, but first, ooh first let me enjoy the moment when an anti feel like they can use terms as embarrassing, pathetic, creepy, stupid, narrow minded and gullible to describe any other person on this planet. Please, give me a moment to savour this, thank you (not that sending a message like this, with such wording, is something that a slightly decent person would ever do, but the irony of an anti sending a parody ask without even realizing it, it’s priceless)!

Ok, now! I’ve never been able to bear Lord of The Rings for more than half an hour. I tried and tried but I was never successful. I’m having a really good time right now with Captive Prince and TFC, though, have you tried them? Literature in general is very good. I even have a reading advices tag if you want to take a look! Might take some stress away :)

And to conclude this very sad moment of both our lives, I’ve written the post you’re whining about months ago. Now, while it’s certainly annoying and frustraiting for larries that we’re going in circles and four months later they’re hurling on us exaclty the same old crap, that must be striking some nerve in your side, if this is what you come up with when you’re able to make your scattered braincells to some use and realize something might be off. Don’t worry if you can’t find a proper comback to those points, the right answer is that there’s no answer because this is all fake! If Louis being a dad weren’t the whole foundation of your scared, pressed, moronic, likely homophobic existence, you’d be able to see on your own that the incongruities about this whole story have nothing to do with him being gay or in a relationship with Harry. If you were not biased, you’d see that something is very wrong here; if you really cared for Louis, you’d be relieved that he’s not really the kind of person painted in the press or the idiot stuck in this absurd situation. But if you were a better person, you wouldn’t have sent this message at all, so I have no hope for you. 

Oh, just so you know…”inside” information is what some people happen to hear/be told in their everyday life when living or working in certain places. It’s not something you pretend or eat or make little drawings of. It’s also very easy to verify and it takes a second when you’re used to it to spot a lie. But I wouldn’t want to open too complicated topics that require complex mental webs, yeah?

Being a good person is easy and should come to you naturally, get over it.


Hi, I’m Julie! I’m 18 and I’m from the northwest U.S. All my favorite things start with P… pizza, pasta, Pentatonix, pcolorguard.
I’ve been a Pentatonix fan for over a year but I’ve only been in the fandom for about 3 months.

I love them all but I’m especially obsessed with Scott whoops

Someday when I’m not broke af I’m going to get a Light in the Hallway tattoo

I like talking to people so feel free to send me a message or something



So… apparently, Nintendo is being a bunch of asses and deleting peoples stuff on tumblr. I don’t know how true this is, since I’m hearing it from a friend fo mine, but apparently Nintendo porn (or just fanart overall, from what I’ve heard) is being deleted, or accounts put in shit or something.

Right then. Way to go Nintendo! Way to stifle the creativity of your fanbase.

Also, lmfao. The idea of cutting out porn art of ANYTHING is absolute bullshit. Oh yeah, let’s try and stop something we have no power over!

Porn will happen of characters if people want it, and there is nothing that can be done about it. So suck it up. Tumblr is NOT your fucking domain. It is NOT Something that is owned by Nintendo.

Oh well. I’ll still be drawing Rosa, but won’t post them to my Tumblr. They’ll just be on my site and other places.

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