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0548 sounds like fifty shades of grey (except for maybe the "intelligent woman" bit)

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LOL! I love it anon. I hadn’t really thought about how close it was to Fifty Shades of Ambiguous Consent, but when I make prompts I have a little story in my mind that goes along with the prompts–that certainly wasn’t it (especially since intelligent was included)! Ha!

Keep shading, anon!~

  • Them: Otayuri isn't real and Yuri!!! on Ice is about Victuuri!
  • Kubo-sensei: *releases official art featuring Otabek and Yurio definitely not going on a date and sharing music and art featuring Otabek and Yurio definitely not wearing the same shirt and living it up in Japan.*
  • Me: You're so right, fam.
  • Brain: you should go to bed soon you have early adult responsibilities
  • Me: that sounds like a pretty good idea
  • Brain: but time is an illusion and you can survive on very little sleep
  • Me: that's contradictory
  • Brain: you can go to work completely sleep deprived and even slightly high/drunk... you're fine
  • Me: ....
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: life may not be real so you're probably right

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*Reblogs your post about inner fanwars like 10+ times because AMEN SON, AMEN*👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 you're so right, I can't believe this is happening, it's like a big facepalm when all could be flowers and love in such a beautiful fandom :1

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You’re welcome FAM <3 And yes BTS are 7 flowers that when interacting can give us:


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NAMSEOK (And more)

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Let’s start peace within the fandom. Ship who you want while RESPECTING the fact that others have the liberty to do the same too. And only then ARMYs will be a fandom that everyone will want to join. Because Just as the image of BTS is importent for their prosperity. The image of their fandom must be just as good. And who makes this fandom? It is you and me and us. So think about it twice before you start hating on a brother or a sister next time. 

As for me I will keep enjoying THIS (And you are welcome to join me^^): 

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Thanks for the ask ^^ (If I forgot your ship tell me and I will add it <3)

100% agree

@honeypixiebaby i’m sorry you’re having to deal first hand w people that like this show! i’ve only seen a few people floating around online, but yeah! I saw that they violated those guidelines as well, they just really did not care abt the people this would actually affect and i hate that this is the first look some people are gonna get at mental illness and that the target audience of it is so young too