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squishy-j3llyfish asked:

I'm kinda confused about Sickday Short so was Oikawa kinda like sleep walking but with sexy times or was he awake but out of it because he was sick? Or maybe it's neither and i'm the only one whose confused. Btw your art is so amazing and it makes me want to cry because each one deserves so much more notes, and i love how realisstic they look and ugh its so beautiful!

Ahhhh yes, I’ve been waiting for this ask. I hope you don’t mind if I publish it.

The premise is that Oikawa’s got a fever he’s currently trying to sleep off. The medicine he’s on, combined with the weirdly hyper sensitized dreams you get when you’re really sick, combined with teenage hormones kinda equaled out to this muddy, fuzzy, wet dream that he crawled back to consciousness from. 

It’s a similar situation to that moment right before you wake up and can control your dreams. Or at least, that’s what he thought it was. Then he promptly snapped himself out of it after hearing Iwaizumi’s voice, which is where we are now.

It has been confusing to show this all from Iwaizumi’s perspective with minimum dialogue. To clarify what’s currently going on (some spoilers for upcoming updates) Oikawa’s going to be feeling really, really mortified, I mean, who wouldn’t in that situation. Iwaizumi, for his part, has just woken up to all these sensations, and thinks Oikawa’s mistaken him for his ex-girlfriend. There’s a lot of embarrassment riding on this moment, and we’ll see how they communicate through it.

I hope this helped answer the question! 

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I'm not good at saying the right things, but I want to say something comforting (also you don't follow me, we don't know each other really so I'm afraid you will think this is weird). I'm sorry you are having a rough time. I had a lot of shitty times when I was 21 and I just hope things get better for you. You are so talented and beautiful and you deserve the world. Don't be too hard on yourself for not doing things when you are sick, that's okay to not be able to. You'll figure things out.

Hey, this isn’t weird at all, thank you very much.

This means a lot to me, actually, and I’m very grateful and happy that you sent this. I hope I continue to be a cool person in your web experience (y)


aw.. thanks guyz.. so far anons been kind to me and i’m happy this is my first time i received this much “ask”  ( i’m not crying

…and to the last anon.. (and whoever want to get to know me or talk to me about Horimiya or anything) please, my ask box is welcome to anybody! (^_^)/ dont be shy, i won’t bite! (only Hori does that) 


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really now? and what would our lovely princess like for her birthday~? -zyx

our lovely princess. what are you doing to me. what am i feeling right now oh my god i can’t with this –

can i just stick to your princess? let me have this glorious day. ♕

as cheesy as it may seem, all i want for my birthday is you. ♥