I wish life was like a playlist, so I could prepare a light-hearted song after a sad one

for ohhunism

Pros and Cons of Pitch Perfect 2 (spoilers duh)


all the bisexual-ness



Benji and Jesse being the best boyfriends ever

The Green Bay Packers

The incredibley attractive people in Das Sound Machine

The Obamas

Bumper on The Voice


The Bella’s international performance

Jesse yelling “Be-caw”

Basically the whole movie was great


Not enough scenes with Jesse and Beca

I’m signal boosting this for liddym2113, who’s going through hell right now.


Okay, so I was thinking. Even though the last few months have been really shitty and full of bullshit, something good has come out of it. This part of the fandom, the ones who believe Larry and Ziam are real relationships and Zayn leaving is a stunt, has come together to form a tight knit community, that is safe for LGBTQIA+ people AND PoC, also people of non-Christian religions especially Islam, unlike pretty much all of the rest of the fandom. So, I just wanted to thank you all for being amazing. We’re like a family now, that’s bonded over a band that is so full of bullshit, but we love them anyway. I love you all, stay extraordinary!

bellarkesupernova asked:

You just did this for me so my turn! Kara is my name, but I also answer to 'Bellarke Trash' (which is my main ship). BTVS was my first fandom! 3 things: I'm double-jointed in my arms, I'm a cat person, and I love reading:) I follow you for the John Murphy/The 100 and I would only unfollow you if you stopped tagging me in Slayer Trash things (jk no I would never unfollow you because you are awesome!!)<3

HI KARA!!!! Bellarke Trash is good. I am Murphy trash and Slayer Trash and Murphamy trash (honestly I’m kind of okay with any pairing in the 100, just give these poor people some happiness). BUUUUUFFY IS LIFE BUFFY IS LOVE BUFFY IS EVERYTHING. That’s so coooool. My fingers are double-jointed. It grosses people out. Definitely more of a dog person, but I tolerate cats, some of them are pretty cool. I wish I read more. Keep reading!! I’m trying to get back into the habit. I WILL ALWAYS TAG YOU IN SLAYER TRASH THINGS I PROMISE! <33333 YOU’RE AMAZING, KARA!

I just want to toss out a quick thank you to the Atlantis fandom for being full of such amazing people. It’s incredibly rare to find a fandom who is so accepting, upbeat, and not completely torn apart by shipping wars. Even with Atlantis getting cancelled, we’ve all rallied to make the end of the series the best ending possible, and the amount of support and love going around is overwhelming. You guys are all really sweet, awesome, accepting people, and season three or not I look forward to being part of this fandom for a long, long time.