people who pin a tweet with their amazon wish list on twitter saying “Buy me stuff” are literally the worst

Me: *grabs a roll of duct tape on my way up to my room*

My sister: *accusatorially* What are you doing with that?

Me: …I’m going to tape something?

My sister: *follows me upstairs*

Me: What are you doing?

My sister: Making sure you don’t massively screw up whatever you’re going to do with that tape and possibly break something or injure yourself.

Me: It’s just tape, how could I possibly–


stuaxt asked:

ALEX, MEREDITH, CHRISTINA (because you are my person *cries*), ARIZONA, GEORGE!

guess my top ten characters

  1. the vampire diaries: elena gilbert by stuaxt
  2. the 100: clarke griffin by stuaxt
  3. orphan black: helena … and sarah manning by deathsnovelty
  4. nikita: alexandra udinov and also nikita mears bc i cannot choose by stuaxt
  5. vampire academy: rose hathaway by stuaxt
  6. teen wolf: allison argent … and malia tate by stuaxt
  7. grey’s anatomy: GREYS IS A TRICK QUESTION TBH BC I LITERALLY LOVE EVERYONE alex karev, meredith grey, cristina yang, arizona robbins, also callie torres and izzie stevens and jo wILSON an EVERYONE FUCKING EVERYONE ALRIGHT by stuaxt
  8. one tree hill: brooke davis by stuaxt
  9. bloodlines.
  10. arrow.

Making fun of somebody because of their ex-whatever is never okay, even if you both agree the ex was an asshole or the ex didn’t deserve them it doesn’t matter that person obviously had feelings for their ex at one time and you overlook flaws when you really like someone and even though they might see the flaws in their ex now or see their true personalities now you shouldn’t make fun of them for it because they saw that person as someone else when they were dating it isn’t their fault they saw something in them that you didn’t see!!!!!!!!!