“People won’t like you if you talk social justice. It’s annoying.”

Well…okay…but it’s hard not to when I’m talking about my life. I’m female, pansexual, grew up in a trailer park… I have the privilege never to experience racism, but I’ve seen my best friends, people I consider my family, going through bullshit and fearing for their safety in this country - and that makes me want to speak out with them on their behalves. I’m able-bodied, but my mother, my sole guardian growing up, is mentally and physically chronically ill, so I’ve witnessed this country’s failures in healthcare firsthand. I wouldn’t have gone to college without government aid and working my ass off for scholarships, and I wouldn’t have an apartment away from an abusive environment if I didn’t pay for it myself - I’ve had a ton of amazing luck financially, but it’s not something I can take for granted.

I’m not trying to “crusade” most of the time. But apparently opening my mouth and telling my story and my best friends’ stories and my family’s story is “antagonistic” or “uncomfortable” and makes me a shrieking harpy of social justice.


Yes, I believe passionately in things like affordable housing and immigration reform and universal healthcare and being able to walk outside without fearing assault and I’m passionate because it’s real for me and people I love.

My passion and my loudness come out of love and empathy for those oppressed and those in need - not hatred or “anger” towards you. So if you’ve never been hungry, stop and think about why you feel threatened when I simply say everyone should have enough to eat. If you’ve never been in pain every day, don’t make it about you when I say no one should have to choose between rent and medication. If I wish more women and POC were recognized in certain fields, why do you translate it to “white men are bad”?