• Peter: [hacker voice] I'm in.
  • Tony: Kid, no. You're not supposed to say 'hacker voice'.

How I feel about “cycle”

anonymous asked:

How did you afford to travel all summer and go to all those festivals? You're literally a college kid... I would be broke lmao

Hahahaha honestly it wasn’t that hard, I even have money left over for my college tuition! I came across this app that helps you find the right job with the salary you’re looking for. It made me take a bunch of quizzes (that were honestly fun) and after I took them, it stated what jobs were best for me. I now make $18/hour and I honestly love my job. If you wanna try the app yourself, you can download it here! If you have troubles figuring out how to use the app, just message me

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how long has it been since you played? Rusty? You're kidding! That was amazing and it was adorable how excited you got! It made me super happy <3

It’s been about 6-7 years since I played and believe me, I’m far rustier than I used to be lol