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Hi again! (I'm the one who told you that you've lived inside Brian's head :D) I'm curious, beside Brian and Justin, who's your most and least favourite couple from faq? For me, I love Mel and Linz (also Gus and JR are the cutest), I love that one scene after the bombing where the family huddled together in their bed :"). The least fav for me is Em and Ted's relationship (as couple) my heart aching to see Em hurting so bad when Ted disappeared, but I adore them as friends :D

Ahhh, hello again, friend! 

This is a tough one, because I just want to say ALL OF THEM. See, I LOVE all the different types of relationships QAF showed for different reasons. Obviously, there’s Brian and Justin, but I won’t bore you with why THAT is so special to me because we’d be here all month. I love that we saw friends to lovers like Lindsay and Mel and Ted and Emmett, I love that we saw a May/December relationship like Emmett and George, I love that we had a couple who loved each other but whose timing just never seemed to align like Ted and Blake, I love that we had a relationship with an HIV+ man and a negative one like Michael and Ben, I love that we got to see an adult man coming out of the closet and having his first relationship with a man who’s been out for ages like Emmett and Drew, and I love that we had an older, affectionate couple with an active sex life like Debbie and Carl! We saw monogamous couples and non-monogamous ones, ones who wanted very traditional lifestyles and ones who bucked from the norm a bit, and none of them were treated as wrong or not as valid as another. That’s really important to me, the idea that there’s no one right or wrong way to fall in love and to be in a committed relationship. So being forced to choose is just… *pulls hair out* THEY’RE ALL JUST SO IMPORTANT TO ME. 

But okay okay. Honestly, I want to say that Lindsay/Melanie are my next favorite, because I just adore both of them so much and I love their family unit, but even though it’s no fault of their own, I feel like Cowlip didn’t do enough to really develop them or give them complex enough stories for me to truly love them in that level, you know? For me to be fully, deeply invested in a ship, I feel like I just need to have a lot of meat to sink my teeth into, and I never really felt like I got that with Melanie and Lindsay, much to my dismay. :( However, please have it on the record that I adore them both as individuals and as a couple and they are both precious cupcakes to be cherished.

So then… I don’t know. I love Ted/Blake, as they have a beautiful, aching story that has a rather poetic quality to it, but I think if I were forced to choose, I might say Michael and Ben, just because I feel like of all the ships on the show, they’re the ones we got to know as a couple the best. I love seeing how beautifully they complement each other and how they grow as a couple, plus I thought it was really meaningful to show two men in a loving relationship where one of them is positive…and once they welcomed Hunter into their home, well, my little heart sprouted wings. 

“Lol, you’re the type that doesn’t forgive infidelity.”

      “I’m sorry, I must not be up to date on trends. How is that a bad thing???