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"The people who love calling it a 'World of Hats' are doing the same disservice as the people calling Jace a 'Mary Sue'." Just because you casually dismiss it doesn't make you right, it just means you're in denial. Would randomly smashing two worlds together make them great? Of course not, nice straw man. Would Innistrad work as a secluded part of larger world? Yes, until you introduced cosmic horrors. And Jace IS a Mary Sue. Maybe not the most egregious example, but he's still a contender.

One, how am I being a straw man? What *do* Ice Age and Mirage have to do with one another? Them being on the same world is no different than us saying Kaladesh and Amonkhet are on the same world.

They weren’t designed to go together. They were designed as if they were two different worlds by two different external design teams that were working in isolation.

It is *exactly* like us taking two worlds that weren’t designed to go together and then just saying they were on the same world. That’s what happened.

Two, a Mary Sue is defined, on Wikipedia, as

“an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish-fulfillment.”

Jace is a person obsessed with information missing the knowledge of his own past. He’s horrible in a physical fight. He reluctantly became the Living Guildpact, a role he neither wants nor is good at.

He has one very awkward relationship with Liliana. He constantly bickers with Gideon who both believe they’re leading the Gatewatch. He’s a neurotic mess in almost every aspect of his life.

He lost the fight he had on Zendikar with Ob Nixilis. He lost the fight he had on Innistrad with Nahiri/Avacyn. He lost the fight he had on Amonkhet with Bolas.

How in the world is he a Mary Sue?

So if you believe that Dominaria is somehow not a hodgepodge or Jace is a Mary Sue, I would love to argue over the facts.

Your turn.

What your favorite Touhou girl says about you
  • Reimu: People might consider you pretty vanilla, but you really like Touhou and Reimu does a good job encompassing the best things about it.
  • Marisa: You're a cheerful person who likes to live life as you go, and are always ready for excitement. You like how her attitude reflects yours.
  • Sakuya: You love seeing girls kick ass and look cool doing it. Most likely a Jojo fan. Probably still salty about Touhou 10-13.
  • Ichirin: Also a Jojo fan.
  • Youmu: You're a weapons fanatic and ready to bust out your katana collection and explain in detail how Japanese smiths worked with metal. You also like nervous anime girls.
  • Reisen: Weapons fanatic also, but mostly guns. You're really into military fiction and girls in suits.
  • Yuyuko: You like beautiful ladies and you know it. You look at fanart of her a lot.
  • Remilia: You've either been reading or writing fanfiction for years, and have like 20 headcanons for her and her past.
  • Alice: You probably have one or more ships involving her, and tons of doll headcanons.
  • Yukari: You're into powerful mysterious ladies but also find it relatable how she sleeps uncaringly for months at a time.
  • Yuuka: You're either a hardcore PC-98 fan or in love with the idea of a hot lady kicking your ass.
  • Momiji: You're a furry. Don't even try to deny it.
  • Ran: See above.
  • Rin: See above.
  • Chen: See above.
  • Mamizou: See above.
  • Kagerou: See above.
  • Aunn: See above.
  • Flandre: You discovered Touhou through the Ronald McDonald video, and most likely thought she was a crazy yandere chick at some point. You really want to leave your past behind you.
  • Byakuren: You probably like latex, and older women. Or motorcycles. Maybe all of these things. You either think she's pure and too good for this world, or disagree with her entirely but can't bring yourself to dislike her.
  • Kanako: You're definitely into older women. You want to be stepped on.
  • Utsuho: You like science fiction, huge-titted ditzy girls, or both.
  • Patchouli: You think she's relatable, because she's a shut-in who hates social interaction and just wants to be left alone.
  • Sumireko: See above.
  • Koakuma: You have enough headcanons to validate liking an unnamed enemy more than any other girl. Probably involved in RP or fanfiction.
  • Rumia: You watched Osana Reimu and cried. A lot.
  • Cirno: You like every Touhou meme and Chirumiru is your ringtone.
  • Medicine Melancholy: You have never wanted to give somebody a hug so badly in your entire life.
  • Junko: See above.
  • Koishi: You're either into adorable cute fluffy sparkly things, or gory horror. Probably both.
  • Sanae: God you just want an anime waifu already
  • Mokou: Probably gay, weak to ripped clothes, and faints at the mere thought of her. Probably consider her the most relatable 2hu.
  • Kaguya: You're sick of arguing with Mokou fans.
  • Raiko: Gay.
  • Yuugi: Definitely gay.
  • Clownpiece: You're most likely from America. You shitpost frequently.
  • Kasen: You've read every Touhou print work there is. When ULiL came out you wept tears of joy for three days in a row.
  • One of the Watatsuki sisters: You're tired of having to explain to people who your favorite Touhou girl actually is.
  • Iku: Yeah right, nobody's favorite Touhou is Iku.
  • Maribel and Renko: Wait, you actually exist?
  • Mima: You're most likely in denial.

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I saw a post about Yuuma eating bugs and rats and urgh. Did this really happen?! Where or when was it in the game? =_=

It’s most likely a joke… or a headcanon. The reason I say that it could be a headcanon is because the information that we factually know about Yuma from canon sources can be used to support this idea, because it seems very likely given how Yuma used to live. Here are some examples from his manga to give you an idea of how bad his circumstances were in terms of food shortages: 

^ Look carefully at his expression. He looks at the crop that he holds in his hand like it is as valuable as gold. He replies in his next line that he “enjoys eating” when Yui asks him why he still wants to eat when his body doesn’t require food like it once did. Also, when he recalls a time in his past when food was scarce, his speech showed vivid feelings about the desperate conditions and the sobering reality of poverty that he lived in. 

When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, you won’t live for long.

…even if it had been rolling all over the ground, I’d savor it.

Yuma constantly references back to his past living in the slums, a place not dissimilar to this. He was famished, and starvation psychologically drives people to eat things that most people wouldn’t even consider to put on the table, all because survival is an instinct that everyone generally has. 

Yuma’s memories and feelings about starvation from that time in his life is so ingrained in him that he never wants to run out of food – that’s why he grows a high quantity of vegetables and fruit in his garden. Even when he becomes a vampire, and thus loses the necessity to eat for sustenance and his body no longer requires human food to maintain it, he still eats for the pure joy of eating. This strongly suggests that a part of him is still human in the sense that he chooses to hold on to this part of his humanity rather than forsake it. We can also infer that he enjoys eating with his brothers because it reminds him of the times that he shared food with his gangmates, and thus, built a strong sense of brotherhood with them. It also wouldn’t be too far off to believe that providing food for his brothers is a behavior that he mimics from Lucks, and he gleans satisfaction from acting like someone he deeply admires. 

As for the likelihood of whether or not Yuma would eat bugs and rats, take this conversation between him and Yui in his MB Dark 8 route to understand just how extreme hunger affects people:

People were killing each other for food…more than you can count…

Next, we have a brief interaction in Yuma’s LE in which he dropped some bread on the ground which he picked up and ate anyway. When Yui asked him if that was okay (sanitary), Yuma’s response reflected his lack of concern about this matter. He revealed to her that when he used to live in the slums, it wasn’t uncommon for him to eat garbage left over in the streets in order to satisfy his hunger for food. He practically lived by the saying that ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ since he would eat whatever was available to him. That was how bad the circumstances he lived in. 

So to bring the focus back to the original question; while it does not explicitly state that Yuma ate bugs and rats to survive, he would most likely not be above eating them at all if there was no other food available. To us it may sound revolting, but to him, it may have been the only way he could have lived as long as he did before meeting Lucks. And even while Lucks provided food for his gang, that’s no guarantee that they had food every time. 

So yes, long answer short: It may as well be true that Yuma would eat bugs and also rats. You have to do what you can to survive. And he was determined to survive, in order to fulfill his boss’s dream. 


Actual murder husbands.

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jeremy,,, my guy,, i love you but,, michael has been displaying the most blatant gay crush on you for years you're just too in denial to see it. i promise, he loves you a lot. trust him, trust yourself, it'll turn out fine.

J: What do you mean years?! You’re saying I could’ve asked him years ago and I would’ve had a good shot?! Man, I’m bad at this crush thing…