The first time they hear each other’s voice in two years.

Lavellan stops dead in her tracks and actually almost spasms. It takes her a moment to process what she’s hearing and then she runs to him.

Solas hangs his head, pauses, and blinks a couple times before turning to her. He knew she would come but I think it still took him a moment to gather the strength to turn and face her.

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m-is-for-malice  asked:

I adore your writing!!!! How do you LIVE knowing HxH probably won't come back in the anime?! I just finished it and it's making me sad 😭

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! It makes me so happy to hear that, really TTT^TTT 

And honestly? I cope by writing fanfic of them ^^; plus it helps knowing Togashi is keeping the manga going, so it’s not like the series is totally over…just the anime unfortunately. I try to keep that in mind and it stops me from getting too upset, thankfully. Just read fanfic and watch amvs and look at fanart and then rewatch the series, that is the only cure my friend

anonymous asked:

It brings me a lot of comfort/reduced anxiety to know that supernatural will go on for at least one more season, maybe 2. But as the reality that the series is drawing to a close creeps up, I could cry thinking about letting go of this fandom and this show lol😭 It's the first fandom I've really gotten involved in and I've never been so into a show like with SPN. It's odd to think that one day there will be no new eps to flail over. In your experience, how do you move on/cope??

I haven’t really thought much about it yet. As far as I know, they have no definitive plan to end the series, so I just continue to exist in this zen little bubble of ongoing canon. :P

In all honesty, I might never move on (or cope). There’s still people talking about the original Star Trek. Still writing fic, still talking about the show, going to conventions, still actively in fandom. Why would I move on from Supernatural just because the series ends?

Hello, i returned to Animal Crossing hell again. I made a “villagesona”. Bye bye  shhhhh don’t tell anyone.