OKAY SO here are some really shoddy low effort doodles of all these barely developed, shittily designed characters that make up the initial party in the comic. Need to tag in unrealstarisananagramfor​ for the other 3 nerds, and the others (Ady/Raleigh/Lori/Dizta) aren’t in the first part of the story so I won’t delve into them right now.

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Rule 47

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Thanks to yourenotascoolasyouthink who read this and made sure most of it makes sense - I think.

Part Nineteen


“So then I told Angela and Max that we could swing around on Monday and…”

Grace nods, but doesn’t hear much else. She could blame it on the storm, but there are a dozen other, more accurate reasons she knows are true. 

Grace blames it on the storm

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All she wants is to kiss her, but she hesitates, still doesn’t know what Laura actually wants. “Am I… Am I allowed to kiss you?”

A lot of people have been arguing that in episode 36, when Carmilla stands up and just tests the waters if Laura backs off, was non-verbally asking for consent. She doesn’t shut her up with a kiss, but waits till she stops rambling and then leans in. Since in this period of time they needed to be more straight-forward, we paralleled this moment of ‘asking for consent’ by literally just asking. 


And in the end, I realize that all good things must come to an end, as I feel us slowly drifting apart. I know you notice it too, but neither of us act upon it. Is it because we both secretly wanted it to end, or just you?
—  May 25: Late Night Thoughts

miraikei no answer ❤️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘

kagakuro more like bokutachi no monogatari!!

for the height difference theme from the kagakuro60min challenge on tumblr!