• Hoseok : I don’t think I'm as good as I used to be
  • Namjoon : Yeah
  • Hoseok : Come on you don’t even know the context here
  • Namjoon : All I know is you're not as good at using your brain anymore because you're clearly bullshitting here
  • Hoseok : What do you mean?
  • Namjoon : *sigh* What's your name?
  • Hoseok : ..Jung Hoseok..?
  • Namjoon : That's why what you said at first is automatically bullshit

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Stop writing ffxv character/oc fics. Stop writing ffxv character/reader fics. People read fanfic because we want to read about the characters we love, not your stupid self-insert fantasies. Go to Wattpad if that's the kind of bullshit you're into.

Now this certainly wasn’t something I wanted to wake up to.  Now you see my dear sweet misguided soul, there are a few things wrong in your argument, and you also lack quick a bit of support.  Now sit back and relax, my friendo, because I’m about to 1-3-1 this thing because you need to get schooled. 

“People read fanfic because we want to read about the characters we love” My dude you literally….like….BRO, my dude, my friend, you are exactly right.  And that is exactly why people write character/reader and character/OC fics!  Because it’s another way in which we can see and read about our favorite characters.  Telling people to stop writing these sort of fics that, from your message – you seem to genuinely dislike – is the same as, say I, told the other part of the community to stop writing character/character fic because we want to read about the characters we love.  Do you see how what you’re saying is hypocritical?  I do hope so.   

I would also like to take this time to give you a not so gentle reminder that you don’t have to read anything you don’t want to. If you would rather read stories that have to do strictly with relationships between canon characters then that is perfectly fine and nobody is going to stop you from looking for that enjoyment.  In turn, however, you should be considerate and let others – the people that enjoy reading and writing character/oc or character/reader – do as they so choose.  

Now, you also stated “Your stupid self-insert fantasies”.  If I’m not mistaken, and I’m most confident that I am not, any and all fanfic is a fantasy.  Heck, the canon characters that you love so much are a fantasy.  Actually, and I hope I’m not spoiling some Santa like secret for you, but those characters are OCs.  Thus, all anyone is doing when writing new OCs is adding to the verse that their favorite story is placed in, and how cool is that?  These people love this story so much that they put time and effort into thinking up this completely new character, and   because a new character is more than what they look like and their attitude. A new character also involves how they change the dynamics of a group, how well they may or may not get along with already created characters.  That deserves, in and of itself, the exact opposite of hate.  It deserves praise and congratulations.  And yes, constructive criticism is occasionally needed, especially to help make a writer better in their craft, but that’s part of the learning experience.  

So, I hope I’ve gotten my point across about why your argument for character/oc and character/reader writers to fuck on outta this joint holds no water.  If someone wants to write on here, or AO3, or Wattpad, then that’s there decision.  It’s not the decision of an entitled  jerk, who is only stating this rude opinion because they’re hiding behind the anon button.  Now, I assume the reason you sent this to me in the first place is because you saw my answer to the anon that asked about my opinion on this stuff.  So, I would like to reiterate one more time that I will support ANY and ALL OCs, and I will be on the proverbial front line, ready to defend them and their creators.

Racial slurs do not “slip out”

I hear y'all whining about this bullshit, and lemme tell you: anyone who says a racial slur in the heat of the moment has used that slur before.

It doesn’t matter that he was angry. It never matters if they were angry. No matter how angry people get, they don’t use words that are not in their normal vocabulary.

The fact that the ‘n’ word was dropped means two things: one, that word has been said by that gamer before. Probably often, when the cameras are normally turned off. And two, he’s COMFORTABLE saying it, because when you’re angry, you stop thinking about your words.

That word should not be a part of his vocabulary. But it clearly is. If anything, that makes his 'slip’ all the more telling.

I don’t give a shit that he was angry. I wouldn’t give a shit if his opponent was actually defacating on his computer while hurling insults at him. He used hateful language because he wanted to insult and demean someone, not because he was just 'angry’.

So if you honestly believe your friend Felix just 'accidentally’ used a racial slur 'in the heat of the moment’, I need you to either wake the fuck up or unfollow me. Because he’s a racist, and if you defend him, you’re a racist apologist–and probably racist yourself–and I don’t need you following me. Shut the fuck off and get the fuck off my blog.

I just want guys to be able to say I love you instead of this weird meaningful silence and then a hug with a back pat….like let boys say I love you casually. Let them say ‘love you’ when they hang up the phone. Let them say 'love you, be safe’ when saying goodbye to each other. Let them tease each other with 'you know you love me’. Let boys greet each other with real hugs instead of those one armed things. Just let boys show each other affection. Let boys be as soft and sweet as they want.

The fucking IRONY of Jafael fans telling Villadero/Michael fans that we’re being dramatic for saying we’re going to stop watching JTV now. The same fans who couldn’t wait to post on every JTV Facebook post or YouTube video about how they would quit the show if Jane married Michael. Literally threatening the writers to get what they wanted or they’d quit lmao. Even after the marriage when S3 started, they were doing the same thing. Now we’re being dramatic and it’s not that serious when Michael DIES. He didn’t just lose Jane or they broke up, he is actually gone from the show and our ship is destroyed. I’d say that’s way worse than simply not having your ship happen.

Us Villadero fans stuck around this show for TWO full seasons as Jennie jerked us around. Some of us have been rooting for Jane and Michael from the start and had to sit through forced Jafael for the majority of S1. Then we finally got what we wanted only for the writers to do that bullshit in S2x5 and have to wait another like 10 episodes to get them back. Now after going through all of that, then Michael almost dying, OF COURSE WE’RE FED UP.

Save your, “you can’t do that to Gina” because y’all didn’t give a damn about Gina when you all were quitting on the show way before us.

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I had a nightmare last night that I was going to be killed by some kind of eldritch abomination, and it had me cornered and I was certain I was going to get eaten, and then it called me “girl” and I was like “I’m not a girl” and then there was a 

pause in the action

while I explained my gender identity to this eldritch abomination

and at the end of the explanation, which the abomination DEFINITELY UNDERSTOOD, it gave me a particularly nasty smile and called me “girl” again and I was like

“okay, you know what, fuck you”

and punched it in the face

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Are you sure you're 30 and not 22? I find it very hard to believe this isn't something you're bullshitting about. 😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ You seriously look so young even without makeup.

Well thank you very much! I’m proud to have reached 30 and still not have a single line on my face! :p 

if you have to sit here and think your follower count validates you, then clearly you’re not in a good mindset. whether you have 4 or 4,000, you shouldn’t base your self worth on things like that, you shouldn’t see them as a number but rather as people. i love talking to my followers and meeting new people and making friends and gaining mutuals because that’s honestly what this is all about? we’re interested in the same things and i like what you make or you like what i make and we just… get along? that’s how life works and honestly i’m tired of seeing people acting petty all because they don’t have the numbers that they think makes them “popular”. trust me, that’s a very “regina george” mindset to have and no one really likes a regina george.