and they will all agree that i'm a suffocator

For herobrineawakening and randomly-awkward-fallen-angel

You don’t have to be my friend,
or stay with me until the end,
but I knew from the very start,
that you’d always hold a place in my heart.

You’ve seen me grumpy and tired,
with too much energy and wired,
been there through the good times and bad,
you know how to cheer me up when I’m sad.

Over three years we changed and grew,
perhaps as a result of what we’ve been through,
I know no matter what I do,
I can always count on you.

We’ve shared secrets and sorrows,
and many tomorrow’s,
I can share my failures and fears,
and I know you’ll always lend your ears.

It’s been a few years,
you’ve helped me through tears,
but I still cannot quite comprehend,
that someone like you could be my friend.

Perfect Insanity MA (open) [Asylum AU] [read tags for more explanation]

Mike Warren wasn’t crazy. It just wasn’t possible. He took a test to become an agent, and he was told he wasn’t crazy. The shootings hadn’t made him crazy. Seeing people die wasn’t making him crazy. He wasn’t crazy. He wasn’t insane.

The doctors were just stupid.

They had said there had never been a Graceland, that all the other agents were a figment of his mind. That wasn’t true. Graceland was real and all the agents were real. All of them.

Mike couldn’t be insane. He just couldn’t. It didn’t make sense in his mind for him to be insane. People who were insane weren’t him.

But if he thought he wasn’t insane, why was he just thrown into a padded room with a straight jacket on.

"Graceland is real!" Mike cried out to the people on the other side of the door (because he knew they were there), "You’re all lying! It’s real!"

I’m having a highly emotional flashback to watching the Spartacus series finale and realising that Agron and Nasir were both going to live.  The level of sheer unbridled joy I experienced in that moment has yet to be matched by any motion picture I have watched since, in film or TV.  I genuinely don’t believe it ever will be.


yunho & changmin 4 out of ?

i love when people try to compare anaconda and all about that bass on a feminist and body positive stand bc both of those songs are neither body positive nor feminist

My poor friend puts up with so much of my shit.

So, we were talking about how I need to catch up on a lot of stuff (like Agent Carter, wow), and how, unlike her, who will sit and marathon everything, I spend my weekends writing. And then we were talking about how I need to drag her out drinking so I can socialize and flirt rather than randomly check out the implant rep who came into the office today (he was really cute, wow) or our cute waiter at dinner, but that we’re both pretty meh on the whole concept of bar hopping because we’re old(ish). And then I joked about how I’ll just deal with my frustrations by staying home and writing dirty fanfiction. She starts cracking up and just sighs ‘Erin’ like she puts up with so much… I then comment on how that actually isn’t helping my frustrations and only making it worse, thus why she needs to come be my wing-person or else I am going to get myself into trouble. She started laughing even harder.

The people in my life put up with so much of my shit, it’s a miracle I’m not smacked upside the head on a daily basis.