\(◕ ワ ◕✿) Heeeeeeeeey


My dear Renza this poem is sappy,

And it is quite obvious my writing is, well, ….

But today is your birthday, how can I resist

from writing you something as silly as this?

How can I express my gratitude to God in the end

for giving me a very wonderful friend?

I thought, “Oh, yeah, a fun poem would do.”

(Though it may look very stupid to you) 

You’re now seventeen. Do you feel old yet?

Don’t worry; you’re so young. I saw that when we first met.

You’re beautiful, energetic, passionate, and kind.

You’re such a great writer. Always strengthening your mind.

This poem is cliché and simple, but ehhhh whatever

I hope it will make you smile and laugh forever

I think there is much more I want to tell you, no doubt

But sometimes I forget what I wanted to talk about (sorry)

So have fun. Enjoy yourself. What more can I say?

Oh wait, that’s right. I almost forgot (again): Happy birthday! :D

In honor of what is officially my favorite episode, I’ve made an AMV. From Pearl and Greg to Rose. The song is in italian, “Vivo Per Lei” (“I live for her”) which I think fits perfectly for the love of both Pearl and Greg for Rose.

Under the cut there are the lyrics in english (I left normal the parts where the male voice sings, in bold where the female voice sings, and in cursive the ones where both sings… see how precise I am) 

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I know you’re all excited about the Olympics and all, but I have something really special to share with you…my mom’s awake!!!! She’s been in the hospital for almost two weeks, and she’s been knocked out the whole time (they had to drug her so they could take care of her). But she’s awake now which means she’s one step closer to coming home!!

Let’s talk about Ruby Tandoh for one tiny second. She’s a queer woman of color who’s helping young people on a daily basis on her Twitter account and has been for years. She’s an amazing inspiration for a lot of people with eating disorders and is a huge source of positivity overall for a lot of people. (And also for the record a huge 1d fan who’s been vocally supporting them -and especially harry- for years)
Now the funny part is that you bullied her off the internet for a fucking comment about Harry Styles and you didn’t even give her a second to explain or defend herself, you just straight up all shouted ‘ruin her’ ‘sue her’ 'she’s nasty and disgusting blablabla’ without thinking twice about what you were doing because In the name of Basic Decency (apparently) it’s totally the right thing to do. Right!!!!!!
But like You!!!! of all people!!!!! ten minutes prior Louis literally said on camera a bunch of sexist comments and we all dismissed it because obviously its scripted and not him but you can’t give her the benefit of the doubt for one fucking second!!!!!!!!
Her mentions have been filled to the fucking brim with misogynist slurs for fucking hours on end. DO YOU NOT SEE THE IRONY!!!!!!! Like you’re all here preaching kindness while bullying her relentlessly in the same fucking breath!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day it doesn’t even matter whether she said it or not because (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) there are more important things than Harry Styles in this world.

You literally ran her to the fucking ground without a second thought, you don’t even know her name. Sometimes I feel like some of you get a sick enjoyment out of seeing every woman related to 1D failing and it’s honestly tragic to watch.

tl;dr crawl out of Harry’s ass for one second and grow the fuck up