I want Marcy to try and teach PB guitar please and thank you


Basically a playlist I scrambled together about Cas’ mental state in the last season(s) 

Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last
Forest Fires - Lauren Aquilina
Breathe Me - Sia
What If - Coldplay
Down - Jason Walker
Broken Toy - Keane 
Trouble - Coldplay
Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina
Sorrow - Sleeping At Last
‘O Sister - City and Colour

whoa hey!!

apologies for the month-long silence friends (yikes), y’see i recently started school again and getting into the swing of things has required most of my energy and attention ever since, because lord knows i am a dude with a notoriously poor attention span.

with that said, now that i’m starting to adapt to my new schedule, i do plan on trying to sign in more often and hopefully being a bit more active, but on weekdays i’ll probably still spend most of my time lurking. so ya :^)

PSA to all the cosplayers on my dash and in my life because a lot of you are stressing right now and my mother-hen instincts are kicking in.

  • You’re doing fine
  • The fabric you picked was the right choice, it’s going to look great
  • Yes it’s going to get delivered when it says it’s going to get delivered.
  • Put down the stitch-ripper. Walk away for ten minutes. Come back calmer.
  • Yes the color is close enough to your reference material.
  • No I don’t think anyone will notice.
  • It’s alright that you fudged authenticity on that piece.
  • It’s alright that you over-did it on authenticity on that other piece.
  • You’re not going to let anyone down.
  • I believe in you.
  • Remember to eat and sleep.
  • You’re doing fine.
  • Better than fine.
  • You’re going to be amazing.

“I remember Geoff telling me, we should hire this Ray guy, and I said, do you think this guy’s worth it? do you think he should come work for us? and all Geoff said was, I think that guy is going to be more popular than the rest of us in about a year.”

             ↳happy birthday, ray! (september 15th, 1989)

aim for pyjama nirvana

Congratulations on the little sister!

Fine, Great
  • Fine, Great
  • Modern Baseball
  • You're Gonna Miss It All

“I hate worrying about the future
Cause all my current problems are based around the past
And I hate when you call me late at night
Just to check in to make sure I got nothing to be sad about
But it’s alright
And I’m okay
I won’t need your help, anyway
Ah, well
I hate having to think about my future
When all I wanna do is worry about everyone but me”