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My new beartooth shirt is fucking amazing 

This is what a blessing looks like. 

  • Yoosung: Hey Seven, why does Zen look so depressed?
  • 707: Oh, he’s just heart broken because his other half left him.
  • Yoosung: Huh?? MC left him?! Why??
  • 707: No, the mirror in his room broke.

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hello would you be interested in shipping ramsay bolton & jon snow?

random person that isn’t colleen || @watcherandshield

🐧 . hello person !! oh you see if you want to ship Jon Snow & Ramsay Bolton you’re going to have to pay me :


shipping is going to be : $20 : cause ramsay ain’t some cheap whore.

smut is going to be : $50 — cause On the real i’m having to make time to look at dicks and search ever dirty thing known to man kind. ( my computer is going to have different tabs of smut. like omfg. it’s probably gonna get HIV ) he’s not just GOING to drop to his knees to suck for free, like are you kidding me ?

if you just wanna cuddle: that’s $10. you cuddle whore you.


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You know, it's been nearly 9 months since our first fateful meeting, and ever since, my life has had more happiness and light because of you. Cheers, to more years to come. Happy birthday my dear, I love you. ///// <33333

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& can you not check up on my kp blog? it just contradicts your not wanting to do with me. you may however think of me late at night when you want to bust a quick nut lmfao. that is allowed as well as CUMmend. Claudio says "Lorenzo amico mio ma che cosa hai combinato "

can we all just take a moment to appreciate this piece of modern art

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This is a talented writer award. Send this to your favourite writers to show them that you appreciate their work!

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🐧 . Wuuuuuuut omfg ;-; FOR ME !! fkgdkddklgshdghsjkfsjgshjk omfg bless @ your lovely soul, though. LIKE ??????? jUST i cannot deal ;u; you are a lovely widdo snowflake & i crey at this. it make my entire daaaay. okay? okay. like just :’) thank you for this friend !!! 

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it’s cold out.

.three word meme. (accepting)

                         Robert very well could have pulled an “I told you so” on Judy, having told her to bring a jacket, but what kind of guy would he be to do that? So instead he snuck off to a vendor nearby, selling hot cider, and was back before she could have noticed he was gone. Here, take this. It should warm you up, and if not, He paused as he handed her the drink, giving her a sly wink before saying, I could always hold you in my arms. I hear sharing body heat is the best way to get warm quickly.

Dating Jungkook:

- him looking at you like that^ :))

- you not really being in the fucking mood to do anything that requires moving so he picks you up and carries you over his shoulders

- him noticing you getting jealous over presents fans give him so he gets you cute little stuffed animals to make you feel better

- you’re still kinda upset so he makes you laugh by saying, “don’t you think it looks like jimin hyung”

- putting his chin on your shoulder while you’re sitting down working on something, then kisses you when you turn around 

- asking him what that was for but only responds with his lil bunny smile

- trying to wake him up in the morning by shaking/hitting/slapping him, but he ends up just pulling you in bed with him

- you trying to escape but he’s too fucking strong so you just give up and fall asleep next to him

- him nuzzling his face into your neck and smiling as if he won

- you getting annoyed at him “ignoring” you due to him being so focused on his work

- him awkwardly trying to make it up by getting you corny things like flowers and chocolate

- you forgiving him anyway bc the poor boy is just trying so hard. he’s suffered enough

- playing games only children in elementary school would find entertaining

- jam sessions

- endless hours of video game sessions

- him becoming quiet afterwards since you always win

- letting him win the next few rounds out of pity

- you always wondering if he cares for you as much as you do for him but in reality his phone is running low on storage space due to countless pictures/videos of you

- freely expresses his feelings to you, shares his struggles and thoughts bc he trusts you, and you always know what to say to make him feel better


- annoying lip synching to random songs like the losers you are

- visiting him at the studio, always bringing food for him and the rest of the members

- thanks you by hugging you with his sweaty ass self

- you trying to disgustedly shake him off but later giving in because you secretly love it

- falling asleep on his shoulders, him falling asleep on your head

- the members using this glorious opportunity to take countless of pictures at the ugliest angles for future blackmail purposes

- going out to eat at whichever place has the least people since y’all are always fucking hungry and will eat anything

- not a lot of obvious couple items, but maybe small ones like a ring or bracelet

- both of you smiling into kisses

- kisses you while you’re talking

- karaoke starting off as a serious competition but later being complete idiots to the point that the other members have to come in and tell you to shut the fuck up

- teaches you dance moves and lowkey starts showing off when you get them right away bc everything is a competition to this kid lmao

- attempting to art but n o p e

- him making fun of you for it

- slapping him multiple times bc he fucking asked for it

- trying to cook but accidently setting off the smoke alarm so you rush out to the farthest restaurant before jin beats both of your asses

- night before he leaves to go overseas, warn him not to flirt with any girls but he gets cocky af

- “I don’t know jagi.. I’m really good looking you know”

- “okay, let’s break up then?”