you're worth the fight

You Know What I Want?

If all video games are going to go the MMO route, and we’re all doomed to play some version of Overwatch/Destiny/SuperMegaShootingBattle for the rest of time, can we PLEASE have a Clone Wars MMO?

LIke, I know that SWTOR is a thing that exists but I don’t want to play EA’s extended KOTOR Part 3 Now With Even Less Logic AND New Sith Villains That You Never Knew Existed!

I also know Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Imperial Boogaloo is coming out and while that’s going to have Clones and maybe Jedi (and apparently Darth Maul shooting down Yoda? WTF?) that’s not totally what I want.

I want something simple. You pick Republic or Separatist. Jedi or Clone. And I’m sure there are variations that go from there from like ARC trooper, to medic, to I dunno. Stuff! *hand waves* Jedi can borrow from KOTOR or add shadows or whatever. I’m not picky.

And then you go out and you fight the goddamned Clone Wars.

You shoot an endless barrage of droids. You fight and fight and you try not to let the others in your party get killed. You protect your clones with all your might because they’ve got ammo and numbers (and they’re YOUR MEN, damnit.) and you have one tiny plasma chainsaw and some very nice linen for armor.

I want to be a part of the assault on Geonosis or Umbara. I want to be in the skies trying to lay down cover so General Crazypants and his sidekick General Nutjob (now with Adorable Mascot Commander Takes-No-Shit-From-Anybody) can pull of another ridiculous attempt to save the Republic from Count Dooku.

I know that I won’t get something like this because the people in charge of Star Wars want to make money and the Current Generation That Has Money has a serious boner for All Things Original Trilogy and Ewww! Prequels but this is what I want.

I want a Clone Wars MMO.

I hope you ate something today. I hope you took care of yourself today. I hope you’re doing okay.

But I also want you to know that it’s okay if you’re struggling. It’s okay if you relapsed. It’s all going to be okay.

But please don’t give up. One day you will understand why you had to fight so hard.
Keep going.

  • Annelyse: You don't think I can fight because I'm a girl.
  • Raydan: I don't think you can fight because you're wearing a dress. For all that's worth, I don't think Dom could fight in that dress either.
  • Dom: Perhaps not, but I'd make a radiant woman.

It doesn’t matter if you are sick and tired of always doing the “right” thing, keep doing it anyway. Fight as long and hard as is necessary. It’ll be worth it at some point in the future. Not necessarily immediately, but at some point. Believe in yourself. You’ve got this

I’ve never been simple.
I’m a full time job.
If you can’t put in the time,
Don’t bother trying.

I’ve never tried lying,
I have no reason to hide it.
If you can survive the war,
I promise I’m worth the fight.

—  K.N.B.

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Your request being open again??? a blessing. Can you please maybe do My Boy Jason Todd + "You're worth any fight" and/or "They way you said "I love you" - with a shuddering gasp". Your writings are amazing!!

When they caught you, you had been walking back to your apartment from class. It wasn’t a van that rolled up beside you; but a black suburban filled to the brim with stoic faced men with pistols they pointed at you.

“We don’t want a fight or to hurt you so get in.”

So you had, following their directions like Jason always told you to do. Just in case, he’d stressed to you over and over again. I don’t want you getting hurt, so it’s best to do what they want you to do.

To be fair, it hadn’t been the worst kidnapping that could have happened in Gotham city. Granted, you’re almost positive they’ve cracked one of your ribs and one eye is glued shut with blood. There’s worse they could have done to you and that’s why when they bring you a tray of food you don’t start talking back like you want to.

You’re not sure how long they have you, but it’s long enough for the pain in your side to really start hurting. But you’re not surprised when a body comes flying through the door of the room with a vengeance. You scoot back on the mattress they’ve left you on, fully intending on hot being caught in the crossfire.

“Hey baby, I’ve missed you,” you croak as Jason steps into the room, the little bit of light filtering into the room glinting off of his helmet.

He’s quiet as he bends down to look at you, things smooth leather of his gloves barely touching your swollen eye.

“Did they do anything else?” He asks; you can hear the double meaning in his voice.

“I think they kicked in one of my ribs but it shouldn’t be anything that Alfred can’t fix up.”

He helps you stand, leads you out of the house you’ve been being kept in. Dead bodies litter the floor, the blood running in rivulets across the linoleum soak into the white rubber of your shoes. In the light, you can see the bullet holes in the wall, feel the way Jason’s walking with a slight limp.

“Damn Jason, this was a hell of a fight.”

His grip on you tightens as the two of you duck out into the bright sunlight.

“You’re worth any fight.”

Satan and Me inspired asks
  • Satan: Is there anything you'd sell your soul for?
  • Natalie: What do you think your greatest strength is?
  • Michael: Anything you're self-conscious about?
  • Gabriel: Do you tend to keep reminders of things that happen?
  • Uriel: What is a belief you have that you will not change?
  • Raphael: What kind of soul do you think you have?
  • Zadkiel: Ideal weapon of choice in a fight?
  • Chamuel: Do you like/love anyone?
  • Jophiel: Any unhealthy habits?
  • Sheila: Do you have a hard time letting go of grudges?
  • Ipos: Are you good at keeping secrets?
  • Pax: Have you ever gotten into a fight?
  • Felix: What is something you like but deny every time?
  • Anthea: What is something you're very protective over?
  • Laila: Have you lost anyone that means a lot to you?
  • Mike P: Do you play any sports?
  • Max: Sexual orientation?
  • Kristi: Is there anything you're afraid of?
  • War: What do you believe is worth fighting for?
  • Pestilence: Is there anything that particularly disgusts you?
  • Death: Are you afraid of death?
  • Titus: Have you ever done anything bad because you thought you were right?
  • Jericho: Is there anything you obsess over?
  • Shopkeep: What annoys you?
"You do something to me that I can't explain." & "It reminded me that you're worth the fight." - Seth Rollins

Requested by @panda-girl1999
It’s a sequel to this request: “It wouldn’t have worked out anyway.”

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Years gone by and I watched Seth closely. He still calls me every now and again to let me know that he hasn’t forgot about me.
I watched him grow into the man he is today. When he was crowned the first NXT Champion, I was there, cheering on him.
When he made his first appearance in the main roster with The Shield, I almost had a heart attack because I was so happy for him. And when he won Money In The Bank, I was jumping for joy.

It has been four years since Seth and I parted ways. Things started to change and I can’t blame him. He’s on his route to stardom and sometimes you’re just too busy and forget to think of your old friends. That’s ok with me because I know how much he wanted this life. Sometimes I’m just worried if he wants too much, too soon.

My friends set me up on a blind date with a guy called Daniel, thinking I could need a distraction from Seth. Little did they know that when Seth went away, he took a part of me with him. Sometimes I wished he would return that part to me so I could be free again. Needless to say, the blind date back fired. Daniel and I, we got along, but more like buddies. He’s into wrestling as much as I am and when I told him that I used to know Seth Rollins, he was impressed.
When Seth called one night, I told him about Daniel and how we met.
“I’m glad you found someone to keep you busy.” he said on the phone, sounding hurt. It was also the first time he hung up on me without saying goodbye.

The surprise came when Seth send me a ticket to WrestleMania 31. He included a plane ticket and hotel reservations with a note saying:
“Dear Y/N, I know WrestleMania is on your birthday. I want you to come to Cali and we can celebrate together. I might have a couple of surprises up my sleeve. Love always, Seth”
My heart races and I am looking forward to meeting him again. It has been too long since last Christmas when he came back to see his family and we met for drinks.

When I arrive at the hotel, it was already packed with fans from all over the world. Seth told me that he has to do promos the whole day and also after the show but he’ll come and meet me later and that I should stay up. He knows how I tend to fall asleep early.

Seth invited his parents along and I was happy to see some familiar faces when I was looking for my seat. I was so glad I didn’t have to go through the show alone. We cheered on him together and cried for him when he lost against Randy. I hate to see him hurt and as I looked over to his family, they probably didn’t enjoy the sight as well.
The show nears the end when Roman and Brock got into the ring to claim the World Heavyweight Championship belt. Just when I thought Roman was going to take that belt home, Seth’s music hit and I was shook. I saw him running across the stage with his suitcase.
“Y/N, did you know about this?” his mom turned to ask me.
“I didn’t. Hasn’t he told you?” I asked her back and she just shook her head in amazement.
When Seth defeated Roman and held the belt in his hands, his family was overjoyed and jumped around and I think a single tear might have run down my face. That was the surprise he was talking about, I guess.

Back in the hotel room I was trying hard to stay awake, browsing through the TV channels until there was a knock at the door. Seth was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. I let him in.

“I’m sorry, I’m one day late. Happy Birthday.” he said, as he bent down to hug me and plant a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Aww. Not a problem. Congrats, World Heavyweight Champion.” I smiled at him, as I took a seat on foot of the bed.

“So, let’s cut the chase and get to the bottom. I don’t want to waste more time.” Seth said, pacing around the tiny hotel room. He clearly was nervous or maybe it’s just the adrenaline still flowing through his veins. He continues to speak.

“Look, Y/N, I’ve invited you here because I wanted to see you. Seeing you does something to me, that I can’t explain. Remember when I told you that I’d come back for you? Not having you around for those years reminded me that you’re worth the fight and I am ready for it. I fought endless battles to be where I am today but it means nothing if I’m not able to enjoy it with you. I love you so damn much and I always told myself that I am not going to go back until I’ve made a name for myself. I didn’t want you thinking you were giving up on me for nothing. I wanted to make you proud and now..Now, I am ready to move back and fight for you. For us. If you still want me, that is. Do…do you?” He kneeled down in front of me, both hands resting on my knees while he looks up at me with his puppy eyes.
I had to turn away because my tears are flowing freely and I don’t want to make a fool out of myself. He cupped my chin with one hand and make me look at him.

“What do you say?” he asked me, eyes fixed on my puffy face.

I nodded my head yes and brought my hands up to cup his face. Making my hands wander around his beard, touching his cheeks, god I missed him. I kissed him softly and he sneaked his arms around my waist, holding me tight.

  • Jem: Tessa, do it as a favor to me, could you?
  • Tessa: You don't think I can fight because I'm a girl.
  • Jem: I don't think you can fight because you're in a dress. For what it's worth I don't think Will could fight in that dress either.
  • Will: Perhaps not, but I would make a radiant bride.

you can feel an actual tangible difference when you’re prayerful and making an effort staying connected to God and when you’re disregarding your time with the Lord and just letting yourself get lost in all the swirls of life

i know life can get so busy, but take a moment and rekindle that connection. i promise you it’s going to make everything so much better. let Him be the center of it all and He will guide you in all things. be a part of the great adventure with God–you don’t want to miss out on it!