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fun fact about hades: he was often called by the name πλούτων (wealth-giver) to avoid using his actual name, since he was a terrifying god and nobody wanted to call on him. his roman equivalent, dis, may have a similar etymology; cicero relates it to dives (wealthy), comparing it to the greek.

so, hades may be the terrifying ruler of the underworld, but we might as well slap his emo ass on a game of monopoly, because he’s basically the rich uncle pennybags of the ancient pantheon

Onstage in Broadway’s Hamilton, Chris Jackson is the only person who gets to boss Lin-Manuel Miranda around—his towering George Washington refers to Miranda’s Hamilton as “son” and gives orders that, even when Hamilton doesn’t like it, he abides. But backstage, the creator and star of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Hamilton is the one in charge, right?

Well, actually, “I’m still probably the only person who can fuss with Lin and he’ll listen,” Jackson says. “But he doesn’t listen that well.”

—  Chris Jackson talks to Vanity Fair
4/29/16 (x)