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Sweet little pumpkin ~ an alternative

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In honour of Omelia fluff week, I’ve decided to make an alternative version for my “Sweet little pumpkin” series. In the Original series, Amelia got shot by robbers, and experienced a placental abruption. It was all angsty and stuff, buuuuuuut let’s say….

It’s gonna be a lot fluffier now.

37 weeks
The first thing Amelia did when she got home, was drop down on the couch, and put Orange is the new black on.
She had days sometimes… Sometimes, she really wanted to kill Bailey.
The woman had sended her on early maternity leave, because her OB had adviced that.  The man had said she had a high blood pressure, and trouble breathing, so, after he had had a talk with Bailey, the woman had basically kicked her out of the hospital. No way she was going to listen to that.
“Baby, I’m gonna be very happy when you’re out,” Amelia murmled to her belly. “I am doing okay, and none of those arrogant prickheads in the hospital can change that.”
While Amelia got herself to four episodes of OITNB, their little girl used her uterus as her personal boksing ring, and she knew it would be another sleepless night. Just when she sat back down on the couch, Owen arrived home.
“Hey, how is it possible you’re home already? If you’d sended a text, I would have brought stuff to make dinner with me.”
“Would I be able to keep my job, if I murdered my OB?”
Owen leaned over the couch, and looked right into his girl her eyes.
“Should I be worried?”
“The ass went to Bailey, and told her it was better if she would send me on early maternity leave. The woman doesn’t understand-”
Owen sat down at the other end of the couch, took her feet into his lap, and started to massage them. The last few weeks, she had Always been grumpy when her feet hurt, so he hoped this would help.
“Better?” Owen asked. Amelia, who was very convinced of the fact that Owen his hands were the hands of a god, softly moaned in pleasure, and laid back in the pillows of the couch.
“Yeah….. God, thank you.”
“You know we’ve been talking about this quite often. You’re 37 weeks along, you can go into labor any minute. You should rest. That’s the best for you, and for Michelle.”
“What were you planning to do, lock me down on the bed until my water breaks? Who do you think I am?”
Owen laughed, and touched his fiancée her leg.
“Locking you down on our bed would be a lost cause,” he grinned. “You would kill me in my sleep if I tried, though.”
Amelia felt how her abdomen became hard again, and she was just unable to swallow a soft moan.
“What’s wrong?” Owen asked, with a slight tone of concern in his voice.
“Nothing, just pre-labor pains,” Amelia replied.
“You see? That’s were I’m talking about. You need to take your rest, Mia. Even your daughter tells you to.”

38 weeks
After four days at home, Amelia had given up.
Owen had tried everything to make her comfortable at home. He knew his girl, and he knew she would just go to the hospital if she wanted to, whatever the opinion of others. He had given her patient files, magazines, he had even managed to get as many videotapes of surgeries as he could find, but after four days, Amelia had decided she was done with being at home.
On the couch in their livingroom, she was going nuts. If it wasn’t Owen who called, asking how she was feeling, wondering if he could do something else for her, it were others who called, like Meredith, Addie, Maggie, or Charlotte.
“We’re going to look how your daddy is doing,” Amelia murmled to her belly when she got her coat on.
“Mommy is going crazy if she needs to stay at home for one minute longer.”
So it happend, that Amelia ended up roaming the halls of GSMH again, dressed in her usual navy-scrubs, looking at paperwork of patients she had threated, before Bailey had sended her home.
“Doctor Shepherd! Uh… Uh… What are you doing here? Didn’t dr. Bailey send you on early maternity leave?”
Luckily for her, it was just Edwards who had caught her in the research room.
“She did.”
“Shouldn’t you be home then?”
“Edwards, me and being home… Are you even mental?”
“Yeah, fair point,” Stephanie replied. “But wouldn’t it be better-”
“If you dare telling dr. Hunt I’m here, I swear I’ll do something very horrible to you.”
“Be happy if I don’t tell dr. Bailey!” Edwards yelled. “I’m sorry dr. Shepherd, but the entire hospital knows how worried dr. Hunt is about you. I even heard him talking to dr. Kepner yesterday about how happy he was, that you managed to stay at home. The man would die if something would happen to you.”
That was something what left Amelia speecheless.
“So, if you would like to excuse me… I am on dr. Hunt his service this week as well, and  I needed to get him some charts.”
Edwards left the room, and Amelia knew her plans were over. The resident was definitely going to tell Owen she was here, so… That wasn’t going to work out.

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