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I wish seconds teams and development cup weren't frowned upon by some people. It's hard to stay in a sport when established first teams think it's fine to mock second teams and less developed teams purely because they haven't laid their foundations yet, and are competing in tournaments despite the odds. Quidditch is meant to be inclusive, so don't get all snobby when a team celebrates scoring 20-110*

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Am I too basic to recognize it in my self?

white mom, in Boulder, when confronted about her reusable Prana bag

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I’ve learned not to expect anything from other people. I’ve learned from the past, I’ve been let down. I’ve had high expectations from others. I believed that if people didn’t like me, then I was less valuable. I relied on other peoples opinions of me, and that got me nowhere. It was just this endless cycle of trying to be liked and always looking at myself in the mirror, trying to be the person that I thought everyone would like. The person that others wanted me to be - and where did it ever get me? Nowhere. I wasn’t happy living that life. I finally had the sense to let go of that way of living, and completely and wholly live for Jesus, who I would never have to work hard for love and affirmation. I decided that I was going to believe the things that God says about me. He says I’m beautiful, wonderfully made, cherished, and worthy of His love. I decided to fight back by tearing down all the negative thoughts and beliefs I had about myself - through speaking positive words of affirmation. What does He say about you? Relying on people to give you a sense of value and identity will ultimately fail and make you miserable. Coming to a point where you can begin to love and cherish who God made you to be is a freeing moment. You are valuable.