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The Sun And The Moon

[This is for @keirdark since she has awesome AUs and makes awesome drabbles all the damn time. <3 you and I hope you like this! This could have been done a thousand different ways, sure but I went with this one and I’m hoping it’s okay.]

Have you ever heard the story between the Sun and Moon? Of the love between them that gives us life at the cost of their own happiness? Let me tell you.

The sun brought everything people could wish for; light to farm and play under, gave beautiful flowers that bloomed under his light, crops that grew and fed thousands, even animals to hunt and kill for their hide and even more food. Everyone praised the sun for his abilities and gifts he nurtured and cared for. Without the sun, there would be nothing. The sun was so happy to do this, to make people smile, yet, he had a piece of him missing. An emptiness that could never be filled no matter all the laughter and cries of happiness he heard from those that thanked him, remained. Yet, he never wished to bring sorrow to those that relied on him so much, and so, he pushed that feeling as deep down as one could, and let the warm golden rays of sunlight flow from his fingertips to the people as far as he could spread it.

The moon on the other hand, brought things that people were grateful for; telling them when to rest from a hard day’s work or to go home after playing, a time for everything to rest and have more energy to grow under the sun’s light, it gave some things the time to move and play, and some flowers to bloom for the moon’s glow. It was never as lively as the sun, yet, the moon was happy with what he had. The beings that howled to him praised him for the sleep, the waters that he pushed up erasing everything from the sun’s play to start fresh again. He brought a beauty that few could see with his companions. The stars above basked in the darkness and thanked the moon for their time to be seen by stunned eyes.

It was like yin and yang, light and dark, though, no evil arose between them. Although the moon was happy with what he had, he wanted a taste of the sun’s light, of the rays that seemed to make his own quiet palace rumble and quake with unknown efforts.

One day, the moon did not move, he waited to see the sun and his beauty, to see what people praised and adored. It was not long before he felt that need to start moving, bring darkness and rest to those that needed it. He told himself to stay, and watched with eager eyes.

It was like nothing he had ever seen before.

The sun seemed so young and lively, beautiful caramel skin that had speckles of gold littered about, and from his fingertips spouted rays that brightened everything in their path. He made colors come to life, he made flowers start to bloom in the morning dew, and made the moon’s heart skip a beat. The sun had a beauty that was like no other, and when he shifted his gaze to him, his eyes were captivating. They were so blue, mimicking the sky that now was bright under his authority. He felt hooked from the very beginning. He saw a wonderful smile fall onto the soft lips, it was small, yet, and it held such a brightness it almost made the moon want to retreat. He wanted to stay longer, to bask in more of the sun’s beauty and what it was doing, but he knew he couldn’t. No, he had to continue to bring rest; but surely, he would see the other again.

The moon left with no words and the sun felt so saddened. A stranger he never knew before, another god that felt so like him. His pale skin was so unlike his own, he wanted to touch it, to feel that one hand he could see. Was he the moon that those spoke about? That brought gleaming stars that shined like precious stones? He hoped so, his own shine was breathtaking, and caused him to immediately feel that hole in him to fill. Love at first sight was silly to mere mortals, but to gods, they knew when they were destined to be with someone.

He was not sure if it was a blessing or a curse.

Months and years went by in seemingly seconds to the gods. The moon was infatuated with the sun, and stayed after at times to catch glimpses and see what he could. The sun quick other times to pass through earlier, to see the moon he had fallen for. The two attempted to reach, but never came close enough to fill that part of them missing. Throughout the years, the moon found the sun to have the other gods call him Lance, and he had never heard of such a more fitting name for the god in his entire creation. He once had stars crash into Earth a few times to give the sun a name for himself. It was the name of a child born in the moon’s glow that he had found himself attracted to. Shiro. Both of the gods fell into adoration for those names, often thinking about the other when they could.

At one point, the moon could not take enough. He needed to see the sun, he needed to see Lance for all he was and hold him just once even if it meant rejection. He waited until the middle of their days, and pushed himself into the sun’s domain. He could see the way those blue eyes widened at him, and those lips part in a gasp. It was so painful, to know he could never completely be with the sun as he wanted to.

The sun had no idea that the moon would do this, though he was not complaining. He opened his arms and once the moon was close enough, embraced with all of his might. His bright rays turned into a reddish hue with the moon’s dark ones. Lance could feel Shiro’s soft and cold skin, his god-like body, his pale skin, even the cosmic dust that made up for an arm. For just a little bit, that emptiness in him was finally filled.

He pulled back, cupping the moon’s cheeks and smiling as he tilted into his warm touch. It felt so right, and brought both of them to tears at their union.

“I could not wait another moment without seeing you my Sun, you have taken my heart and wrapped it in your warm glow. Every moment without you is painful, and brings sorrow to me.” It was whispered, and with a chilled hand, he cupped the sun’s cheek in return. He could hear that chuckle and he knew flowers bloomed once they heard it.

“My moon… Your cool beams have entrapped me since I first laid my eyes on you. It is just as painful for me, I wish nothing more than to have this moment with you forever. My dear Shiro.” It was soft, and carefully the two came together in a kiss. It was like nothing else the two could ever describe. They wanted to hold each other dear and never let go.

Alas, this could not happen as the moon felt a pull and he could not disobey it. Both blue and grey eyes widened, but understood. They held on to their hands for as long as one could. The moon basking in the sun’s warmth for just a few moments longer while the sun relished in the coolness the moon had.

“Shiro! Please do not leave me!” The sun begged, golden tears flooding his eyes.

“It will be alright my darling, I will be back once more. We will never be apart for long. I promise Lance.” The moon assured, smiling somberly before the grip was lost. The moon was back where it belonged and the sun was returned to shining its light with no disturbance. If one could hear close enough however, the sound of heartbroken cries could be heard, flooding the Earth in a sudden warmth that was almost bitter.

It would not be for years until the moon could make such a bold move again, yet with every passing Earth second the two fantasied about their next meeting. They had duties as gods to help the people that worshiped them.

The sun chased after the moon, to attempt to finally catch what he wished and longed for; bringing day in his path. The moon did the same, bringing night as he went after the sun. It wasn’t uncommon for one of them to stay or arrive and get longing looks at each other, a promise in their eyes that they would become close again soon.

Until the end of time, the sun would chase the moon in fleeting hopes to entangle him in his warmth for all eternity. The moon would chase the sun in desperate attempts to have his coldness catch the sun until nevermore. Their love is the reason the sun rises and the moon sets, and why the solar eclipse is so beautiful to us.

Nothing is more beautiful than the love that is seen between the sun and the moon.

oh a random slice of life from visiting my sister in Maryland. It was me, my older sister the Lt. Col. (who just moved to MD from GA), and Middle-Little sister, and we were painting Lt. Col. Sister’s middle son’s room in the new house. It had wood-panel walls and glossy black trim, it had to go before the child could really live there, he’s a seven-year-old ball of sunshine and can’t be subjected to wood paneling. So we painted it all in shades of blue and it took forgoddamnever.

At one point someone brought up the thing about the Gay Cousin– you know, how there’s always one– and how our group of cousins is so white-bread that I’m the closest thing we have. And yeah, I mean, I’m a whole person, so I count, but I’m so invisibly queer, I’ve had the same dude for 15 years now and nobody realizes. 

As if to prove the point, Lt. Col. Husband was standing in the doorway with a beer, having just put the kids to bed, and said, “Wait, in what way are you the gay cousin???” 

I’ve known the guy a decade. “I’m bi,” I said. “I was pretty serious with a woman before Dude. I’m clearly not super into getting around, but I’m definitely not a straight person either.”

He was like, “does that count??” and to their credit, both of my sisters were like, “yes that counts what is wrong with you”, and he sort of went off and stood in the corner with his feathers all ruffled for a moment. 

Buddy, I’m the sister that likes you, don’t screw this up. And also, yet more testament to the fact that if you don’t know any gay people, it’s because you’re not paying attention.

This narrative of how you Come Out one time and then you’re Gay Forever is like, the least true thing ever to become a narrative trope… 

Also he tried to argue about the upcoming cakes for gays Supreme Court case on the basis of homophobia being a 2,000-year-old religious practice and i was like are you seriously reducing all of Christianity to homophobia maybe crack a Bible sometime and read the bit where Jesus actually talked, it might open your eyes. Also if it’s cool to refuse cakes for gays, why can’t lunch counters be whites only too? I mean what kind of America are you arguing to live in, here? 

I got the feeling he was doing the white dude arguing for the sake of arguing thing that’s so fucking obnoxious, but I was Not Having It so we didn’t get far into that. I told him to let me paint his child’s bedroom in peace. 

Stanfou headcanons because why not <3

*Stanley’s a good musician. He plays a lot of instruments but he mostly play the harpsichord and guitar. (This also adds to the “Madame Garderobe and Cadenza are Stan’s parents AU)

*While Stanley was still pining over Lefou and Lefou being all pining to Gaston. Stanley used to send secret recordable greeting cards and recorded in the card was his own original song just for Lefou. (Idk if those stuff exists in the 18th century but if not then let this be a modern AU or something)

*Lefou always blushes and laughs uncontrollably when he gets one. He would always keep those cards in his secret cabinet.

*Of course Lefou doesn’t know it was Stan but he had some suspicion because of the familiarity of the voice.

*Stanley would always write new songs and poetry every month.

*When they’re finally dating Stanley finally confesses that it was him who keeps sending those cards.

*There was a moment of silence then a few seconds later Lefou grabbed Stanley’s hand and dragged him away.

* “Lefou where are we going?!” “Oh you’ll see…”

*Lefou stopped at the very top of the green hills where it’s far away from the village. In that hill there was a huge tree and scattered rose petals.

* “I’ve been waiting for this moment in my entire life…” Lefou grabbed a guitar secretly hidden behind the trees.

* *strum*

“We’re far apart in every way.
But you’re the best part of my day
And sure as I breathe the air.
I know we are the perfect pair.
On a prickly path that goes on for miles.
But it’s worth it just to see you smile.
And I cannot be pulled apart.
From the hold you have on my heart and even if the world tells us it’s wrong.
You’re in my head like a catchy song.”

* “Woah….” “Do you like it?”

*Stanley was silent

* “*sigh* I know you hate it… Just forget this ever hap-”

* “I love it so much…”

* “Really?” “ YEAH! It’s the best song I ever heard in my entire life…”

* “Heh… I’m glad you like it…”

* “You never told me you play the guitar!”
“Oh yeah… I actually just learned playing it 2 months ago.”
“Hey that’s unfair! I’ve spent my whole life mastering to play while you’re already an expert in a few months !”
“Don’t want to brag but I’m a fast learner”

*Tickle fights because of Stan being jelly of Lefou’s music mastery

*Then Stanley and Lefou kissed. “I love you so much. What did I do to deserve you?” Stanley said to Lefou laying next to each other watching the beautiful blue skies.

*Few minutes later they got bored and had the cutest and amazing duet you could ever hear.

* “Tale as old as time….” “Song as old as rhyme….” “BEAUTY AND THE BEASTTTTT”

*They sung and made out for hours until it got dark. They both walked together , holding hands and hummed all the way back to their home. “

*Stanley finally reached his house and kissed Lefou goodbye.

* "We should do this more often.”

* “Definitely.”

i’ll be loving you for quite some time // a mix for pretending your ships are happy (for alicia)

i. certain things - james arthur // ii. photograph - ed sheeran // iii. i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last (cover) // ix. mine - taylor swift // x. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons // xi. something i need - onerepublic // xii. thinking out loud - ed sheeran // xii. can’t help falling in love - keaton henson (cover) // xiii. stay stay stay - taylor swift

  • Will: *walks up to Nico with his golden retriever, Sunny* Hey babe.
  • Sunny: *nudges nico*
  • Nico: Will.
  • Will: Uh, yeah?
  • Nico: Get your dog off of me. *is licked by Sunny*
  • Will: Aw, but Sunny loves you!
  • Nico: *glares with aggravation* I don't care that she-
  • Sunny: *steps away from Nico before mauling him down to the floor*
  • Sunny: *licks Nico's lips*
  • Will: *shrugs* Buts it's so cute...
  • Will: Yes it is *smiles cheekily*
  • Nico: *rolls eyes* just get her off of me...
  • Will: Eh, I don't think so.
  • Nico: *is kicked again* Wha- Will, c'mon, I have to-
  • Will: I'm actually kinda hungry...
  • Nico: William, don't you dare leave this two-hundred pound dog on top of me.
  • Will: I think I'm gonna go grab a hamburger or something. Maybe I'll try it blue, like Percy.
  • Nico: *struggles under dog but has no luck in moving her* Will, c'mon, don't you love me?
  • Will: I love hamburgers more... Sunny, stay.
  • Sunny: *barks happily before lying down on Nico*
  • Nico: WHAT!? WILL!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!
  • Will: See you later babe. *winks and walks away*
  • Nico: *tries to push Sunny but to no avail* WILL!!!! MY GODS...
  • NICO: *still trapped under Sunny, who fell asleep* Someone...? Anyone...? *is only met by silence* Gods dammit...
What your favorite Pokemon type says about you!
  • Fire: You're fucking unoriginal
  • Water: You're a fucking whore
  • Grass: You're a goddamn plant fucker you sick fuck
  • Electric: You're the kind of bitchbaby that sleeps with a Pikachu plush at night
  • Normal: What the fuck is even wrong with you
  • Rock: Who are we fucking kidding nobody's favorite type is rock
  • Dark: You're a fucking goth kid wannabe so fuck you
  • Ghost: You're not even a goth wannabe you're a fucking scene kid wannabe you disgusting filthy goddamn animal
  • Fighting: You probably get it off to dirty pictures of Machokes don't even try to fucking deny it at this point
  • Flying: Fuck off
  • Poison: You're the kind of fucking bitch to spit in people's food
  • Ground: Ew fucking mole people
  • Bug: You need to reevaluate your life and your priorities kiddo
  • Steel: You need to come to terms with the fact that it's no longer 2008
  • Psychic: You need to get over your goddamn superiority complex fucker
  • Ice: Why don't you shove an icicle up your ass bitch
  • Dragon: Wow the only kind of person less fucking original than people who like fire types congragu-fucking-lations cunt if you were any less original I would have to fucking water you twice a week
  • Fairy: You need to let go of that pink kawaii bullshit and actually become a productive member of society for once you fucking loser

anonymous asked:

Why is being ugly so cool now? You're unoriginal.. So typical. You look like any other basic bitch on tumblr. With your dirty hair and "edgy" haircut. Thick brows because of the "aesthetic" huh? Those chokers that were popular in 2003. God you're such a dumb ass. No offense.

OMG you are soooo angry why?? Who hurt you? btw love how you use every characteristic you can think of to tear me down and then follow up with no offense lmao. you made me laugh a little thanks for that and I hope your day improves and your senseless bitter attitude dissipates