you're underneath it all

My one bad habit was to watch you sad and feel a little bit at home.

You weren’t there, you were just out of reach.

The truth you swallow.

If you’re letting go, let me go slowly.

I’m a sinking ship, I’m that cut that won’t heal right; let’s be honest.

You’re the piece that I just found out how to fit to and I don’t see you anymore.

You left before it was time to go.

I’m hated as a villain and I’m fine with it.

I’m blaming everything that’s happening all on me. And who will be the first to finally see and save me? We’re all liars and truth be told, I’m lost and so afraid.

I told you we’d see it through but you don’t believe and that’s the part that kills me.

I can’t think of one real thing that I could say.

Don’t forget to tell the ones you love they matter.

—  Favorite lines of “Black Lines” by Mayday Parade