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sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.


The Three Sweet Commanders

So lemme tell y'all a story:

I was in 10th grade honours English. I loved my teacher - she was super cool, but didn’t take any shit from anyone. During our time with her, she was going through a rough divorce.

Our teacher had developed this system: if we were good, she’d add “time” to our class, with each “time” being worth ten seconds, so we had to work hard. That meaning, she would give us a free period after we’d built up the exact time that a period extended to be. It was an earned privilege, and we always did our best to try and obtain it. Hell, playing puzzle games and reading was way more fun than a test or worksheet!

We were reading Animal Farm, a book my mom had given to me when I was ten bc she knew I loved to read and enjoyed anything that was thought-provoking. I’d read it then, and again later in my parochial middle school. Living in a big city, public schools aren’t well-funded, and I was lucky to have all my close family scrape together cash for a good education. Needless to say, I was rather familiar with the book.

Now back to the system! Our teacher had implemented a rule that every morning (she taught my first period class) we wood stand up and recite the commandments of animalism. We’d all try our hardest to do it perfectly, lest “time” be taken off our class. But one morning, she was… cold.

My classmates who’d recited before me were all told to sit down and stop reciting, because they were “wrong.” Knowing that, I was confused, as was everyone else. Yet, we all kept trying the same thing. She let the first few people finish. Then, she let people get partially through before she’d utter, “wrong” or something of the sort and deduct our hard-earned time.

It finally got to me; it was my turn. I stood up and started, and was immediately shut down by her. I was frustrated, to say the least. I replied after a second and told her that I was, indeed, right. She muttered for me to sit down. I refused, and by now she’d taken off twenty seconds. Everyone groaned, but I continued to disobey. Eventually, my classmates started telling me to just stop and it turned into yelling at me once I’d lost our hard-earned twenty minutes (meaning we had been halfway to a free period) as I continued to argue. Once we were in the negatives, people were literally yelling obscenities at me. They even yelled at her, blaming her divorce and period. Gross behaivour, mind you.

I didn’t stop.

The teacher said that she was going to call security and have me removed. I replied that it was a-okay with me to do so. I promptly walk out of the room and she followed up by telling me to wait in the hallway. I’d intended to walk to the office myself, but obliged figuring it was no matter to me.

I was in the hallway for about a minute before she rushed out and gently grabbed me by the shoulders. I was rightly confused. She gasped, and stammered out that she had never imagined it would happen. Why was she suddenly not being so ruthless? Why was she flabbergasted? Well, apparently what she’d “wanted” was for us to all fail. That it was a lesson, and she’d have given back the “time” she had removed. It was all about “knowing” what was coming, and how fascism meant that the rules could change at any time, without your knowledge and consent, but you could still be punished for it. She told me that she’d called security, and told them if they saw me in the hall during that call, to excuse me. Nobody had done that before. Apparently, throughout her decades of teaching, not one student had done that. They had all caved and sat down eventually.

You can be that person. In something that matters to us all. It’s not fun, but when has fighting for what’s right ever been easy?


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”

It kinda makes you feel bad when you tell someone you’re tired because you did something, and they respond with how much they did, as if you shouldn’t be tired.

(51) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: *sneezes*
Noctis: You’re always sneezing, big guy. 
Prompto: Want to go to a warm place?
Gladio: It’s not the cold. It’s my allergy to feathers.
Noctis: …? There’s no chocobos nearby.
Gladio: No, but there’s Iggy.
Prompto: So?
Gladio: I mean, all angels have feathers. 
Ignis: Oh.
Prompto: * squealing in background*

i just wanna say a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone that leaves me such cute and positive asks and replies on my posts and sharing my stuff in general!! i really appreciate every single message i get and the time you dedicate to sending it <3 i’ll get to answering my asks tomorrow, i apologize for not doing it sooner! summer is very short where i live so i’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors exercising and enjoying nature so that has cut off my activity a bit here!

me: Man-Ew is abusive because he fits more than half of this university’s women’s center’s signs of abuse. He gets possessively jealous, his behavior is unpredictable, he belittles and humiliates the woman he claims to love in public where her co-workers can both see and hear, he refuses to respect Kara’s decisions in a situation where she has more experience making decisions than he does, he refuses to listen to Kara and actively chooses to break promises he makes to her, then when things go wrong because he does what he wants anyway and Kara has to get very firm and harsh with him to get him to hear her she ends up being the one portrayed as the bad guy and has to apologize to him instead. Also he calls her his “kryptonite” and pushed her to make a decision about her job that could get her fired when he had no right to make that decision for her and proceeds to not look or sound sorry at all when she does inevitably lose her job. No little girl watching this, or older girls and women for that matter, should have to watch this and be told through the narrative that it’s what romance looks like.


me: Replacing James Olsen, a Black love interest, with Man-Ew, a white male slave-owning love interest, is racist. It’s part of a larger pattern of interracial couples in film and television getting sidelined because fans and creators didn’t “see chemistry” between the characters. Usually it’s the Black character who gets written/killed off and the white character gets paired off with another white character of the opposite gender. And if the writers did just genuinely feel that James and Kara had no chemistry and wanted to introduce a new love interest, they could have made that character also a character of color so as to avoid the critique that the decision was actually based on race. At the very least, they could have let Kara have a female love interest, even if she was white, so that the relationship was still breaking boundaries and not just replacing an interracial relationship with your standard, generic, white hetero relationship that is actually abusive.


me: nvm, y’all voted for Lord Dampnut anyway, so there’s no point to this

binder review: gc2b

i recently got my hands on one of gc2b’s half-binders and wore it for the first time yesterday and i am just. so impressed and excited, i am so thrilled to have this super rad binder. it is so much better than my binder from underworks for multiple reasons:

  • i put it on and it hardly felt like i was even wearing a binder, it’s sort of, fluid feeling? and when you breathe it sorta breathes with you
  • when wearing underworks i’m a lot more aware of the fact that i’m binding, whereas with gc2b i forgot i even had a binder on for most of the time i was wearing it
  • like, the fabric is so much thinner than underworks’ canvas-y fabric; it sort of feels like swimsuit material, but still feels very sturdy and strong, i wasn’t afraid of it ripping or anything
  • i didn’t have to step into a restroom to, ahem, “adjust” my chest as often as i do with underworks (do other people have that issue? or perhaps that’s just me ah well)
  • i wore it for six hours yesterday which is a lot longer than i usually bind (bc i’m a wimp and also i’ve always found that binders make my back really sore?) and only at the very end of the sixth hour did i start feeling a little less comfortable
  • i’ll reiterate, only at the end of six hours did i feel the way i feel within the first hour or two of wearing underworks
  • no soreness in my back, or my chest, or anywhere!! i went to sleep that night without feeling the effects of having binded all afternoon

while i was binding i

  • sang a bit at church with no issues with breathing
  • absolutely stuffed myself with food at a restaurant to the point that my stomach was bulging (oops) and i didn’t feel the pressure in my chest at all
  • was out in the disgustingly humid Southern summer heat–not for too long, but while i was out there i didn’t overheat
  • seriously, this fabric is so light and breathable it’s incredible

so yep, if you’re binder hunting, gc2b is my 100% top recommendation – the half-binders are pretty cheap as far as good binders go, and they’re made by and for trans people which is pretty darn rad!

I think everyone at one point has disliked a pairing or a character for simple or maybe even childish reasons, and I think that’s okay. I don’t think you need some deep analysis as to why you don’t care for that couple/character. What’s not okay is to be a dick to other people that like that pairing/character. So don’t be a dick.

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

that-psycho-nextdoor  asked:

I just read through your whole comic and I absolutely adore the shit out of it! you're a really great artist and I don't know how to word the things I want to say but it's just really great ^^ thanks for making your amazing art, you're the best

* Oh wow!! Thank you so much! We really try our best!

THAT MAKES US EVEN HAPPIER!! Goodness there is soooo many things! I wish I could say we have everything linked in our Indexes but I don’t know if that’s accurate! But at least most of it is!

We just love to draw! ;3 It’s a great pass-time and we’ve always wanted to create stories/comics for people to enjoy!