you're too perfect at this stop

the signs as that feeling when...
  • Aries: That feeling when you're desperately working your ass off for a better body and you don't get some good results and you're just so fucking angrya
  • Taurus: That feeling when you're hungry as fuck but you don't have the money to buy food and instead you go home early without having fun
  • Gemini: That feeling when you can't put up with everyone's shit anymore so instead you just go and mind your own business
  • Cancer: That feeling when you're desperately waiting for your crush or some particular person to like your selfie and they like it 4 days after you posted it
  • Leo: That feeling when you're expecting to win at something after you've insulted everyone else and you DON'T actually win and you hate the entire universe because of it
  • Virgo: That feeling when you have to sneeze but you DON'T actually sneeze and you want to punch the wall afterwards
  • Libra: That feeling when you just can't stop overthinking about something that seems so important at the moment (but YOU KNOW that it's stupid and it won't matter in 2 days) and you are just haunted by it and you have insomnia because of it
  • Scorpio: That feeling when someone talks to you and you're just thinking about all the ways you would fuck them
  • Sagittarius: That feeling when you're telling the best advice and nobody is paying attention
  • Capricorn: That feeling when you have the perfect idea for a thing but you're just too damn lazy to get up and do it
  • Aquarius: That feeling when you ignore someone talking about sad things and you continue having fun
  • Pisces: That feeling when you want to go to bed but you're way too obsessed with a song and you can't stop listening to it
Before my muse disappeared, they gave yours a series of 'open when' letters. Send a symbol to read them.
  • Open when...
  • ☹: you're not feeling okay
  • ☕: it's too early in the morning
  • ✎: you miss me
  • ❀: it's valentine's and i'm out of town
  • ♕: you don't feel important
  • ♡: you wonder how much i love you
  • ⚯: you need ideas for an adventure
  • ✰: you're staring up at the stars, looking for me
  • ✴: you're angry
  • ✸: you're angry at yourself
  • ☘: you're angry at the world
  • ☏: you need me
  • ☁: things won't stop going wrong
  • ✈: everything's perfect again
  • ✌: you're guilty
  • ❆: it's snowing
  • ☠: i'm gone
When our eyes met that very first time, it felt as if time had stopped completely. I know you felt it too because just as I was about to break our gaze your eyes lit up as that smile sprawled across your face. And it’s that same smile you give me every time I’m lost in your eyes.
—  K.N.B.
Fake Chats #171
  • Jimin: you're so annoying.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: you're trying to annoy me.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: you do everything I tell you not to.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: and when I talk you don't listen.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: I don't look good without makeup. I'm embarrassed.
  • Jungkook: don't be. You're perfect the way you are.
  • Jimin: I know.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: stop with the staring!
  • Jimin: you play music too loudly.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: you eat like a bunny.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: my hair's all fluffy.
  • Jungkook: you're handsome.
  • Taehyung: still. Staring.
  • Sarada: (frowning)
  • ChoCho: Sarada, do you want some chips?
  • Sarada: Not really, ChoCho, why do you ask?
  • ChoCho: Because you act too much like your dad when you're hungry.
  • Sarada: Oh. (eats a potato chip)
  • ChoCho: Better?
  • Sarada: (smiles brightly, like her mom) Better.
Westerberg Games
  • Veronica: I am going to kick your carapace!
  • Heather Chandler: That's what you think, but I got me a champion. Heather! Show her!
  • *Heather McNamara does a karate routine, using two spatulas as nunchucks, then laughs innocently when she finishes*
  • Heather Chandler: Look at her. In her prime. You ain't got no chance!
  • Veronica: That's where you're wrong, Heather, for I too have a champion! *lowers a microphone* Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the southwest corridor! *The crowd turns to the southeast corridor* Other way! Imbeciles.
  • *The crowd turns to the southwest corridor*
  • Veronica: And... stop! Perfect. Representing the junior class, a creature so fearsome, so terrible, so mind-bendingly large, that those of you with weak constitutions may want to leave the stadium.
  • Veronica: Too late! Ready or not, here she comes. Quake with fear, you mortal fools. Bow down before the awesome might of...
  • *The wall of the stadium explodes. When the dust clears up, a huge, muscular man is seen*
  • Veronica: ...this huge guy who is carrying the real contestant... *The huge man turns around, revealing Martha to be strapped to his back* MARTHA DUNSTOCK!
  • Jungkook: Lol Jimin ur so annoying you never stop pretending to be cute
  • Someone: Yeah man it's so cringe????
  • Jungkook: Lol! But! I! Didn't! Ask! You! get the fuck out of my face jimin is like the perfect amount of cute you're just blind fuck off with your negativity what the fuck how is jimin too cute he's like perfectly cute just leave man gOSh some pEoplE
  • Atsushi: Dazai-san, why is there a normal sized carrot in the bag of baby carrots?
  • Dazai: They needed adult supervision.
the harry potter books, rated by luna lovegood simply existing
  • sorcerer's stone: is only 10, not at hogwarts. still mourning her mom and starting her wonderful exuberant hobby of searching for the crumple horned snorkack with xenophilius. 1/10.
  • chamber of secrets: she's at hogwarts, thriving probably. but jkr is out here testing me, with no mention of this tiny dandelion. is she passing out little amulets made out of dirigible plums as a means to ease her ravenclaw housemates' anxiety and fear? we don't know. 0/10.
  • prisoner of azkaban: she probably hangs out w/ lupin, who patiently listens to her crumple horned snorcack stories and smiles and wow i'm crying why wasn't this given to me. -5/10.
  • goblet of fire: the lovegoods are mentioned as buying their quidditch world cup tickets way ahead of time, but did they enjoy it? did xenophilius catch leprechaun gold for luna and tell her it had magical abilities to make her hair longer or something? that it too keeps away nargles?? did she root for ireland? JO STOP HOLDING OUT ON ME. 0/10
  • order of the phoenix: UPSIDE DOWN SPECTRESPECS. stubby boardman. "you're just as sane as i am." TELLING HARRY IN FRONT OF LAVENDER AND PARVATI THAT SHE BELIEVES HIM. honestly a perfect character who has done nothing wrong. her wild conspiracy theories (the ministry one is my fav omfg). FIGHTING WITH HARRY AND CO. AT THE MINISTRY, SUGGESTING THEY USE THESTRALS. the gentlest scene at the end, where harry is comforted by luna's presence and gets mad about people taking her shoes. ME TOO. what a time to be alive. 10000/10.
  • half blood prince: i only see her at the slug club christmas party, and it's for like five minutes. "i miss the order, it was like having friends" and GONE. 4/10.
  • deathly hallows: ok her bedroom ceiling with the painting of hermione, ron, harry, and ginny and "friends" is linked around it my HEART. and helping harry bury dobby and all around being a great support system again. Validation Queen 2kforever. suggesting the diadem and being 10000% correct even when hermione is being condescending. 100/10.
Stop obsessing over a chef!


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  • <p> <b>People:</b> Stop forcing your favourite fictional characters to be gay even when they're not!<p/><b>Me:</b> lol sorry but it's not my fault if they're all little cinnamon rolls too pure and too gay for this world, they are all sO PERFECT TOGETHER<p/><b>People:</b> But they're not all gay!<p/><b>Me:</b> You're right<p/><b>People:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> There are alsO BISEXUALS<p/></p>

Harry Potter was brave, selfless, and kind but he was also impulsive, un observant, and stubborn and put himself in harms way for others without thinking of the consequences

Ron Weasley was incredibly loyal and would give up anything for those he cared about but he was also insecure and judgmental and petty in some situations

Hermione Granger was clever as anyone and had the determination to get things she thought important out there for everyone to see but she was bad at admitting her wrongdoings due to a strong fear of failure and often came off as rude because she felt the need to show others she was right

Sirius Black was strong willed and would put himself in dangerous situations for anyone he thought deserved it but he was damaged and spiteful and when angry would spit out hurtful things to simply win an argument

Remus Lupin was caring and accepting and always made time for those who needed it but he was self loathing and felt he was undeserving of others care and love resulting in him often pushing others away so they wouldn’t get too close

Molly Weasley was giving, generous, and would do anything for her children, blood or not, but she was prejudiced and often said things in the protection of others that were rude and hurtful

Albus Dumbledore was kind and warm and was there as a reminder of protection but he was cold when he needed to be and would give up anything for the greater good of the world

Draco Malfoy was determined and strong but he was spiteful and pompous and he was a scared boy caught in a bad situation that he handled even worse

Neville Longbottom was kind and thoughtful but he was self doubting and unsure of himself causing him to act feeble at times

Ginny Weasley was confident and passionate but she cared too much and thought things out too little often putting herself in danger for other’s wellbeing

Every character that we all love and care for has downfalls just like every one of us do but that doesn’t stop us from loving them and seeing the good through the bad. Just because you have parts of you that aren’t so pretty doesn’t mean nobody can look past them and love you besides them, we do it everyday with these characters. Nobody writes books about perfect people for a reason

fluffyblue-artnwriting  asked:

I had a dream about Voltron last night where Lance had gone to Lotor and they'd been having semi-sinister space adventures together but then Lance realized he wasn't happy and left him and Lotor started singing "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton and it was ridiculous but also very fitting?? I thought you should know XD

Oh my God. Why is that. So perfect?? I mean “I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love”? 100% Lotor would absolutely do that. “Oceans rise / Empires fall” Lance is the blue Paladin - water/ocean association, making this a metaphor in some fashion? And “empires fall” - they might have conquered an empire or two while off on their adventures, or overthrown Zarkon/be trying to, at any rate it completely works in their narrative. “You’ll be back, soon you’ll see, you’ll remember you belong to me” yesssss possessive Lotor I LIVE for this. This is too perfect. I’m like almost uncomfortable at how well this song fits their relationship. I had to stop myself from going through every single line of this song because it just…. works???? Like it works way too well

“My sweet submissive subject / My loyal royal subject” GETTING KINKY ON ME LOTOR? okay sorry I couldn’t leave that one out

This was brilliant thank you for sharing. Also how come you have the best Voltron dreams I’m jealous

kelschaos6661  asked:

All aboard the nice anon bandwagon! I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favourite artists on tumblr and I revel in each work you decide to bestow upon us lowly creatures. You are definitely an art inspiration for me and I'd kill to be able to art like you some day. And you're so nice too?? And you're the ace of us Aces?? Stop being so perfect!

Another photo of me. I’m rushed to the ER this time because of this message. Oh gods man OTL To be called an inspiration kdjfksdjsdf just keep drawing my friend!! I started with stick figures to drawing sausages in 5 years (courtesy of Art Attack. /snickers at the sausages body parts). And nah I’m not perfect lmao what you saying? That’s Shiro who’s perfect sdfkaskdflksdj 

Gay friends

Them: YOURE GAY ?!
Me: yeah I’m bisexual.
Me: yeah
Them: have you dated both genders?
Me: no
Me: what

Who You Main In TF2 Says A Lot About You
  • Scout: You're impatient and u like the double jump
  • Soldier: You're probably American and you like excuses to yell at ya team
  • Pyro: You're good and you like to help and also good job.
  • Demoman: You think blowing shit up is fun and you're probably tactical
  • Heavy: Fuck you and your fucking pocket-medic suck my fucking ass
  • Engineer: I'm gonna level with you. Anyone who mains Engie is probably just tired or lazy. When there's one its no big deal. When there's 2+ you're basically asking me to track your IP and punch you in the throat.
  • Medic: You like helping people!! And I like and appreciate you!! But if you only heal people with cool hats fuck you. Not everyone wants to wear dumb hats, fucking, IOnlyHealPeopleWithHats22. Fuck you. And fuck your pocket-healing too. I changed teams just so I could murder you how the fuck are you going to live with yourself. Asshole. Fuck you.
  • Sniper: Sniping is fun and you like That One Level the best because there's the perfect view. Or you think Sniper is really hot.
  • Spy: Stop sapping my sentries I'm just trying to make friends why are you like this. I thought you were a friendly Spy. We waved and taunted. We had fun. You broke my heart.