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I’ve been working on this FC directory for a while, so finally, here it is! This directory includes filters for gender, age, ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour, and other misc traits. Multiple filters can be selected at once too, making it easier to narrow down your search. I’ve also included a link to my tag of resources for each FC, and I’ve only added FCs with at least one gif hunt, but, of course, I’ve been trying to build up tags for each of them with more resources than that where possible. As of right now, there are 200+ FCs in this directory, but I’m going to continue to add more, so I guess you can call this a permanent work-in-progress. I’d really appreciate it if you could like and/or reblog if you found this useful, and also to spread the word!

[ side note: don’t hesitate to message me if you find any errors in here or have any issues, or even if you just have suggestions for ways I can improve it! ]



@tenkyoujutsu mentioned something about wanting silly valentine’s card memes, so this is entirely partly her fault.

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