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(Left) A fan asked Zelo during fansign:

Q. Our dearest maknae Junhong ah, why does Youngjae keep on kissing you? (Except “I don’t know”)

Junhong: He likes men.

(Right) A fan asked Youngjae during fansign:

Q. Popular Yoo, Youngjae ah, why do you keep on kissing Junhong?

Youngjae: Just……sometimes he’s too cute.

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Xanthippe: Hey, Kimmy, 1996 called. It wants its clothes back.

Kimmy: Hey, Xan, 2090 called. You’re dead and you wasted your time on Earth.

‘Kimmy Goes to a Party!’ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 1x07

How They Sleep at Night (Butler Headcanon)
  • Alberto: Traditional. He usually comes to bed later then you, and leaves a few times at night to attend to the prince's usual mischief. So he tries to leave a bit of room between you, just so if he does leave it won't disturb you. But he adores it when you cling to his chest. Your fingers curling into his shirt. "You're way too cute sometime."
  • Claude: Attentive. He's a very light sleeper, and he requires little sleep. So for a majority of the night he attends to you. He sleeps curved around you, a hand gently guiding your head back onto the pillow, his fingers massaging away any cramps that might lead to a stiff neck. "Who knew you could be this clumsy even in your sleep?"
  • Jan: Snuggly. He doesn't sleep very much, and whenever he does it is almost never a deep sleep. But lately he's found himself having a much better quality of sleep. He wraps his arms around you, pushing your head into his chest as he rests his chin on your head. "You always smell so good, come here."
  • Louis: Simple. He always had to have some sort of contact with you. Either you have to hold his hands, or your face is buried in his chest, or your back pressed against his front. As long as you were touching him he was fine. "Mon Cherie, you are always so warm in the morning."
  • Luke: Wild. Throughout the night he lingers between restlessness and exhaustion. He treads through the water uncertainly tossing and turning until he feels your hands on his back, your face snuggling between his shoulder blades. "Don't let go of me when you sleep."
  • Yu: Affectionate. He needs you close. He holds you close to his heart. As if you hear his heartbeat all throughout the night you'll understand that his heart only beats for you. As if by holding you close he can always protect you from anything that will hurt you. "Sleep easy, my little princess."
  • Zain: Broad. He always sleeps on his back. And whenever you wake up at night and see him, you can't help but see him as such an amazing human being. He is like an ocean, the steady breaths like tides that draw in and out. And in that moment you swear he could hold entire universes inside himself if he wanted. "Why are you staring at me like that? Come back to bed."
  • -SKY

He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?

How You Meet (Maknae Line)

(inspired by catpopfeels)

Youngjae: At a music school. Youngjae would have seen your face on a few occasions, but they are no more than passing glances. He’s seen you teaching some of the younger kids and he admires the tenacity that you have, because teaching kids how to play the piano is a pain in the ass. Youngjae walked to the room that he usually uses to practice and he sees you inside. You had a small kink between your eyebrows as you listened to a piece of pop music then paused to try the melody out on the piano. You would press the keys experimentally when you couldn’t quite get the right tune, your pencil scratching away at the music score. “Maybe an A note would be better than a G.” You looked up, shocked but immediately tried it out and saw that it fit perfectly. “Thanks, I’m _____.” “I’m Youngjae, do you mind?” You shook your head and scooted over to make space for Youngjae on the bench. You would spend the rest of the day transcribing the pop song, Youngjae completely forgetting about practicing his songs. “Today was fun, thank you for helping me.” You said as you both leave the music school. “Maybe we could do this again?” Youngjae would ask as he grinned brightly. You would blush a little and nod shyly, exchanging numbers so that you could arrange another day to meet.

Bam Bam: At a coffee shop. You walked in, and realise there was a new barista around and wow, was he cute. He had a pink patch of hair sitting amongst his bangs and you never knew someone could pull it off that well. Bam Bam smiles at you, “what does a pretty lady like you want?” Your heart skipped a beat at what he said and you stuttered out your order. “One caramel latte for the prettiest girl in the shop!” Bam Bam would yell out as he scribbled your order on the side of the paper cup. You pulled out your money and he would say its on the house. His co-workers are giving him side glances and thumbs ups because damn, Bam Bam had game. He shooed his fellow barista to make your drink personally. Bam Bam winked at you as you take the cup, settling yourself down at one of the tables. You turned to see that he had scribbled something on the side of the cup. ‘You’re really pretty, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take you out on a date. My shift ends in about twenty minutes.’ You looked up to see Bam Bam looking at you as you nod and he punches his fist in the air, his co-workers openly laughing at him. Bam Bam appeared at the table exactly twenty minutes later. “I’m Bam Bam.” “I’m _____.” You smiled as he offered you his arm, “shall we go?” You took his arm and you both went on your way.

Yugyeom: At an ice cream palour. You would groan internally at the sight of a group of seven incredibly noisy boys entering the shop. You really disliked serving such customers because they would take forever to order and hold up the entire line, and they were just so noisy. Surprisingly, they sat down and looked at the menu and sent the tallest one to get the ice cream. “Hi,” he said bashfully and you wanted to pinch his cheeks because he looked like a giant teddy bear. Yugyeom would rattle off the flavours his hyungs wanted and you would frown, realising that he had only given you six flavours. You looked at him questioningly as he smiled embarrassed. “Do you recommend anything? I’m not too sure what to get.” “The Hershey flavour is one of the most popular choices and its my personal favourite.” “I’ll get that then.” You would scoop the ice cream, giving him more compared to the rest. When Yugyeom gave you the cash, your hands would accidentally brush against each others, electricity shuddering its way through your nerves. You both would lock gazes for a moment, and drop your eyes quickly. Yugyeom would take the tray quickly because his cheeks were burning from the contact. The boys stayed there for a long time, and sometimes you would feel someone staring at you and you would lock eyes with Yugyeom again, who grinned shyly every time you noticed. One of his friends would saunter up to you, a piece of paper in hand. “You see my friend over there?” Jackson would point to Yugyeom, “he thinks you’re cute but he’s too shy to give you his number.” Jackson would slide the piece of paper to you and you see Yugyeom burying his face into his hands. You would write your number and name on the paper, including a little message, 'I hope the ice cream was good and you liked it. P.S. I think you’re cute too, maybe we should go out sometime.’ Yugyeom would read your message and later text you that he would love to go out with you.


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