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matching simon and baz transparent circle thingies because i just finished carry on for the third time and i’m having a lot of feelings

feel free to use them as icons or whatever as long as you credit!

I still can’t believe he’s wearing jeans. […] I mean… they do look like really expensive jeans. Dark. And snug from his waist to his ankles without looking tight.
—  Simon “I’m-Not-Checking-Out-My-Jean-Wearing-Enemy” Snow
what should've happened in 7x06
  • jon: i have a beauty waiting for me back in winterfell, if i ever get back there.
  • jon: red hair, blue eyes, tallest woman you've ever seen, almost as tall as you.
  • the hound: sansa stark?
  • jon: you know her?
  • the hound: you're with sansa fucking stark?
  • jon: well... not with her yet... but i see the way she looks at me.
  • the hound: how does she look at you? like she wants to kill you and fuck you at the same time?
  • jon: you do know her.
  • the hound: we've met.
  • jon: i want to make babies with her.
  • jon: think of them. brave beautiful gingers. they conquer the world.

Progress // a poem by anonymous

The first time I called myself gay out loud
I was alone in my room with no one to overhear
and yet the word was still whispered
as soft as falling snow,
nearly drowned out by the beating of my heart

The first time I realized I was looking at my friend in a way that you could hardly call “platonic”
I was disgusted with myself
For weeks, I was ashamed I had betrayed her trust, and I damn near memorized every fiber in the carpet at my school from spending my days with my head bowed with the weight of my guilt

The first time I introduced myself as a lesbian,
I recoiled at the ugly connotation the word had in my mind
I hurriedly corrected myself to “gay” and blushed as I avoided my classmate’s eyes

The second time I called myself gay, i was still alone in my room, but I steeled myself for the words to come out and this time I didn’t let myself trail off into silence, I looked my reflection straight in the eyes and my voice doesn’t waver as I confessed the truth that had been eating away at me

The next time I caught myself looking at a pretty girl, I wondered if this was how the other girls felt when they looked at boys,
If so, I thought I could almost excuse their silly little giggles and flirty remarks they made when they talked to their crushes.

The second time I introduced myself as a lesbian, the word came easier.
In the back of my mind, dark thoughts still swirled, but in that moment the bright smiles of my supportive friends kept them at bay

Now, when I call myself gay, I feel proud

When I talk about pretty girls I feel happy

When I introduce myself as a lesbian, the word feels right

All this is not to say that I’m fixed now,
that I’m Miraculously Cured of my internalized homophobia
far from it in fact.

There are still days
Where peoples words get to my head and I find myself doubting my love for girls,
There are still days where I have to remind myself that it’s okay to like girls
There are still days where the word lesbian makes me feel icky inside and I use the word gay instead

But the graph of your growth is rarely a perfect upwards diagonal,
so there are going to be bad days,
I can promise you that,
but I can also promise you that they will get farther and farther apart,
Until the good, outnumber the bad,
and you can breath freely again

  • Snow: How could you bring this Robin back?
  • Regina: You don't know what it was like. You weren't there! I mean, a version of you was but I killed her.
  • Snow: You did *what*?
  • Regina: Oh relax. She wasn't real.
  • Snow: But this Robin is?
  • Regina: Yes, because he was able to come through the portal.
  • Snow: How do you know no one else could? Did you try?
  • Regina: I feel like you're making a big deal out of nothing.
  • Snow: A big thing out of nothing? You killed me! Literally killed me! What is a bigger deal than that?
  • Regina: Why does that matter now? I've tried to kill you loads of times.
  • Snow: You know, as defenses go, that's not your best work.
  • Daenerys: One of the best ways to gain power and rule is marriage. For political reasons...and for, love. If you can find it. Do you understand Jon?
  • Jon: I do
  • Jon: Gendry, will you marry me?
  • Gendry: It's a bit sudden Jon
  • Jon: I know, but when you just know
  • Gendry: And I do know. Yes, let's get married!
  • Jon: We'll retake the Stormlands, and join our houses
  • Daenerys: Don't mind me, being the hottest bitch this side of wall
  • Gendry: We didn't mind. At all. But good to know you're okay with it
The True Fursona Of The Signs
  • ARIES: a blue dragon with big titties and 1,567,842 porn commissions of her
  • TAURUS: an unnervingly realistic-looking reptile. The fursuit is even creepier.
  • GEMINI: a black wolf with RED EYES and a BIG GUN and a BIG DICK
  • CANCER: an unusual animal anthropomorphized in an original and interesting way. Drawn once and never again. The world weeps.
  • LEO: a generic fox who makes fun of "sparkledogs"
  • VIRGO: an "ironic" opossum drawn in an "ugly" style
  • LIBRA: a bird fursona. The lowest of the low.
  • SCORPIO: a dog- no wait, a snow leopard- no, actually a dragon- oh hang on, what about a bat? no,
  • SAGITTARIUS: isn't a furry
  • CAPRICORN: a pink cat who has no personality outside of #aesthetic
  • AQUARIUS: actually has a ponysona who is in love with Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna
  • PISCES: a worm with a hat
  • Mom: Honey, come here please!
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Mom: *Gestures to the home page of YouTube on AppleTV*
  • Me: Oh fuck.
  • Mom's boyfriend Brent: Ahh, not too fond of the male gender huh?
  • Me: Uhm...
  • Brent: Relax kid, I'm not here to judge like a homophobic asshole. However, I'm probably a horrible dad since I placed bets on whether my daughter had a girlfriend or not. When she came out I told her about it, but boy was her reaction priceless! Totally worth it.
  • Mom: We're okay with this, but I don't need your younger siblings and cousins to be watching these videos just yet. There's no doubt that they're constantly curious and will click on anything that piques their interests.
  • Little brother: But the gay side of YouTube is the best side of YouTube. Tyler Oakley is the best person ever! So is Troye, Connor, Joey, and everyone else.
  • Little sister: Stevie & Ally are way too cute! Also the Gay Women Channel are hilarious!
  • Me: In my defense, I didn't tell them about these people or encourage them whatsoever to watch them.
  • Mom: *Sighs and shakes head*
  • Brent: A lot of Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow videos are popping up. I will never be able to watch those Pitch Perfect movies ever again without my Bechloe goggles on.
  • Me: I like you.
  • Brent: If you like me now, you'll love me soon enough. Your mom told me that you're obsessed with that lesbian vampire web series. Well since she says she doesn't have the time to watch it. How about we binge watch it right now?
  • Me: You my friend, are going to regret this.
  • Brent: I sat down and watched all of Faking It for my daughter's sake. I'm sure I can handle 72 episodes that are less than 6 minutes long.
  • Me: Well actually 84 episodes because there's season 1, 2, and 0.
  • Brent: What does this fandom do with their lives?
  • Me: Don't ask that question or else I'll be dragging you down this garbage chute with me.
  • Little sister: Sin. That's all that fandom ever does.
  • Brent: ...
  • Mom: ...
  • Little brother: ...
  • Me: No clue what she's talking about.
  • Sansa: So you're going to meet the Dragon Queen.
  • Jon: I won't be in any danger, Sansa. I'll have my men with me.
  • Sansa: Uhuh, that's nice. Are you going to spend time alone with her?
  • Jon: Um... I might have to in order to make an alliance.
  • Sansa: Uhuh, no... TORMUND!
  • Tormund: What's up?
  • Sansa: He does not leave your sight, do you hear me?
  • Tormund: You can't order me around. Only Jon can do that.
  • Sansa: I'll tell Brienne you don't know your way around a woman's bedchambers.
  • Tormund: ... So Jon, I guess we'll be bunking.
Sign your name across my heart


Summary: The name of your soulmate will appear on your chest the day you turn eighteen. Simon is taken aback when he sees his. Baz doesn’t know whether to feel hope or drown in his own sorrow.

Word count: 1.2k

Rating: T

Tags: Eighth Year AU, soulmates, angst, pining, mentions of self-harm, fluff, POV first person


I’ve been in love with Simon Snow since I was twelve. I’d always expected to wear his name on my chest. And I’d also always known for a fact that he’d have another person’s name written above his heart. Probably Wellbelove’s. Yes, I’d always thought I had an unrequited soulmate.

So, when my soulmate’s name finally appeared on my chest, I had no idea what to do with it.

It happened some months after the beginning of the seventh school year. The morning of my birthday, I rushed into the bathroom and looked at the mirror in astonishment.

Simon Salisbury.

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carryonbydefault  asked:

Could you please draw the squad (simon, Baz, Penny,Agatha) as superheroes Pleeaasse your art gives me LIFE ❤ (before you say it you're not a trash can)

You guys have literally no idea how hard I laughed while making this.

Starring: Tyrannus Basilton (Baz) Grimm-Pitch as Catwoman

Simon Snow as Sconeman Superman

Agatha Wellbelove as Thor

and Penelope (Penny) Bunce as The Incredible Hulk

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  • Beca: I just can't wrap myself around the fact that she's dating Chicago. Actually... it's actually killing me.
  • Fat Amy: Beca, that is not fair.
  • Beca: I know. I know it's not fair. And you're right, she likes this guy. Who am I to stand in the way?
  • Fat Amy: Exactly.
  • Beca: You think I don't want her to be happy? I want her to be happy. But... serious Beca moment, here. I want to be happy, too. And for some reason, I can't imagine that happening without Chloe.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Anon who had sent the snowbaz prompt about the color yellow, etc. that was really really awesome! You're writing style is fantastic, and the quality is amazing!! Wow! Are you still excepting prompts? Because if so I'd love to see perhaps an insecure Baz and snow being kind? I really loved how you handled snow being self deprecating in your fic and how Baz handled it and I'd love to see something the other way around? Also, park, cold, blanket, eyes, bird, and leafs? That'd be so awesome,omg

AWWWWW OMGS TY ANON!!!!! OKAY SO the sad thing is I kinda got carried away and didn’t include EVERYTHING that you asked for, but I tried to get as much as I could. SECOND OF ALL I hope it’s okay, but I decided to try and use this for the @snowbaz-feda thingy (that I have been wanting to participate in and have only now been able to get something done) so um…. yeah here we go!! 

It was a beautiful spring morning with birds singing their cheerful tunes as they hid among the swaying leaves of trees with twisting branches and big, bright blossoms. There were cheerful shrieks of children running through the open fields playing games of tag and such. Toddlers giggled as they attempted to chase after fluttering butterflies, almost tumbling to the ground before they pulled themselves up again, playing the game until the butterfly flew too far.

And amongst the hoards and hoards of people, where three people in their early twenties, taking advantage of their spring break and strolling through the lush gardens. The tallest of the three held hands loosely with the boy beside him, who was easily recognizable by his bronze hair and blue eyes. And next to him a short girl had her arm linked through his, rolling her eyes at every remark the two made. Honestly, Penny had no idea why she even tried to spend time with the two dorks that were Simon Snow and Baz Pitch. They were so in love it was sickening.

“I could totally fly up to the top of that tree,” Simon argues, looking at the rather gigantic tree in front of them. Baz snorts.

“Please Snow. You can barely fly a foot off the ground.”

“That’s because I didn’t really try.”

“You’re both idiots.”

“Nobody told you to come, Bunce,” Baz says, but there’s a small smile on his lips.

“I had to come or else you both would’ve gotten yourselves killed. Need I remind you of that time at the zoo?”


“Nope. I’m not having this conversation again, Simon. Honestly both of you act like children.”

“Do not,” Baz scoffs. Penny raises an eyebrow.

“Okay fine maybe a little bit.”

“Case and point.”

“Whatever.” They walk a little while longer, enjoying the many sounds of the park and the smell of spring air. And as they did, Simon tried to douse the crippling anxiety that was forming within him. Today was the day, and he was worried how Baz would react.

Baz wasn’t exactly the easy-to-read type. If he was being honest with himself, he could barely figure out that his “plotting” face was actually his “madly-in-love” face when they were still at Watford, which means that he was either incredibly stupid, or Baz hid his emotions well. Sure, as they started to get used to each other Simon got better and better at reading Baz, but it wasn’t exactly like he was an open book. He didn’t know how much Baz loved him. He could just be going through the motions, or he could love him so much that it felt like a weight was crushing on his chest.

But, as Penny caught his gaze, he knew he had to do this. It was now or never.

Baz was worried. More worried than he’s ever been in his entire life, and that was a lot of worrying. He saw the signs before Simon himself seemed to realize them. The way he was wringing his hands nervously whenever he spoke to Baz, the way he didn’t really quite meet Baz’s eyes. He also seemed to be, in a way, distancing himself a little, as if he found Baz…. repulsive.

Sure he shouldn’t think about these things too much but….

Simon Snow hated Baz for a total of seven years with every inch of his being. They were constantly growling at each other, seeing who could pack the hardest punch. They were constantly picking at each other, which made it seem almost impossible for Baz to have a shot with him. Let’s be honest here, when a guy calls you a “bastard” twenty-four seven and considers you as his “enemy,” there’s a good chance he hates you more than you can possibly know.

But… somehow, in the middle of a flaming forest with years of self-hatred pouring off of him in waves, Simon Snow kissed him, sparking a new fire in his heart. None of it made sense. Nothing added up… which sometimes made Baz wonder if this was all part of some plan that Simon had. Sure, it was a cruelness that he never thought Simon would sink to, but maybe he finally figured out how much he hated Baz.

And when Simon stopped him in the middle of the park, Baz could practically hear the words echoing in his ears. I’m sorry Baz it’s just…. Not working for me.

Simon nodded at Penny, who took a step back, wandering off to a nearby bench where she sat down, watching not-so-subtly. The fidgeting increased outrageously as Simon stepped in front of Baz, the sound of his tail swishing and his wings flapping audible. His cheeks dotted with constellations of moles coloured a bright pink that spread down his neck and up to his ears. Shakily, he grabbed one of Baz’s hands, looking up into his eyes for the first time all day, his blue eyes clouded with fear.

“B-baz I–um….” He turned back to Penny, who gave him an overly enthusiastic thumbs up.

“T-these last couple years with you have been, well amazing and I–” he squeezes his eyes tight, looking so embarrassed that it made Baz’s heart lurch. He couldn’t watch him sit through that.

“It’s okay Simon. I know.”

“Y-you do?”

“I mean, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“I-it is?” Simon says, as pale as a ghost.

“I mean–” Baz takes a deep breath, trying to steady himself. “–I’ve always kind of known that the day would arrive because, well, you’re you and I’m….. me and I totally understand it’s just–” Baz stops himself, trying to keep his breathing under control. Simon looks more confused than usual.

“Look…. It’s fine, Simon. I get that sometimes these things…. Don’t really work out as they should so–”

“Wait… what?” Simon says, still looking confused but a little less agitated.

“You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?” And then…. Simon laughs. A snorty kind of laugh that makes tears stream from his face.

“Aleister Crowley, Baz. No, I am not breaking up with you.”

“Then what–” Simon casts one last glance over his shoulder at Penny, then looks back at Baz. He clutches his hands tightly and bends down onto one knee.

“Baz I–I just love you so much, okay? Aleister Crowley I love you so much and I…. I want to know if–” he reaches into his pocket, almost dropping the small black box inside of it. Blushing fiercely, he opens it up, revealing to a startled Baz a small golden band, marked with a pattern that almost seemed to resemble flames.

“Baz…. W-will you marry me?”

The Signs As Choir Broadway Trip Things
  • Aries: The seniors fighting over the back seats of the coach bus
  • Taurus: "Rule number one of the Broadway trip: don't ruin the Broadway trip!"
  • Gemini: "Why did you get coffee and a Boston cream donut? It's literally 9 PM?" "BECAUSE I'VE LOST CONTROL OF MY LIFE"
  • Cancer: Half the group making a beeline to the nearest Starbucks immediately after getting off the bus
  • Leo: Very loud group sing-along to High School Musical on the way back
  • Virgo: *almost gets hit by a car in Times Square*
  • Libra: "I panicked and got a taco with just beef. Just beef. Nothing else."
  • Scorpio: *anyone messes up* <b>DON'T RUIN THE BROADWAY TRIP!!!</b>
  • Sagittarius: It's either 35 degrees and snowing or 86 degrees and you're sweating your ass off. There is no in between.
  • Capricorn: "And for Pete's sake, don't go to McDonald's!"
  • Aquarius: The entire group making a beeline to the Dunkin Donuts at the rest stop in the morning, totally overwhelming the poor cashier who has to deal with us all
  • Pisces: Bus ride cuddles
  • *Regina smiles as she walks into Emma's house*
  • Regina: Ready to go?
  • Emma *smiles sheepishly*: Can I just start by saying you look amazing?
  • Regina: What did you do Emma?
  • Emma: And you know how you secretly love The Rabbit Hole?
  • Regina *confused*: What happened to dinner at the Italian restaurant...
  • *Snow appears*
  • Snow: Regina! You're finally here. We can get going!
  • Regina: Going where?
  • Snow: We're getting drinks to cheer Emma up.
  • Regina: Oh...I...
  • Snow: It's going to be such fun! Just the three of us!
  • *Snow goes to wait outside*
  • Regina: What happened to our date?
  • Emma: It's still going to happen...just maybe not the way I thought.
  • Regina *pouting*: I didn't picture our first date including your mother tagging along.
  • Emma: Me neither...don't worry, I have a plan.
  • Regina: What's the plan?
  • Emma: You're going to get really sick.
  • Regina: But I feel fine...
  • Emma:'re going to get a stomachache and feel nauseous and I will escort you home to make sure you're okay.
  • Regina *smiles before quickly kissing Emma on the cheek*: Good plan.
  • Emma: Yep. We better get going.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Regina: Wait...why am I the one who has to get sick?

I love you, really. You know I love you. I’ve never loved anyone else the way I love you // Ernest Hemingway.

Probably what happened in PP3 rehearsals with Kendrick and Britt
  • Kendrick: so how do you wanna do this? should you bend down a bit or should I just go on my tiptoes?
  • Britt: I'll stoop down if you want I don't mind.
  • Kendrick: I tell you what I'll just go on my tiptoes then just drag you down to my level and then we can just get it on for the "bechloe fans obviously"
  • Britt: oh yeah tots,Kendrick! that's a done deal signed, sealed and delivered.
  • Kendrick: you're such a weirdo.
  • Britt: look who's talking short arse *starts giggling*