you're the sky that i fell through

the signs and pretty 5sos lyrics
  • Aries: "Leaves fall from the tallest trees. Even mountains crumble into the sea."
  • Taurus: "Runaways; we're the long lost children. Running to the edge of the world."
  • Gemini: "Your eyes, your smile can light up the night. Embers and neon signs paint up our sky."
  • Cancer: "Nothing like the rain when you're in outerspace."
  • Leo: "All my life, I've been waiting for moments to come. When I catch fire and wash over you like the sun."
  • Virgo: "I don't wanna let it burn in the city lights and make the same mistakes."
  • Libra: "Drove into infinity, I held you 'til you fell asleep."
  • Scorpio: "Does it have to be this tragedy. The endless lost parade of castle, other side of make-believe?"
  • Sagittarius: "All your screaming whispers slip right through my fingers. But these memories linger on."
  • Capricorn: "Carry on, outlast the ignorance. Moving on, survive the innocence."
  • Aquarius: "I wanna take my heart to the end of the world; and fly away, fly away tonight."
  • Pisces: "The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side."

literarymerritt  asked:

Idk if you're still taking prompts for the concern meme, but if so... May I request Promptis + 16?? ( > v < )

16. 'C'mon, look at me! Don’t close your eyes, okay?’

When Noctis opens his eyes again, he smells burning cloth, the foul odor of melting daemon, and the particular sharp tang of blood. He pushes himself up, does a quick inventory of his body. Nothing seems to be broken or hurt too badly. He looks around. 

He remembers MTs dropping from the sky again, and then an explosion rocking through the air. He remembers warping too fast, hoping to reach his friend before he fell over the edge—


Noctis climbs to his feet, casting frantic glances at the debris surrounding him. Where was— There. There’s a spot of black amongst the rubble and broken metal armour. He stumbles over quickly and shoves a caved-in helmet off Prompto’s body.

“Prompto,” he says, falling to his knees. “Prompto, tell me you’re okay, please, Prompto—”

Hazy blue eyes blink open, and Noctis has time to breathe a sigh of relief before Prompto is groaning, lurching onto his side suddenly. He heaves, but nothing really comes up. Noctis reaches forwards before Prompto’s arms give out beneath him. 

“Hrrnngh,” Prompto groans, clutching at his head. “Hurts. Hurts, Noct.”

“I know, I know,” Noctis says, but he’s panicking, badly. He’s not the one carrying the potions, and he distinctly remembers emptying it from the armiger during the battle. He brushes aside Prompto’s hands gently, and sucks in a breath when he sees the gash in his forehead, still bleeding sluggishly. “Shit, Prom—I mean, it’s okay. You’re gonna be okay. Just, just stay awake? Yeah, don’t fall asleep, just, keep your eyes on me.”

Prompto doesn’t give any indication that he hears him. He leans against Noctis, eyes squinting like it hurts to open them. His hands fall from his head, and he tilts over.



Noctis has his phone out and is trying desperately to connect with Ignis, but Prompto’s eyes are drooping closed. “Prompto, no! C’mon, look at me! Don’t close your eyes, okay?” 

When Prompto doesn’t respond, Noctis drops his phone on the ground and reaches for his friend’s face. He taps Prompto’s cheeks lightly until Prompto is scrunching up his face and blinking open his eyes again. 

“Prompto, I need you to do something for me,” Noctis says slowly, firmly. He hates phrasing it like this, but he knows that Prompto would never turn down a favour from him. “I need you to stay awake, okay? Gladio and Specs aren’t here, you know? So you need to watch me. You’re Crownsguard, aren’t you, Prom? I need you to keep your eyes on me. Can you do that?”

It takes Prompto a couple of seconds to process that. Noctis can hear the tinny voice of Ignis through his phone, but he doesn’t look away from Prompto. 

“Okay,” Prompto says eventually. He’s wearing a tired scowl, and his eyes are still slightly unfocused, but he keeps them on Noctis determinedly. “I will. I will watch Noct.”

“Thank you,” Noctis says. He takes Prompto’s hand, and doesn’t let go until Ignis and Gladio arrive.

what goes on in my mind
  • person: the sky is so pretty look
  • me: you're the skyyyy that I fell through
  • mom: hey your dentist appointment is tomorrow
  • me: ive been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the driiiill
  • teacher: students your essay is due tomorrow
  • me: (didnt do the essay) i just cant get you off my mind and now im gonna be up all niiiight
  • dog: *bites me because I have food*
  • me: its another wolf bite
  • sans from undertale: your gonna have a bad time
  • me: hey but it's always a good time
  • all my friends: your hopeless
  • me: I know