you're the only one to say something back

BTS as things my friends have said in Maths...
  • Seokjin: It's a good job I'm pretty because I'm gonna need something to fall back on when I fail these exams
  • Yoongi: Easy. Everything is easy. Textbook - you've met your match
  • Hoseok: Maths can be fun sometimes! Come on, guys
  • Namjoon: My calculator works for everyone else but me - what is this? You're supposed to be mine.
  • Taehyung: *turns calculator upside down* It says 'hello', see?!
  • Jimin: Does anyone else need to borrow a pen? I have about fifty and only one good writing hand, so go ahead
  • Jungkook: *puts hand up and guesses the wrong answer* I demand a recount
The Signs THE 1975 Lyrics
  • Aries: If you never shoot you'll never know, if you never eat you'll never grow//
  • Robbers
  • Taurus: I'll give you one more time, we'll give you one more fight// Robbers
  • Gemini: She's got a two-tone everything, way too intelligent. Moving but she just can't move// She Way Out
  • Cancer: Don't you need me?
  • I, I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you//Fallingforyou
  • Leo: You're cold and I burn, I guess I'll never learn//Settle Down
  • Virgo: Hey now think about what to do, think about what to say, I think about how to think//Chocolate
  • Libra: I gave you something you can never give back, don't you mind//Me
  • Scorpio: God only knows but you'll never leave her//Robbers
  • Sagittarius: What's the fun in doing what you're told//Girls
  • Capricorn: Now if you just take off your mask, to find out everything's gone wrong//Robbers
  • Aquarius: Why don't you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?//Heart Out
  • Pisces: Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones//The 1975
Living Without You-Murphy Sibling Songfic

A/N: This is a songfic based on Beth Crowley’s song ‘Living Without You’. I heard this song and immediately fell in love with it and thought that it fit DEH very well. So here I am. If you guys enjoy this type of thing I might do more in the future. There’s not really a pairing in this fic, it’s more just a sibling relationship type thing. I don’t know, I liked how this turned out so I hope you guys do too.

Summary: Things haven’t been the same since Connor’s death. While everyone else in the Murphy family seems to be in denial of his death, reader finds themselves withdrawn and can’t help but remember the moments where Connor had a little bit of light.

Warning: Mention of suicide, self harm, implied overdose, swearing

Word Count: 2,220

I walk alone, pace up and down the streets we used to know.

You wander around your neighborhood, the street lights casting an eerie glow on the sidewalk. It’s been a few weeks since your brother’s death and you still can’t believe it. How can Connor really be gone? It feels like just yesterday you two were sneaking off to the orchard in his new already beat up car.

You and Connor had been very close. A lot closer than Connor had been with Zoe. You never quite knew why they always had to fight. You didn’t think they had wanted to. After their daily arguments, you could see the hopelessness and defeat reflected in both of your older siblings’ faces when they turned away. Couldn’t they see how tired both of them were?

After one of their fights, Zoe had stormed off  and you had been lingering at the edge of the hallway but close enough to just barely see Connor through his open doorway. It was like Connor’s perfect mask of indifference had crumpled and all that was left was a misunderstood, lost boy who didn’t know how to fix himself. He always looked more tired than angry. After a few hesitant moments, you had decided to grab a sketchbook and silently walk into his bedroom, sitting down cross legged on the ground. In that moment you had given Connor your silent support.

This becomes a daily occurrence. Whether it was a fight with Zoe or Connor’s nightly fights with Larry, you’d always be there to offer support.

One night, after an incredibly nasty fight, Connor had gotten up from the dining table and stormed out the front door instead of up to his room like normal. You remember vividly how Zoe had rolled her eyes and let out a relieved sigh, all of her previous tension dissipating. You hadn’t had time to grab your sketchbook or book before racing after your brother.

You end up sitting on the very same swingset that you had found Connor at that night. It’s cold out this time of year, a lot colder than that night with Connor. 

He had been slouched on the swing, his hands gripping the chains so tightly that his knuckles were turning white in the pale light of the moon. His eyes were scrunched tightly, as if he could erase the world from existence if he just closed his eyes tight enough. He looked like he was in so much pain. 

You just sit there in silence for a long time, scoffing your sneakers in the hard packed sand, listening to Connor’s ragged breathing.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Connor doesn’t answer for a long time, trying to control his breathing. After a deep sigh, he finally says “I can’t ever seem to please them. To them, I’m just a fucking disappointment.”

“Con, that’s not true.”

“It is! I’ve ruined everyone’s fucking life Y/N!”

“You didn’t Connor,” you say, remembering his outburst that night. If only he had believed you.

“You haven’t ruined mine,” You reply, swinging the seat sideways to see Connor’s distraught face better.

“Y-you’re just saying that! You don’t mean it.” Without allowing you to respond, Connor gets up and races off.

You turn to look back at your house down the street before deciding to follow him.

‘Cause our house no longer feels much like a home. It hasn’t for a while.

You let Connor walk ahead of you, allowing him space to let off some steam although you know that he must know that you were following him. He eventually sat down at the base of a large oak tree and you opt to sit beside him.

Without a word, Connor slips his hand into his pocket, pulling out his iphone and switching on his music. You sat there, watching Connor slowly nod his head to the music, a small smile forming on his lips as he leans his head back against the tree.

After a while of watching him, he scooches closer to you, taking out one of his ear buds and silently passing it over to you.

I hum along, listening to all your favorite songs.

You sit in that same spot underneath the oak tree, putting the playlist on shuffle. You had made a playlist dedicated to all his favorite music shortly after his death. It had been for his funeral. It had been impossible to do it without sobbing. Sitting here now, if you were still enough you could almost feel Connor sitting beside you.

Close my eyes and just imagine you’re not gone, remembering your smile.

You and Connor spend the whole night listening to his music. You can’t remember when but you end up falling asleep beside him, your head on his shoulder. Sometime during the night, Connor had taken off his hoodie and wrapped it around you, his long sleeve sweatshirt underneath.

After he looks over at you to make sure you’re still asleep, Connor carefully rolls his sleeves up to expose his scars. He traces each of them, picking at the newer ones, causing them to bleed. It was his little secret. Or at least that’s what he had thought. Right before he had fallen asleep, he had whimpered the tiniest amount but that was enough to briefly stir you awake.

You had still been pretty groggy but your eyes were open enough to see the black glint of blood on his arms. You weren’t awake enough to know whether it had been real or not.

At the crack of dawn, Connor nudges you awake. As you wake up, you look down at his sleeves which are now rolled down. You must have just imagined it although there was still a nagging sensation at the back of your mind.

You sit up, stretching and rubbing your eyes. Before you can fully wake up, Connor is already standing restlessly.

He points to the horizon. “Look.”

You tilt your head up at the sky. A hazy orange/pink tints the sky. You turn to look back at Connor only to see that he’s already clambering up the tree.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Going to watch the sunrise. You coming?”

You shake your head in disbelief before climbing up the tree after him. Connor perches on the thickest branch possible to catch his breathe and allow you to catch up before looping his arms around the branch above him and continue climbing. Eventually you get to the highest branch available that isn’t already too thin. 

You settle beside the branch beside him. You watch the sunrise in a comfortable silence. As the sun makes its peak, Connor lifts his arm and reaches toward the sun with his hand splayed, as if he can touch it. When the sun is fully up, Connor sighs sadly.

“We better get back home before I’m in even more shit,” he grumbles as he quickly climbs down. You follow him without a word. When you get to the last branch before the ground, Connor’s waiting with his back turned to you. You prepare yourself and jump, looping your arms around his neck as you fall.

Caught in surprise, Connor falls forward, landing hard in the grass. You roll off his back, laughing, smiling in satisfaction when you hear Connor’s dorky laugh.

It’s getting late.

You get up, brushing the dirt off your jeans. Not quite wanting to get back home, you make your slow trek down the street. Time’s frozen and you can’t escape from the memories flooding into your mind. Everywhere you look, you remember Connor. Tears burn at the back of your eyes but you refuse to spill them. 

You walk into your home and barely even notice your parents worried voices. Zoe tries to stop you before going upstairs but you shake out of her grasp easily.

Laughing, you and Connor stumble back into your home. Larry and your mom are waiting restlessly by the door, a look of fury and concern on their faces.

“Where the hell were you? Don’t think you can go and leave in the middle of dinner to get high Connor!”

“I wasn’t-”

“He wasn’t high!”

Mom tries to hug you but you side step out of her embrace, fists clenched as Connor and Larry get into another fight.

You go upstairs to find Zoe glaring down at the scene below her with a look of disgust on her face. You push past her to wait in Connor’s room, not noticing her questioning glance. 

A short while later, Connor stomps upstairs and flings himself onto his bed. Pressing his pillow to his face, he screams angrily, not caring that you're in the room with him since you're the only one he can trust. 

You curl up beside him and flip open your sketchbook, doodling something funny to make Connor smile. As per usual, it does it’s job. You and Connor spend the rest of the night passing the sketchbook back and forth.

Amongst the crowd, I swear I see your face.

School is an absolute mess. People give you and Zoe looks of pity as you walk the halls. As if they knew Connor. Like they cared. Your friends try to interact with you at lunch but you can’t focus on what their saying. You’re digging through your food, making it a mushed up jumble on your plate. For one reason or another you look up.

A flash of dark messy shoulder length hair flys past. You jerk around, searching frantically through the crowd. 

Turn around and have to do a double take. Though I know it won’t be you.

“Y/N? What’s up?” Jared and Evan look at you, startled.

You take one last look around the cafeteria and sigh, curling your shoulders in. “Nothing. It’s fine.”

Suddenly a rush of emotions comes up, choking you. You excuse yourself and rush to the bathroom before you can start crying. You barely slam the stall door shut before you collapse, sobbing on the floor.

All you can see is Connor’s lifeless body on the park bench, a bottle of empty pills rolled on the ground where he probably dropped it.

Your head starts buzzing with static and you swear you can hear blood rushing through your ears.

I hear your voice. A symphony that soars above the noise.

Get up.

His voice suddenly rings in your head. Your sobs hitch in your throat as you press closer to the bathroom wall.

Telling me that now I’ve gotta make a choice.

You either gonna shut down every time you think of my death or you gonna get the fuck up and live your life.

You swallow your tears, looking up at the gross, stained stall door. His words ring in your head for a long time before you decide to get up, stumbling out of the stall. You look at yourself in the mirror and glare, knowing that you gotta listen to whatever voice is inside your head. You start scrubbing at your face until it has mostly gotten rid of the buffy eyes and red, tear streaked face.

You need to do this. For him.

Stay still or start anew.

You walk out of the bathroom with your head high, trying to ignore the stupid, puppy hurt looks other students give you.

You march up to your lunch table, watching as Jared, Evan, and now Zoe and Alana look up at you with astonishment. And you smile.

Dear Connor Murphy,

I write you letters you will never read. Paint you pictures you will never see. In all my life I never thought I’d be…living without you.

Zoe watches from the doorway as you write furiously in your journal, writing and rewriting everything you wish you could have gotten to say to Connor. Your sketchbook lays spread open on your bed where doodles and cartoon caricatures of various people you and Connor know are drawn. You are sure to draw in it every day after dinner.

I lost a part of me I’ll never find, but I keep searching for a sign you haven’t gone and left me far behind. I’m living without you.

I’ll try to finish what you started, be the person that you wanted. See the beauty in the world.

A half empty canvas is propped against the wall in Connor’s room. For the longest time you tried to ignore it, wishing it didn’t exist, trying to stop all the memories of Connor painting from floating to the surface.

You decide it’s time to start painting it. Connor always intended it to be finished. Or if he had been planning his suicide in advance, he intended for you to finish it. So that’s what you do. You spend every other chance you get to finish Connor’s painting. 

You don’t exactly know how it happened but after you finish it, it ends up in the local art gallery. You make sure people recognize it for Connor’s. To see everyone’s excitement and awe over this painting, you could feel Connor smiling beside you, knowing this is what he’d always wanted.

They say a person never leaves you. God, I’m hoping that might be true. But this is always going to hurt. 

I’m living without you.



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hi! i realize you probably have a million prompts, so you can totally ignore this one if you're not feelin' it, however: can you write something with Lonnie bursting back onto the scene only to find Hopper, Joyce and the kids all settled as one happy family. bonus if Eleven uses her powers against him somehow.

So I received one similar to this. Because I want to do both (Because I said I wouldn’t say no to any prompts) I hope you don’t mind that I snuck this into the Oops Baby universe. (Found here and more links in here

“Pack of onesies, dark green with white stripes, Claudia Henderson,” Joyce Hopper whispered to Karen Wheeler from her heavily cushioned wicker chair. Karen sat at a dining room chair, scribbling into a notepad. “Thank you, Claudia!” Joyce said aloud, smiling across her living-room at the curly-haired, pleasant faced woman who sat among a small group of women who were likewise in temperament, or at least they were on their best baby shower behavior.

 Joyce was surrounded by a mountain of presents that didn’t seem to be getting smaller, no matter how long she tore at the bright and festive paper, or smiled until the muscles in her cheek ached. ‘I hate Karen’ seemed to running in her head constantly, changing melody every so often so it didn’t get stale. She had fought so hard to NOT have to be humiliated with a baby shower (this was her third kid, baby showers were for young mothers, don’t make me sit in the middle of a room on display…), but Karen had decided that Joyce was just protesting too much, and gee wouldn’t it be nice to just SURPRISE her instead? The house was notably absent Will and Hopper, so Joyce sensed complicity. Hop would pay.

“Here, Mom,” El’s low, sweet voice jerked Joyce out of her bitter reverie and she smiled up at her adopted daughter as she was handed a small, rectangular box wrapped in ivory paper with a mauve ribbon. 

“You didn’t have to-”

“Kali and I saved up.” Joyce raised an eyebrow and shot a look at her other adopted daughter, the newest edition to the family. The dark-eyed teen smirked, shrugged, and went back to reading a large horror novel that appeared to be 800 pages, if not more. Kali was… an adjustment, but she seemed to be warming up to family life. Joyce finally stopped expecting to wake up and find the girl missing along with the battered duffel bag that had been the only thing in her possession when they took her in. 

Joyce smiled at both girls, unwrapped and opened the box. Nestled in cotton was a delicate silver rope chain chain with a butterfly clasp. Attached along the chain were five silver discs, barely the size of a dime. All of the discs save for one had a name etched on them in cursive; Jonathan, Will, El, Kali. 

There’s one for the baby,” Kali muttered, without looking up from her book. “We don’t know what you’re going to call it.” 

“Well, that’s just -…” Joyce frowned at the name on the box. Tiffany and Co. . Obviously, the girls had had help with the purchase. She wondered (very sarcastically) who on earth she knew in New York City that would do a thing like that. “It’s beautiful, girls. I can’t wait to engrave the fifth charm.” She reached out an arm towards El and hugged the girl to her side. “I love you both.”

“Love you too, Mom,” El murmured, pressing a kiss to Joyce’s cheek. Kali made a non-committal in her throat that sounded vaguely uncomfortable. 

A knock on the door drew the attention of the room. Joyce tried to rise to her feet, but Karen gently pressed on her shoulder.

“This is your party, Mommy. Let me get that.”

“Don’t call me-”

The door flew open and Joyce felt annoyance rise within her like wildfire as Lonnie Byers stepped into the room. His shirt was clean, hair slicked back, face clean-shaven, and the scent of his aftershave made Joyce’s stomach roil unpleasantly. 

“Well, hell, I didn’t think there would be anyone here,” Lonnie cursed, giving every female in the room his most winning grin. He gave a start when his eyes fell on Joyce and took note of her very obvious condition - she wrapped her arms over her midsection, feeling both protective and self-conscious. 

“Holy - well, damn, last I heard, you were with Bob the Brain. Did he do that to you?”

Joyce felt the blood drain from her face at the oblivious remark. The tips of her ears began to burn as she caught the murmurs of mortified disapproval amongst her guests. Both Kali and El were glaring up at the man; their brows furrowed and their mouths set in twin lines of suspicion. 

Karen cleared her throat and crossed the room to Lonnie. When she reached his side, she whispered low in his ear, as if Joyce didn’t know what her friend was filling her ex-husband in on. 

“Shit! I’m sorry, babe. Living off the grid will do that to a man - I’ve been cut off from the gossip mill for years.”

“Mexico again?” Joyce inquired in a soft voice that drew concerned looks from Kali and El. She was trying desperately to think about her blood pressure, to keep her temper - 

“Yeah. It’s funny, I actually had a - I guess you could call it a religious experience, and I decided to come back and work things out with you.”

“Ladies, let’s go for a walk!” Karen announced to the guests. Not needing any further encouragement to flee an increasingly awkward scene, Joyce’s guests, save for El and Kali, rose to their feet and followed Karen through the kitchen and into the backyard.

“Girl, why don’t you go to your room and listen to music for a little while?” Joyce rose to her feet and waved an arm towards the hallway when the girls didn’t budge. Their faces blank as they regarded Joyce and then Lonnie.

“What does he mean ‘work things out’?” El asked, furrowing her brow.

“He wants to kick us out and move back in,” Kali stated flatly. 

“Girls, go,” Joyce hissed.

“Who the hell are they?” Lonnie asked. 

El rose to her feet and walked up to Lonnie, her eyes burning as she tilted her head back to look him straight in the eyes. 

“This is our home.”

“It was mine first, kid.”

Joyce stood, planting her hands on her hips. “Not really, Lonnie; I grew up in this house.” her voice was still steady and calm, but she could feel her heart beating in her throat as she tried to appear intimidating to her ex-husband. 

“Holy. Shit. You’re real, real pregnant, aren’t you? You always did balloon up.”

Kali snapped her book shut and gave El an urgent look. The younger girl shook her head. 

“If you’re here to work things out, you’re doing a real bang-up job,” Joyce snorted. “Was it a religious experience or a running-out-of-money experience? You always knew how to get sweet when the money ran out - Girls, if you do not go to your rooms, this instant! - but it’s a little too late.” Joyce patted her stomach. “Obviously.”

“So Hopper finally weaseled his way back in, eh? I wondered what was taking so long, you’re usually easier to get in bed than -”

Lonnie was slammed, bodily against the front door by an invisible force. His head hit the solid wood with a loud and dull ‘thunk’ before he collapsed to the floor. He was stunned for a moment before he scrambled to his feet. “What the fuck?”

Joyce pointed an accusatory finger at El, who was wiping her nose with the back of her sleeve, as she made her way to Lonnie’s side. “Are you alright?” she inquired, touching him on the shoulder. Lonnie shrugged her hand away and headed for the door.

“I don’t know what that was, but I’m getting the hell out of here! Fuck you, Joyce. Tell Hopper I hope - just, fuck off.” With that, Lonnie waved a dismissive hand, threw open the front door and bolted onto the porch, down the steps, and into the driveway to get to his car. 

“Not. Okay,” Joyce scolded the girls as she headed through the kitchen to call her guests back in. “You’re both grounded.”

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honestly all the guys in my school are so sexist like the teacher on the first day went "don't draw on your notebooks! Don't draw your crush's name with lil hearts!" And some guy just said "tell that to the girls!" and then i accidentally stabbed myself with a needle and the doctor said "you're clearly bot ready for marriage?" Of course i'm not? I'm 14! This literally makes me so angry ajajsjsj ugh

I’ve had a teacher say something about doodling hearts and a crushes name too!! grr

we had a speaker today and he was saying little remarks like like this. one involved paper name tags or nameplates or something that seniors can include in graduation invitations, and he said people typically only need 25 but they send 50 anyway and he was like “but all you guys out there, it’s fine because you can just write your number on the back and give it to the girls you meet on the weekends” and I was so agitated because a) don’t just assume guys are like that, b) girls can do that too, c) some girls won’t even want their number??? like don’t just give it to someone, ask if they want it??? i don’t know, he singled them out and it made me frustrated.

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I have a hard time with "Just call yourself a witch and then ta-da! You are one!" If you've literally never done anything concerning magick at all, no you're not a witch? Like either you're going to start studying and practicing one day and then you'll be one, or you aren't. The only people this idea caters to are those who have a witch blog for a month, delete, and never look back. It's OK to say you have to actually, y know, do SOMETHING to be a witch??? It's not a meaningless term.


The PTA Human Parents from My Perspective
  • Linda: The snooty older mom version of Regina George (basically everyone in PTA has been victimized by this woman); has the “can I speak to a manager” haircut and posts those dumb minion memes and wine jokes on Facebook; wants to be the alpha mom but she sucks at being a mom; has an adorable kid who is somehow not an asshole like her, but she doesn't deserve this kid because she's rude and always puts too much pressure on the kiddo; wears mom jeans and tacky shirts God Linda your fashion is a crime; she dresses her kid in dumb outfits too leave that poor cinnamon roll alone; tries too hard to be a leader; overall bully which is why Sans butts heads with her a lot; she is a shit talker tho but as soon as you say something back to her she plays the victim and acts all booty hurt; you're so fake Linda lmao this is why asgore doesn't even like you and he's the one who's the nicest out of the crew; she's the only person to quiet hand frisk and Jamal and she thinks she's being helpful like fuck you Linda; basically Linda thinks she's in charge of everything lmao okay Linda keep playing pretend leader
  • Helen: Is actually not much of an asshole, but she follows whatever Linda does because she has no opinions or free will of her own; brunette with that mom hair cut; her husband is one of the guys Sans actually likes cuz the dude is chill and doesn't take David's bullshit; isn't a sucky cook but Sans would never admit that bc Helen can be annoying; literally is a racist and doesn't even realize it wtf Hellen shut your mouth stop talking shit about Keisha; her kids aren't vaccinated bc she believes vaccines give kids autism; don't you just want to fight her; puts her kids on dog leashes bc she's a lazy parent; has two sons and a daughter
  • Diana: literally nobody likes her she tries to force the kids to eat her gluten free vegan baking crap and it's awful go away Diana you can't cook; brunette; is the shade queen; constantly misgenders frisk on purpose bc she is a vampire who feeds off drama; is the first person to make rude comments about papyrus's cooking which is why undyne wants to fight her; homophobic prick; literally was the first person to try to pick a fight with toriel which is why she got dunked on lmao eat that Diana; has two kids both girls; one time frisk beat her kid in the spelling bee and Diana never got over it; she still holds that grudge to this day; you're so petty Diana this is why nobody wants to invite you anywhere; thinks it's funny to be an ableist asshole; she once quiet handed frisk but Keisha went off on her and she never did it again
  • Becky: Becky is a mess; get your life together Becky; she's not even a bad person she is just a wreck; get it together girl; a red head who is trying to get her life together; nobody really knows much about her except for the fact that her husband died while serving in the military and that kind of messed her up; Keisha likes her though and the two of them tend to sit beside each other; Becky doesn't really talk tho; but hey Becky can sew and is really talented with making scarves; lost a kid so she understands toriel's pain and the one time she went off on Diana was because Diana brought up how toriel has lost a child and that frisk wasn't her real kid; Becky fucking dragged Diana through the mud lmao Diana deserved it; protect Becky she is just a mom trying to raise her kid and also get over the trauma of losing her husband
  • Keisha: one of the few black parents in this white dominated school; tries to fit in with the other parents but Linda constantly tries to embarrass her bc she is a young mom; pretty chill and tries to ignore what the other moms say but sometimes she just loses her cool and goes off; has those quick comebacks tho; when she is on the offensive she is merciless and goes for blood lmao don't think she won't bring up the fact that Linda can't keep a husband Keisha don't give a fuck; she is pretty helpful; her and Becky are good fiend; her son is autistic which is why she get really pissed when she sees anyone quiet hand Frisk or her son Jamal; pretty good cook and on good terms with Sans; moved to this school so her kid could have a better life than she did; toriel and her are good friends they share cooking recipes and Keisha's kid just adores toriel; protect Keisha from Linda's wrath 2kforever
  • David: Fucking asshat who supports Donald trump and is a sexist, racist jerk; homophobic too; you know what think of a Texan and how shitty they are; that's David right there; cowboy boots and everything; he acts like he's a big shot but really he isn't; his hair is a disaster; kinda looks likes Donald trump's shitty toupee; said shit about mettaton and almost got killed by everyone lmao don't talk shit David you're just mad that nobody loves you the way everybody loves mettaton; sans would fight him but toriel's promise still binds him bc she said the promise applies to the outside world too; dangit goat mom why must you be nice even to this buttplug like David deserves to get falcon punched in the throat; actually David kinda reminds people of that one gym teacher they all hated; makes fun of kids bc he's a douche bag just fuck off David; nobody likes him but they can't get rid of him; he literally never does shit to help; fucking contribute you wanker; his kid is a bully too; good job David way to parent your kid you useless potato
  • Pete: a fuckin tool; basically only backs up whatever David says bc he's a tool; stop being a tool Pete it's getting annoying; did i mention he's a tool literally Pete stop kissing David's ass; Pete wouldn't be bad if he wasn't a tool; fucking stop agreeing with David you tool
  • Andy: Eyyyyy everybody fucking loves Andy; he has those cool lame dad jokes; he wears bow ties cuz he thinks they make him look snazzy; he can actually barbecue unlike David who just burns the shit outta the food and calls it barbecue; he doesn't misgender Frisk; how the fuck is he married to Helen he's a cinnamon roll too pure for this PTA from hell; he wears glasses and isn't a dick holy shit this man is perfect; keeps sans somewhat sane; he's quiet tho and doesn't really like being confrontational; but don't think that means he's complacent nope he'll speak up when the situation calls for it; has a really hearty laugh man you wanna laugh with him cuz it's so great; loves san's pun; often times will contribute a dramatic whispered “oooooooooooohhhhhh” whenever sans says something funny or if sans tells a good pun; certified cool dad

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Greaser!tom being friends with your brother, always being at your house, constantly flirting back and forth with you. One day he shows up early and asks if he can wait around for your brother and you, having been crushing on him for 2 years, stumble through simply saying yes before retreating to the kitchen to dig through the fridge. You find something to stress eat and stand back up only to have arms wrap around your waist and tom whisper in your ear "2 years and you're still nervous around me"

omg pls this hurts me!!!! you would laugh and be like “i don’t know what you’re talking about????” and tom would kiss your cheek and press himself against you and be like “prove it. let’s go out.” and you ask “aren’t you waiting for my brother???” “he’s in detention i came to see you.”

pretty as a picture | kim yugyeom

word count: 1584

non idol!au college!au bad boy!au

contains cussing, alcohol usage and mentions of sexual themes 

Originally posted by mincypherdaily

You groaned as you, once again, dropped the books you had stacked in your hands. You were thankful the library allowed you to stay later than usual. You had a chemistry exam in a few days and you desperately wanted a quiet place to study as your roommate had a bad habit of being too loud. You could feel your head start to ache as you made your way to your dorm room, already knowing you’d get little sleep.

As you thought, the dorm was almost shaking with the bass to a song you could hear. You rolled your eyes and used your books to push your way through the crowds of people. You finally made it to your room - the door was open and the room was empty. You knew your roommate was most likely in the crowd so, you set your books on your desk before turning to shut your door.

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Hi there, I hope you're having a good day! Can you recommend any fics that have a mafia/organized crime element to them? Thank you so much :)

My day’s ok :)

I can’t think of many with this theme, in fact, only one fic rings a bell in recent memory.

Spot the Mullet and Aim a Little Higher-  The Galra Empire is an underground organization of smugglers and perhaps something much more than what Lance and Keith understands. Like that one saying goes. Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.
Only one chapter so far but it looks promising.

After a bit of tag searching I’ve maybe found some others, I haven’t read these fics though.

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5SOS Preference #13: Good Girls (Bad Boy AU)
  • Michael Clifford: "Are you crazy?!" I whisper loudly while watching Michael climb up to my window. He finally reaches the window. "Only for you." He says before pecking my lips. I shake my head and help him up. "Fuck." He says after he bumps his head on the window pane. "Shhh, you'll wake my parents." I whisper with a laugh. Michael smirks while finally standing in front of me. I close the window gently. "What are you doing here?" I ask as his hands found my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck. "What? Is it a crime to see my girl?" He says smoothly before kissing my lips. "I-I guess not," I say breathlessly once he pulls away. "But my dad will kill you if he finds out that you're here." Michael chuckles before he starts to kiss my neck. I start to squirm. "Trust me baby," He whispers warmly against my cold skin. "I'll be quiet but I don't know if you will once I get going with you."
  • Calum Hood: "Cal, we're going to get caught." I whisper as he leads me towards the janitors closet. Everyone's in class except for us. "You always say that and look at us?" He says before stopping and then turning to me. "We've done this how many times and did we get ever get caught yet?" I smirk and then shake my head slowly. He smiles and then kisses my lips. "Exactly." He whispers before leading me towards that closet. "Now, come," He says while placing his hand on the door knob. He opens the door and pulls me inside slowly. "I've been dying to see what's under that pretty little blouse of yours." Once we're both inside, Calum pushes me up against the cold, metal door. His lips kiss mine passionately as his warm hands slide under my blouse and then start to rub my sides. I whimper once his teeth bite my bottom lip. "Mmmm do that again." He demands gently with a smirk. His right hand slides up and then squeezes my boob and I whimper out, once again. "Yeah, just like that."
  • Ashton Irwin: "Cut it out, please." I whine to Ashton, who has his warm hand resting between my legs teasingly, as I try to study for my chemistry test. We're the only two in the library and the librarian is too far away to keep an eyes on us. "It's not my fault that you're wearing a little, tight skirt babe." Ashton says with a smile as one of his fingers slide up and down my inner thigh. I swallow, trying to focus back to my study guide. "What would your daddy say about you wearing this, baby? Huh?" He whispers into my ear and then his finger starts to slowly move up towards my underwear. "A-Ashton, no." I stutter, even though I want him to keep going. "Hmmmm. You're saying no but something else is screaming yes." He says with a smirk, his finger playing with my hem of my underwear. "Not h-here, Ashton." I whine as I move in my seat. "Then let's get outta here, yeah?" He whispers before moving his hand away from me "Let's go so I can take care of you."
  • Luke Hemmings: "We don't have a lot of time." I whisper as Luke kisses my neck, thinking about the time when I have to be home. Stupid curfew. "I only need five minutes." Luke says, starting to suck on my skin. "No hickeys!" I yell a little, even though it feels amazing. We lay in the back seat of his car. I'm laying down on my back as he hovers over me. "You're such a goody. Lighten up baby girl." He says with a chuckle before pull away from my neck. "I don't want my parents to see them. We shouldn't be doing this anyways. We don't have time." I say, trying to sit up but Luke presses his hand on my chest, pushing me back down on my back. "Just a few more minutes, I promise." He whispers before kissing my lips. I moan into the kiss once he begins to roll his hips into mine. I wrap my legs around his waist, bringing him closer to me. Luke's hand finds the top button of my blouse and starts to unbutton it. "No, we can't." I say pulling away from his lips. I get a groan from him in return. "Okay, fine." He mutters, getting off of me. "But tomorrow, there's no stopping, got it?"

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who thinks it's really stupid (and irritating) the way Americans will call themselves Italian/Irish/English/whatever the fuck despite never having been there and being 3 generations back at most? Like they don't even say "I have Italian ancestry" half the time, they'll just say "I'm Italian" meanwhile actual Italians are going "no you're fucking not." I don't get this, no other country in the world does it. What's so bad about being American? (1/?)

(2/2)Why do they try so hard to be something else? You go back far enough and EVERYONE in America is a descendant of an immigrant of some sort. What’s the big deal that someone is fucking 1/7th Irish or whatever?

I can’t say for sure, but I think that it has something to do with the US being so young.

I like paranormal shows, right? I think they’re fun to watch. And when I watch a British version, there are all these supposed ghosts haunting 800 year old cathedrals and 400 year old homes and things. And then I watch a US one, and there are people panicking about their “really old” 120-year old home, and others gasping at how old it is. It’s so weird to me personally, because I have a different context than they do.

From my personal perspective? I think that Americans are fine with their patriotism, but they don’t have much of a real connection to the US as the US. Where I’ll see a lot of Brits attacking politicians or political actions, there are Americans that jump from “I hate this action/politician” to go straight away to “The US is evil.” It almost feels, sometimes, that Americans are patriotic to a literal flag and the government (despite so many bucks against it) instead of the country as a whole.

I mean, I could totally have the wrong end of the stick here, but that’s honestly how it reads to me.

The Nightmare Before Christmas {Sentence Starters}
  • "The job I have for you is top secret, it requires craft, cunning, mischief."
  • "You can come out now, if you promise to behave."
  • "But, they said you were dead. You must be... DOUBLE DEAD!"
  • "Careful, my precious jewel."
  • "Just because I cannot see it doesn't mean I can't believe it!"
  • "So you're the one everybody's talking about?"
  • "If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun."
  • "Well, at least they're excited,, but they don't understand."
  • "Until you taste it, I won't swallow a spoonful!"
  • "I can't believe my eyes. I must be dreaming!"
  • "I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, sir."
  • "You've poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl!"
  • "That's alright. I have a present for you anyway."
  • "Absolutely no one is to know about it, not even a soul!"
  • "There isn't anywhere in the whole world more comfortable than that."
  • "You're mine, you know!"
  • "It's a phase, my dear, it'll pass. We need to be patient, that's all."
  • "Is there anywhere we've forgotten to check?"
  • "Take him home first! And apologize again!"
  • "She's the only one who seems to make any sense in this insane asylum!"
  • "What's that you were saying about luck?"
  • "For it is plain, as anyone can see. We're simply meant to be."
  • "You monster! You fiend!"
  • "And if you aren't shakin', then there's something very wrong."
  • "It's hopeless, you're finished."
  • It's much more fun, I must confess, when lives are on the line!"
  • "Well, well, well, what have we here?"
  • "I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself!"
  • "You'll be back sooner or later. You'll need this!"
  • "Which door? There's more than one!"
  • "I'd like to join you by your side."
  • Y'all: You know, according to Plato, humans used to have two heads, four arms, and four legs, because we were born attached to our SOULMATES *dreamy sigh* But Zeus got SO JEALOUS of our LOVE for each other and our POWER that he split us up! *GASP* So, now, we have to seek out the ONE TRUE person that matches up with us and put our broken halves back together. Isn't that soooo romantic? To think that your Other Half is out there, looking for you, waiting to match up with you and make both halves whole again? *dreamy sigh*
  • My Aromantic Ass: *is literally whole all on my fucking own and is concerned that you think you're just 'one half' of something. also wonders where you fucking getting off invalidating poly-amorous people by saying that you're only allowed One True Love. is once again giving a shout out to Aphordite for making me the way I am*

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Send one to harm my muse! 🔫 - shoot them (non terminally) @hux-capacitor

Kylo had gotten far too out of hand, the violent outburst causing more than a couple soldiers and officers to be sent to medical facilities to say the least. He himself even caused bruises and blood to be dripping from his own body before the General had even shown his face.

Of course though, that only seemed to give the man even more incentive, mocking, all but tempting him to do something, anything, to shoot him even.. Well that seemed to be his first mistake, underestimating how far he truly thought Hux would go when it came to the feral man known as Kylo Ren. 

It had taken more than just a single shot for him to stop, something the general would have known being in such close quarters with him for so long. The pain, he could feel it, embrace it and force that into power, into the dark side of the force he tries so hard to keep hold to. But he was no sith lord he was no master, just an apprentice, barely. He wasn’t strong enough to deal with three wounds from a blaster and to keep going, he needed to be, but wasn’t. Hell he had barely been strong enough to fight as long as he had having been shot once.

The knight was hunched over, kneeling on the ground, disgruntled and in pain. Blood was soaking through his robes, gloved hands glistening from the liquid seeping onto them from his wounds he was pressing onto. There was little movement from Kylo, not since the other seemed to be finished. It seemed obvious perhaps this time the general had been victorious against Kylo.

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"Good morning," he cooed, rolling on his back and staring at the other with a lazy smile on his face." Mm, you're dressed...Where ya going?" He shifted, the sheets wrapped around his naked body.

It was the first night they agreed to sleep with their clothes off, but Stephen could only go for so long. But as 2 am rolled around, his phone had gone off the ringer at least 4 times. The alpha let out a big sigh. “Got an emergency call from the hospital, say they have a woman go down and they need fluid drained from her skull because of meningitis. Sorry. I’ll be back by dawn if something else doesn’t happen.” He ruffled Duncan’s hair and gave him one last kiss before rushing downstairs to his car. 

jerseydevil012  asked:

Can you draw Ortensia wearing a pink, silky, smooth, frilly, elegant, sleeveless, strapless, satiny, chiffony, rose quartz-studded & rose zircon-decorated prima ballerina's tutu & dancing baller en pointe for me please?

Oh hey my hunch was correct! You are the same person who asked me something super specific like that a while back on my Ortensia ask blog.
Several times. {link} {link}
Not even counting the asks I didn’t post.

Also I specifically said I wouldn’t be doing art requests for a good while.
So my answer is still no.

Random Sleepy Conversation - December 15th, 2016
  • <p> <b>Judy:</b> So, that's why I stopped at carrot #46. Almost beat the record too. *looks up at Nick, her head in his lap*<p/><b>Nick:</b> Huh. Weird story. Makes sense though. Too many carrots and you would've turned into one.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *laughs* That isn't possible, ya dork.<p/><b>Nick:</b> I know, I know. *smirks and plays with her ears softly, knowing it'll put her to sleep* Why do you always have to contradict the silly stuff I say?<p/><b>Judy:</b> Because it's fun. *yawns, falling asleep*<p/><b>Nick:</b> Figures. Little Ms. Smartypants... It's a good thing you're adorable. You know, one day I'm gonna say something kind of off-the-wall, and someone somewhere will prove it. And then you'll be... Carrots?<p/><b>Judy:</b> *wakes up suddenly, only one eye somewhat open* Huh? Did you say something Nick?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *laughs softly* Nevermind, Carrots. Go back to sleep.<p/></p>
"Looks like we're going to be trapped for a while." -White rose
  • Weiss: Ruby...what happened to the door?
  • Ruby, looking up from her scroll: Huh? Oh! Yeah Yang fitted a deadlock into the door because Blake was scared about Nora stealing her books or something, so now we need a key to unlock it!
  • Weiss, standing at the door, silent for a while: .....and the key....
  • Ruby, laughs a little: They only gave Yang one! So her and Blake went out to get three more made!
  • Weiss, beginning to tremble: So what you're that we have no leave...
  • Ruby, absently, but with a cheery attitude: Nope!
  • Weiss, smashes her head against the door: When...will they be back....
  • Ruby, tilting her head, pondering: Hmmmm...I don't know...
  • Weiss, internally screaming: Oh...wonderful.
  • Ruby, jumps up: Yeah! Do you wanna play some games!
  • ~Four hours later.~
  • Weiss, internally AND externally screaming: SOMEONE LET ME OUT
  • Ruby, stretching: Oh man you really hate monopoly.
Hetalia Episode 1: World Conference
  • America: Dude, I think the World Conference can convene. Solving all of today's problems by talking excessively! No matter how hard it seems, we can fix anything with enough meetings and photo ops. Feel free to speak honestly while protecting your chances for re-election. I'll go first! About that whole using global warming to enslave humanity thing, I think we'll be okay if we genetically engineer a huge hero and have him protect the Earth - I give you the super hero, 'Globoman'!
  • Japan: I agree with America.
  • Switzerland: Man up or I'll beat you with my peace prize!
  • England: There's no way some hero will help global warming or humanity's enslavement.
  • France: If Britain and America don't agree, how can I be superior by dissing them both?
  • England: AGINCOURT!
  • America: You Frenchies just love to hate America. Why not go back to making us hot green chick statues like you used to?
  • China: Western nations are so immature. I doubt they ever grow up. Maybe I can try appealing to the only organ of theirs that seems to work. Would you guys like to sample some Chinese tasty treats?
  • France and Britain: We'd just get hungry again!
  • Spain: Hey, why don't you say something Russia? They'll stop fighting if you go over and step in.
  • Russia: What? Why me? No thanks. I want to see Lithuania get in big trouble and come crawling back for help. Then Latvia will be right behind.
  • Estonia: You're so tough, next you'll try to pick a fight with Haiti.
  • Russia: Do you have a miniature detachable head?
  • Poland: If you take one step closer to Lithuania I'll whip out a minature Lech Wałęsa and go all Solidarność on you!
  • China: Please everyone, calm down!
  • Germany: Everyone shut up!
  • England and France: Germany?!
  • Germany: We've called this conference to solve the world's problems, not to fight about the problems of our past. And since I'm the only country who seems to know how to run a meeting, we'll follow my rules from here on out. Eight minutes each for speeches, no chit chat about side deals, and absolutely no going over the time limit. Now if you want to go, make sure you're prepared and raise your hand, but do so in a way that does not mock any salute of my country's past. [Italy's hand goes up] Germany recognizes his friend Italy!
  • Italy: ... PASTA----!
  • *Opening*