you're the one that got away


I’m not sure how frequent this reference has been done, but I’m assuming it’s already to the point of being overrated :’)) Literally, Yuu would be /obsessed/ with this game tho???

i think something we missed last ep is how Maggie was jealous/how she showed it?

Like specifically pretty much all of Alex’s whole story arc  last season was around her not having separate from kara or supergirl, and how everyone, including her boss and even her mother, basically boiled her down to, “sister of Supergirl” because her dedication to Kara probably made her think that herself

But then Maggie “I forgot you two were running buddies” Sawyer, just easily pushed aside their relationship, because she likes Alex for Alex, and not because she is Supergirls sister/partner/bestfriend

 i think it was exactly what Alex needed to hear to rally and ask this cute girl for drinks

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We all give Kara grief for being so obvious with her identity, but Alex is definitely worse, at least at the DEO, because you know she's got a clamshell picture frame on her desk, Kara dressed up for her first day at CatCo on one side, early Supergirl victory pose on the other, and whenever J'onn tries to say something, Alex just gives him a look like "Am I not allowed to be proud of my sister now?" and he walks away, because he keeps pictures of the both of them in his wallet.

because he keeps pictures of both of them in his wallet.

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”


On the last day before Christmas, @panda-capuccino drew for me… Rey and Kylo listening to some music, from my on-going modern AU Reylo fanfiction - The Only Exception.

I have been blown away by the amazing response to this fic, and for that I will always be grateful. At first I feared no one would read it. It is set in a psychiatric ward, and the few times that I’d encountered fics in such a setting, I just didn’t like them. When the idea of the fic came to me, I was hesitant to continue working on it, but the plotbunnies were too strong and multiplied too quickly, and I had to cave in and begin writing. I haven’t regretted that since. I still think it’s a hard subject to get right - and just emerging myself into the psychology behind many of my characters has been confronting and fascinating at the same time. I’ve learned a great deal, also from my readers, who are always eager to discuss plot points and whether characters are making right choices or not. It’s amazing to see how passionate people are about these fictional characters and their fictional lives. It is one of the great joys of writing, to see people respond in such a strong way and to recognize so much empathy in my readers. It is one of the few things in life that gives me the hope that the world is still able to grow wiser and kinder, to see people care about fiction, and honestly, nothing warms my heart more than heartfelt comments on my stories. I truly have the Reylo fandom to thank for a great deal of my self-worth and happiness this year, and I do hope you like these few Reylo arts you received the past week. Tomorrow one more art from The Only Exception will be posted - but I’m sorry to say it won’t be Reylo. ;-) Keep an eye out, cause it’s hot and @panda-capuccino‘s art is amazeballs regardless of what she draws.

Stocking stuffers: Reylo’s love song for this fic (seriously read the lyrics) - This art I was gifted (about a similar scene as above) - Quite literally the theme songThis lovely art I won - This lovely song - the playlist I put on for writing all my reylo fics(See more art, finished fic, and stocking stuffers of previous and future days here!)


My mom gave me an amazing and also a nerve wracking christmas present: a baby saguaro cactus. And by “baby” this thing could apparently be as old as I am already. 

“It can take 10 years for a saguaro cactus to reach 1 inch in height. By 70 years of age, a saguaro cactus can reach 6 and a half feet tall, and will finally start to produce their first flowers. By 95-100 years in age, a saguaro cactus can reach a height of 15-16 feet, and could start to produce its first arm. The average life span of a saguaro is probably 150 - 175 years of age. However, biologists believe that some plants may live over 200 years.“

Honestly the most compelling reason I’ve thought of to have kids so far, to force them to take care of this plant when I inevitably die and it lives on.


everybody 📣 admire 📣 @boldlysewn’s 📣 work

I commissioned this barely any time ago, and @boldlysewn was 1) friendly 2) professional 3) FAST. The intense quality of her handiwork speaks for itself; she hardly needs me plugging her stuff when it fits like this ripped right out of the packaging, but oh my god, you guys, LIVVY IS REALLY REALLY GOOD AT MAKING STAR TREK UNIFORMS. I’m too attached to it just the way it is–very comfortable, easy to put on and take off, stays where it hangs with no need to keep pulling at it–to take advantage of her alterations policy. I’ve been wearing it all weekend, it’s so easy to move around in! 

Just. Look how flat and flawless the seams in front are! Look at that collar point! A GOOD UNIFORM. (ARGUABLY BETTER THAN MANY WORN ON-SCREEN, & I AM MAKING THAT ARGUMENT.) (Probably… a lot of cosplayers’ outfits are better than the ones that got worn onscreen, but still. :P)

I am not so good when it comes to “finding nylons,” however, so enjoy my shorts. (screen-canon skant bottoms are next on my list, because if these uniforms are going to be this ridiculous, I am going to be ridiculous also.) (AHHHHH I’M STILL SO EXCITED) (& YES IM WEARING IT RIGHT NOW)

hc ; when gabriel & reaper talk about the split between them

Gabriel and Reaper are both two separate entities; Reaper is the only one who will remotely speak on it, often quoting Gabriel as ‘dead’ or ‘far out of reach’ or even ‘locked away where he’ll be safe’. All of these are vague and up to interpretation of whoever Reaper is talking to. Gabriel will never admit or hint to it out loud normally; he holds the fear if he does so it will make it solidified. He doesn’t like the idea of permanence for it, even if it’s far beyond his control already.

Both of them do not freely talk about the differences between them to anyone; it’s guarded behind closed doors. Even if Reaper gives the hint, he’ll neither confirm or deny it if questioned. The only time it gets discussed is when both sides are comfortable with the person they are with. An example would be Angela; if she gets close enough to Reaper and offers him her hand and makes him trust her, he’s more than willing to explain what is going on with him and Gabriel, as it’s also something Gabriel would trust her with. It’s all a matter of how close both of them feel towards the person in question, and how much they feel the other person needs to know. 

Most of the time, if someone was close to Gabriel, there is never hesitation on his part if it comes down to ‘they should know, even if it breaches my comfort zone’. The harder one to get to divulge in it is Reaper, despite the hints he makes. He protects his and Gabriel’s life vehemently; and divulging the split is something he has a high distaste for, especially with the knowledge that he keeps strictly to himself that most of what he is might actually just be the nanites; he doesn’t want anyone else catching onto that and possibly attempting to separate him. 

It does tend to be a large show of trust when they both have the unspoken internal agreement to tell the truth about the two of them, but it will also keep Reaper on high alert for a while after the fact in the case of a betrayal that he expects to come his way.

There are also very rare cases where the truth comes out because of anger; Reaper can be pushed far enough with someone trying to call out to Gabriel that he’ll spill it on accident, in an attempt to get it to stop. This takes a lot of goading, but is possible as well. In which case, Reaper will ruthlessly hunt down the person he accidentally let it slip to until they’re dead ( usually ).

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Omg I just got back on tumblr after months of being away and one of the first things I did was come to your blog and read your Jungkook neighbors fanfic and I am SO happy! It made my day! Thank you so much for writing it <3

I’m glad I could make your day! Your message definitely made mine~ I should be the one thanking you, so thank you for reading my story ;w; It warms my heart! <3


Oh, there she was again. She seemed no worse for wear, an exceeding rarity in this day and age. People were always afraid of demons, usually shouting something about a book at them in the vain hopes it would send them away.

Still, as he said she seemed no worse for wear. Perhaps a check up wouldn’t hurt, see if things were still not involving demons.
“Mukuro.” He knew her name from her wallet. He’d been smart enough to read the I.D. cards in case he ended up having to label a body as well.

Civil War is a movie showing how hard it is for heroes to give up the fight, there personas and their causes. Tony can’t stop building suits even at the expense of his relationships. Rhodey keeps flying missions despite the risk. Clint disappoints his kids etc. They can’t give up the fight because they love it so much, its apart of who they are. 

Now take Steve Rogers, a kid who always wanted the fight, and got his chance, who has always valued himself via being Captain America: dropped his shield. He walked away without hesitation, without thinking that he lost everything. Because in the end even when he had nothing he had Bucky, so giving up his Shield is saying, having Bucky is enough for him. 

Steve is the one that gives it up without hesitation, regret, or remorse. This movie really is Steve choosing Bucky despite everything. 

so there’s this guy i’ve disliked since kindergarten and today he came up to me and said “we’re seniors now and i’ve been wondering, what if one day we meet again in our mid-20s and fall madly in love?” and i just stared at him and said “…no” and walked away and his friend was like “dude you just got rejected in the future

Talked about the future like we had a clue.
Never planned that one day I’d be losing you.
In another life, I would make you stay.
I would be your girl.
So I don’t have to say that you were the one that got away.
I was June and you were My Johnny Cash.
Never on without the other.
And When I miss you I put those records on.
It’s time to face the music I am no longer your muse.
I can’t replace you with a million rings.
I should have told you what you meant to me…
In another life, I would make you stay.
—  Katy Perry