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thotyouwas  asked:

could you recommend some good langst fics? im gonna binge read so langst and i need good fics, please

Hmmmmmmm I have a few! 

If Fireflies Cast Shadows by SeaBreezy

-Klance, soulmate AU. 

-I read this one a few months ago and I honestly love it so much, the langst isn’t that strong but it’s still an amazing fic 

Beginners Guide To Living by Milk_bud

-Klance, Collage AU but Lance has a terminal illness 

- I haven’t read the most recent chapters due to lack of time but I really enjoy this fic 

On Thin Ice by Minadora 

- Klance, Figure Skater/Hockey AU 

- Again haven’t read past chapter 8 but I really enjoy this fic and it is written so well. One of my favorites (Chapters are long though) 

Just Static by Jessadilla (wobblyarms) 

-Klance, Lance goes missing

- I read this fic as it was still being posted and I love it with all my heart. It’s so good and the langst is strong 

Book 1:Freedom by Crescentdescent 

-Klance, Avatar: Legend of Korra AU 

- This is probably one of my favorite fics of all time. Like I literally cried reading it.

Tethering by Fairyuphoria 

- Different universes (You need to read the discription) 

- I really like the concept of this and my heart hurts whenever I read a chapter 

I’ll Love You Even When You Can’t Love Yourself by YunaDragneel 

- Klance, Depressed Lance 

- I don’t remember much about this one but I did like it 

Feel free to add to this! These were just my top picks! I hope you like them!!!!

(If you want more you can DM me!)

castortheanimation  asked:

Would you like to have a lot of fluff again?

@leafeon-daily asked: Pharos! Do you ever miss having fluffy, snuggly wool?

Pharos: If you’re asking if I miss being a Mareep, then the answer is no. Being one was easily the most troubled stage in my life, and I wouldn’t want to go back to that. If I were to turn into a Mareep now, where I am now, away from the farm… I still wouldn’t like it. I was too vulnerable and weak… I’m ok now. Plus, if I want to be fluffy again, I can just mega evolve~

@chocolateflavoredmagicphatmouse asked: Have you ever mega evolved? What does it feel like?

Pharos: Well, mega evolution can be painful, but… I’ve overcome it, so to speak? My trainer always made me feel safe when mega evolving, and I’ve done so so many times for contests that… I no longer feel afraid of it. I won’t say it’s not weird, but it’s a weirdness I’m accustomed to.

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M!A [3/5]

yoooooo @ the Portal tags

you know, I’d really enjoy it if we stopped acting like it needs to be Wheatley vs. GLaDOS 100% of the time always and forever

if everybody could just chill tf out and take it easy over the fictional robots that’d be great

lifehack: if you ever feel like articulating a nasty to “The Other Team”

then simply take a nap instead

it’s so much nicer and less of a hassle and better for your health and also less insulting to such a good game

oh a random slice of life from visiting my sister in Maryland. It was me, my older sister the Lt. Col. (who just moved to MD from GA), and Middle-Little sister, and we were painting Lt. Col. Sister’s middle son’s room in the new house. It had wood-panel walls and glossy black trim, it had to go before the child could really live there, he’s a seven-year-old ball of sunshine and can’t be subjected to wood paneling. So we painted it all in shades of blue and it took forgoddamnever.

At one point someone brought up the thing about the Gay Cousin– you know, how there’s always one– and how our group of cousins is so white-bread that I’m the closest thing we have. And yeah, I mean, I’m a whole person, so I count, but I’m so invisibly queer, I’ve had the same dude for 15 years now and nobody realizes. 

As if to prove the point, Lt. Col. Husband was standing in the doorway with a beer, having just put the kids to bed, and said, “Wait, in what way are you the gay cousin???” 

I’ve known the guy a decade. “I’m bi,” I said. “I was pretty serious with a woman before Dude. I’m clearly not super into getting around, but I’m definitely not a straight person either.”

He was like, “does that count??” and to their credit, both of my sisters were like, “yes that counts what is wrong with you”, and he sort of went off and stood in the corner with his feathers all ruffled for a moment. 

Buddy, I’m the sister that likes you, don’t screw this up. And also, yet more testament to the fact that if you don’t know any gay people, it’s because you’re not paying attention.

This narrative of how you Come Out one time and then you’re Gay Forever is like, the least true thing ever to become a narrative trope… 

Also he tried to argue about the upcoming cakes for gays Supreme Court case on the basis of homophobia being a 2,000-year-old religious practice and i was like are you seriously reducing all of Christianity to homophobia maybe crack a Bible sometime and read the bit where Jesus actually talked, it might open your eyes. Also if it’s cool to refuse cakes for gays, why can’t lunch counters be whites only too? I mean what kind of America are you arguing to live in, here? 

I got the feeling he was doing the white dude arguing for the sake of arguing thing that’s so fucking obnoxious, but I was Not Having It so we didn’t get far into that. I told him to let me paint his child’s bedroom in peace. 

A massive post of replies

Hi Tumblr friends,

For some reason I honestly didn’t expect that anyone would read (or reply!) to my posts, and I literally just checked my activity feed a few minutes ago and saw your comments, all of which sincerely meant so much. Thank you for thinking of me and taking a moment to comment. 

I didn’t want your thoughts to go to waste, so I’d like to take a moment out of my usual (boring) text posts to reply. 

From my “Still Waiting” post (wow, seriously thank you all so much, I can’t say it enough):

@lemming-rules - omg thank you so much. The fact that anyone has ever thought this about my writing ever, and then taken a moment to write such a comment is blowing my mind. That’s the kind of comment I save and read later when I’m having a shitty day and in a failure spiral.

@anyotherday - Agreed! Thankful Korea is still…there. But really, it’s such a legit option and feels less scary to know there’s this other great place to live out there. (Love reading your posts as you work through a similar struggle, I think–to stay or to go hahaha)

@coffeeandkimchi - wow, excellent tumblr name hahaha! Apparently an awesome combo? But seriously so good to hear from you and I feel you so hard–my husband also doesn’t want to go back until he’s been successful here. I feel so much less alone after reading that, so thank you for sharing! I’d absolutely love to know more about what you’ve experienced while returning home with your husband!

@sajasmom - That’s a great perspective and definitely something we’ll need to consider over the next few months if my husband still continues to struggle with getting a career type job. Just so torn about which makes more sense–continuing with his career in Korea, or pausing and going to grad school in the US…what complicates matters is that I’m no spring chicken (lolll) and might need to get going on the family making front soonish…so a lot to consider! Grad school might have the better payoff in the long run, but so hard to predict in the moment? 

And from the “7 months in Korea” post: 

@sealbb - Wow, so interesting to hear about your experience doing government work as well. I honestly never imagined it could be so bad! Agree 100% with everything you said and can confirm I experienced all the same probs even in such a short time. I’ll be interested to hear what you and Sun do and what decision you make! Choosing a country to live in is so deep and layered and complex and basically I’ve concluded that it’s impossible to compare countries, so you’re left with deciding with your gut hahaha (I mean, maybe there’s more to it than that but it certainly feels that way haha)


Again thank you so much for your thoughts and support, it means a lot knowing you’re out there and thinking of us!! 

And sorry if this post is ridiculously extra…I just got so excited to see your comments that I had to reply. (In sentimental terms, my heart overflowed so without hesitation I took to my keyboard to pour it out.)

if i have any sixteen year olds following me…… ur gonna change so fucking much just worry about doing your best and having fun nothing else matters 

Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

  • unfollow me
  • ask me to unfollow you
  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.

How I feel about “cycle”

i just love how there was such a stark contrast between jake telling amy he still has feelings for her (”i know you’re with teddy and nothing is going to happen, i just wanted you to know”) vs teddy telling amy he still has feelings for her (”why are you with him” “will you marry me”)

Friendly reminder that religious gay people exist!! You do not have to choose one or the other! You’re not a bad gay for being religious and you’re not a bad follower for being gay! You can be both! They’re both important parts of your identity and there’s nothing wrong with being both!