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AAAA I've missed your BSD art so much!! Thank you for blessing my eyes with it. ;;v;; I adore your art greatly and I'm so happy your drew the babs from BSD. You're truly the greatest!~

thank youuu so much, i’m glad some people still like to see my BSD draws hahadhsjfsd ;;;;;; 💕💕💕

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well, what are your top five media that portray the jesus story correctly then? (sorry, i just really respect your opinion! :P)

…you guys are really not getting how impossibly high my standards are for this.

#none     #the answer is none     #there are too many moving parts you need a jesus who is human and warm but also impossible; untouchable; divine     #you need disciples who are /people/ not naive sheep or ignoramus interlocuters–give them histories and families and reasons and personaliti     #have a real sense of camraderie among the disciples; an atmosphere of excitement and radicalism that comes from following a prophet     #don’t have jesus in love with mary magdalene     #don’t have jesus in love with judas     #don’t have any one disciple be privileged over the others     #historical accuracy is a must     #female disciples are a must     #be respectful of the story but don’t buy into its propaganda     #(it doesn’t have to be The Greatest Story Ever Told but if you’re trying to make it about Shocking The Christins!!! like     #I don’t even care at that point)     #I’m not particularly picky about which gospel(s) it’s based off of     #I have favorite stories of course but     #that’s not as important as nailing all the characters and the dynamic and what jesus is like     #I’d prefer a kind of…magical realism to it?     #like     #have angels and satan and demons and stuff wandering around as just…the imaginal landscape of this world     #did I mention historical accuracy? because historical accuracy     #these jewish communities and their interactions with the romans and other ethnic/religious groups of the period     #don’t make anyone a bad guy     #no one is a bad guy in jesus’ story it’s literally just a lot of people making bad decisions because they’re angry or afraid or weak     #no one’s evil     #not the jewish priests not pilate not judas     #I want a lot of jesus talking to people–having to be pulled away by the disciples who are like “we promised we’d be at so-and-so’s house f     #for dinner stop healing lepers we have to go”     #I want jesus to laugh a lot     #I want jesus to look at the people who follow him like they’re his reason for breathing     #no story is ever going to make me happy /never/    

A transparent misawa heart for one of my best friends that I love dearly, JD!!! (@daiyanodumpster) Have a good birthday, you old person, you! 

//your real gift from me will be late, i’m sorry, bby) 

Lies told by the signs
  • Aries: "I'm not scared"
  • Taurus: ""I have no room for dessert"
  • Gemini: "don't worry I won't tell anyone"
  • Cancer: "I'm not upset" *on the verge of tears*
  • Leo: "no I'm not jealous"
  • Virgo: "oh wow that's so interesting" *has already read a Wikipedia article a year ago about the topic and knows more than you.*
  • Libra: "you're my greatest friend" *said this to 10+ people*
  • Scorpio: "I don't give a fuck"
  • Sagittarius: "nah, nah, it's all legal dw"
  • Capricorn: "I don't know" *they do, they just don't care enough to explain*
  • Aquarius: "sorry" *not sorry*
  • Pisces: "I'm on my way" *still in bed*
Horoscope for December 30th, 2016
  • Aries: You're usually good at bringing people together. Your greatest strength is giving identity to those people who seek it. In fact, you're so aware of the differences between people that you resist the changes that come about as people evolve. Today's planetary alignment confronts you with issues that concern your future. Your position will help you accept things and go forward.
  • Taurus: Some of you still let individuals from other Zodiac Signs do all the creating for you. The planetary configuration today pushes you to free yourself from the ties that bind you. It's time for you to show more creativity. Show the gems that you usually hide. Express yourself fully, without hesitation. Show others who's really in charge.
  • Gemini: You are very interested in all kinds of professions that concern humans, Gemini - medicine, psychology, or any kind of spiritual therapy. You will be very sensitive to the great opening toward the future that comes along today. The planetary alignment initiates progress in all areas of human existence. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.
  • Cancer: You may surprise the people around you over the next few days, Cancer. You're a responsible person and others can count on you. But just like anybody else, you're sensitive to your desires. You should expect your desires to be so strong today that they may be irresistible. If this is a positive experience, you may need to do some planning in your personal life.
  • Leo: You may have to stand by certain difficult, worrisome decisions today, Leo. You may feel a kind of urgent need for stability in your personal life. What is really behind this feeling? Is it possible that you're just afraid of your desire to put everything into question in order to make a fresh start? Today you may find the answer to this question. Stay tuned.
  • Virgo: Do you help the world evolve, Virgo? You may ask yourself this kind of delicate question today. Even if you're a person of action who knows how to react to situations, you should be careful not to be too impulsive. You have a specific role to play. Don't get thrown off track by emotional circumstances.
  • Libra: You may have a tendency to be overprotective of the people closest to you, especially children. You may feel you live in a dangerous world in which people don't care about responsibility to one another. But the people you're trying to protect are probably better prepared and adapted to the world than you think, Libra. They might try to tell you this even if your support is indispensable.
  • Scorpio: You probably need society's or other people's approval in order to feel good about yourself, Scorpio. But your original personality and way of thinking are often hard for others to accept. You may need to make your ideas less crazy and a little more down to Earth and practical. This should be your goal over the next few days if you don't want to feel left out of things.
  • Sagittarius: The events of the day depend on your ability to put things into question today, Sagittarius. In general, you're good at analyzing situations when things aren't going well in your relationships. Now someone in your family may have a problem acting responsibly. It's up to that person to take care of things, but you could understand the message the person is trying to send other people with his or her behavior.
  • Capricorn: The planetary aspects are going to have a big impact on you today, Capricorn. This isn't the time to fear the future. Rather, it's a time to make it happen. The action you take right now will be instrumental in your future. Will there be enough of us walking toward the future? Capricorn will be at the head of the pack in any case, as always.
  • Aquarius: People are more alike than we think, especially on days like today that mean virtually the same thing to everyone. Some incredible changes have taken place in the world and its economic and social systems. Now is the time to think about what the next few years have in store. Do you have any ideas? Try to articulate them.
  • Pisces: Today is an inspirational day for you, fast-thinking Pisces. Let those visions come to you, process them, and try to verbalize them. A lot of information and electricity is in the air, and you should have no problem picking up on it. Open up your channels for the best reception. Have a notepad handy to jot down all your insights.
mortal kombat au
  • stryker: you won't believe the deals down here at stryker's used autos
  • larger stryker, greenscreened in: at stryker's autos, we only get you the greatest deals. because you, the customer? you're the greatest people, and we believe in great service and great deals for greatpeople
  • smaller stryker, greenscreened in: a bargain!
  • stryker, walking over lot, recorded by a shitty camera: how about this used 1998 honda accord, for no money down
  • 1998 honda accord: [years old footage of driving around a mountainside road you're not sure actually exists]
  • smaller stryker, greenscreened in: a bargain!
  • stryker sitting on top of truck: we've got trucks, suvs, trucks, cars, and even a motorcycle here at stryker's used autos
  • larger stryker, greenscreened in: the competition fatcats just can't keep up with our dedication to great deals for YOU
  • giant CGI american flag: [waves, spins]
  • stryker: so come on down to stryker's used autos, where we'll STRIKE you - a bargain
  • smaller stryker, greenscreened in: a bargain!