you're the greatest people

s/o to mystrade shippers

the greatest thing about mystrade shippers is how we’re so easily satisfied. while johnlock shippers are all bemoaning the fact their ship is not yet canon, here we are, the silent legion that rises and becomes ecstatic simply because mystrade was seen in the same frame together for 2 seconds. we sing praises simply because one offhandedly mentions the other. and the latest ep they actually looked at each other for a second!!! that’s more than anything we’ve had so far!!!!! remember the whole 26 (29?) frames fiasco? i remember. i remember clearly, the first time they were in a scene together, at the end of season 3, and we all became so hyped. mystrade shippers you are all so pure. you’re so silently strong i believe in you

A transparent misawa heart for one of my best friends that I love dearly, JD!!! (@daiyanodumpster) Have a good birthday, you old person, you! 

//your real gift from me will be late, i’m sorry, bby)