you're the cheese to my burger

  • Rocket: What are you eating now.
  • Peter Quill: Cheeseburger.
  • Rocket: You're a catastrophe. Let me have half of it.
  • Peter Quill: I don't wanna.
  • Rocket: I just want the cheese, I don't want the meat. I do want the meat.
  • Peter Quill: Here's a corner.
  • Rocket: Let me just bite it, don't rip it! Let me have the whole thing, you'll get some later.
  • Peter Quill: You're a selfish jerk.
  • Rocket: I've smelled it, it has to be eaten!
  • Peter Quill: But it's my burger!
  • Rocket: I'm driving. I'll kill us!
  • Peter Quill: Fine I'd rather die!

kritoo  asked:

Meawbin, you're absolutely adorable and I want to give you all of my cheese burgers. (And you, the artist, are awesome! Keep up with your good work!)

Thank you so much!

mama-jiru  asked:

You send lots of snapchats of your lunches, and I was just wondering if you'd be willing to post a recipe or two if/when you have the time? (I understand you're very busy so obviously no pressure.) They always look so yummy and healthy!

…I- I just ate a bacon burger with fries.