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Very Serious Cinematic Parallels™  [jurassic world | the throwaways]

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Hi ❤️ As always you are the best Can I ask you to give us the best thing KD said about each other FBR , like when Fan wrote that Kai is her angel and D.O said " he is my angel too " is that right ! That most be so romantic why no one talk about it '

Hi anon~ 

A fan wrote: My angel.. Kim Jongin.. 

And then Soo responded with: Mine too.  


I think there’s a lot of kaisoo moments that needs to be highlighted more than they are, and this is one of them! 

Headcanon #1,084
  • (Batman and Superman helping the GCPD put away a few villains in the back of the prison car while the bat kids idly stand around the car, talking to the police or each other)
  • Thomas Sanders: (Deep, narrating voice)Here we have two of the most famous and butt kicking Superheroes of all time but are they the most famous and butt kicking couple of all time?
  • Batman: (Looks at Superman)
  • Superman: (Looks at Batman)
  • The two proceed to wrap their arms around one another.
  • Batman: I love you so much, honey-bunny!
  • Superman: You're the best vigilante a alien could hope for, sweetie pie!
  • The bat kids groan and complain around them in embarrassment in the back of the vine.

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I LIVE FOR DADDY!KILLIAN CUTESY FICS OMGG I DIED READING YOUR ONES. So please, could you write another where killian calls her 'little love' and she follows killian around a lot like he's a mother duck? Much cutesy feels please! Xo

I too have a thing for daddy!killian (if you couldn’t already tell), so here we are. <3

It starts when she’s small.

Barely able to walk, Ava takes to following him around the house, toddling until she has to fall onto her diaper and sit on the floor.

He finds it hilarious, looking back at her with a tilted head and a raised eyebrow. She stares at him with big, curious eyes and a smile that creates dimples.

“What’s happened, there, little love?” he asks, grinning. “Are you following me to the kitchen?” 

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For some reason I love dorky!Hans. Could you write about Hans trying to ask Elsa out by taking her on a boat ride but they end falling in the water but elsa still goes out with him. >.< loving your writing!

“Are you sure about this, Hans?” Elsa was nervous, he could tell by the way she fidgeted with her hands, fingers rubbing over fingers, and the way she bit her bottom lip, chewing on them from one side to another.

“It’s safe, I promise”. He extended one hand to her. “Do you trust me? It’s just a ride around the fjord, over the shallow waters”. She bit her lip harder. “Nothing’s going to happen, okay?”

Elsa closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay, then”. Her small hand clasped over his large one and she walked the narrow plank to hop inside the boat. “It’s really close to the water, isn’t it though?”

He chuckled, disentangling the rope from the mooring. “Well, it is a boat, not a ship. Let’s call this an exercise, shall we?”

She raised a curious eyebrow. “Exercise? For what?”

“You’re the Queen. You’ll need to travel eventually”. Hans started rowing the scull, propelling it farther from the dock. Elsa’s grip on the skirts of her dress tightened.

"N-not at all”, she managed to blurt out. “I can’t leave Arendelle precisely because I am the Queen, and I have a duty to my people”.

“Anna told me you would say that”. When she looked at him incredulously, he added, “That’s actually her idea, to help you overcome those last shreds of fear”.

"Oh that little schemer! She’s going to pay me for that!”, Elsa snapped and turned towards the dock, rocking the small boat from one side to another.

“E-Elsa, wait! Elsa, you’ve got to chill!” Hans tried to reach her…

…”WHAT?” and Elsa turned around to face him and then…

Of course the boat couldn’t take that much swing.

Of course it tipped and brought the two royals into the water with a splash.

Elsa emerged to the surface first, desperately trying to grab onto anything until Hans’ arms came around her and led them both to hold the hull. “Oh Elsa, I’m so sorry”, he apologized while waiting for the queen to catch her breath. She look so cute all drenched, though.

“I-it’s o-okay”, Elsa panted, but smiled anyway. “T-this w-was my f-fault”.

“No, no, not this. I-I… this wasn’t Anna’s idea, really. I was trying to take you out, to a nice spot just around that hill over there, because I…”

“Because you what, Hans?”, her voice got caught in her throat. What was he trying to do now? Was he…?

“I wanted to formally get a start on our… courtship. I’ve been trying to do that for a while now, but never found the right chance until tonight and then I just… blew it.” He huffed in open frustration.

Elsa just stared at him for what it seemed like hours, when all he could hear was the frantic beat of his heart, thump thump thump thump and you could swear he was holding his breath with a fairly good chance of turning blue, until she burst into laughter, forgetting her hold on the keel to grab his face with both of her hands, kissing him thoroughly.

“That was the best proposal you could have ever made”, she said nuzzling him, and the lulling of the water around them, from this day on, made her no longer fear the sea.

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How would Kris/Lay/Xiumin react if you had a gay best friend? But you're gay best friend go around calling you baby,honey,sweety ect. Also Kris/Lay and Xiumin do not know he is gay. And yes you are there girlfriend. I hope I did not confused you. ^_^

I feel like all of them would be pissed off and would think that the guy was trying to hit on her but their levels on anger would be different.

Kris would be absolutely pissed off. He knows that the guy is your friend so he might not say anything extreme to the guy but he would give hints about how he doesn’t like the guy calling you with those nicknames and that he needs to back off. He’ll ask you whats up with all the endearing nicknames and tell you that he doesn’t trust the guy. Once you tell him that he is gay he wouldn’t be so angry or think that hes trying to steal you but he wouldn’t be happy with all the nicknames either. He would probably still secretly dislike the guy a little.

Lay wouldn’t be as angry. he would talk to the guy though telling him he doesn’t appreciate him calling his girlfriend names only he should be calling her. However, I think the misunderstanding would be resolved easily and they’d be okay with each other.

Xuimin would be pissed too but Xuimin seems more civil and adult like than the other two. He’d talk to you about it rather than that guy. Once you explain he wouldn’t be piss. I feel like he wouldn’t mind your friend calling you honey/sweet or whatever as long as he isn’t around.


Rest in Peace Marilyn Monroe

(June 1st, 1926 - August 4th, 1962)

“I think Marilyn is bound to make an almost overwhelming impression on the people who meet her for the first time. It is not that she is pretty, although she is of course almost incredibly pretty, but she radiates, at the same time, unbounded vitality and a kind of unbelievable innocence. I have met the same in a lion-cub, which my native servants in Africa bought me. I would not keep her, since I felt that it would in some way be wrong…I shall never forget the almost overpowering feeling of unconquerable strength and sweetness which she conveyed. I had all the wild nature of Africa amicably gazing at me with mighty playfulness.”
 -Isak Dinesen

  • KITTY: JESSE I ADORE YOU. I can not think of a better way for you to shake me out of my upset and throw me back into competition! You are the best! Thank you so much, you're a sweetie for giving me the duet with Seb. Thank you!