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#thankyoubones week: day 10 → 3 other favorite ships/friendships 

I love every single friendship on Bones, especially since to me, they are all this huge makeshift family. But these 3 listed above are my utmost favourites. Why? I’ll tell you why: 

  1. Brennan and Angela - to me, these two represent the most iconic best friends on television. Sure they are polar opposites, but they have been best friends for such a long time, and would do almost anything for the other, and I do hope to find a friendship like that myself one day. 
  2. Booth and Cam - these two have had the longest friendship on the show, over 20 years worth by now, and have remained good friends after all these years. While I was never a fan of them as a couple, their friendship certainly works for me, and they incite a special nostalgic pang in my heart whenever I watch scenes of them together because I can’t help but think back of their long history with each other. 
  3. Booth and Aubrey - this friendship is fairly new yes, but one that I will certainly miss dearly. Considering how Aubrey joined the team after Sweets’ death (rip dear Sweets), he has managed to earn Booth’s trust, respect and affection, and really, any scenes of them either talking about life or enjoying a meal together makes me really happy.

Um, yes hello if anyone wants to give me some soft serve icecream with rainbow sprinkles…and like maybe all the money in their wallet or something I wouldn’t oppose.😊✨


The Three Sweet Commanders

Just assume for the rest of the day this is an XV Ultimania translation blog.

Again, grain of salt. I’m trying but very rusty. 

The Gods

The gods of the ‘six’ were mentioned in myth of Eos. They are closely related to the royal family. The ring of light was made by the Six and handed over as a generous gift as proof of the king. Very few people can speak to the gods and it takes a messenger to appreciate their language, which can not be understood by ordinary people. The battle of the gods traces back and is said to have broken out over a betrayal of the god Ifrit, but further details are not widely known.

Lunas Notebook

Depending on your responses with the Luna notebook, it influences the item description at the end of the game. If you answer badly entire time it will say “there’s a trace of dust” on it when you can see it as a key item. If you’re nice, it will state the book is “well worn.” If your responses are favorable then it will say “There are tears on the pages.” Translator Note: This is not exact as the descriptions will be different between english and JP.

Verstael Besithia

A mad scientist who aims to create the strongest existence by his own hand. He is in charge of the laboratory of the Nifelheim empire. The man who succeeded in mass producing magical soldiers based on the information provided by Ardyn. He does not hesitate, and regarded the six gods as just another research material.

Directors Commentary: Translators note; unorganized.Paraphrased.

The scene with leviathan was supposed to be luna’s moment. Like Yuna in FFX, or Aeriths in FF7. While Yuna is sad to do her duty, Luna is determined and strong.

It’s heavily implied Cor’s nickname “The Immortal” is meant to be mocking for running from Insomnia before the fall.

More Ardyn with Commentary

Translators Note: This one was very difficult to translate for me. The descriptor pointed to something taboo or ‘dirty’ besides how wrong it already was. This one is heavily implied rather than straight out said. 

What were the dolls at the end of game?

Tabata: This is a description of how long Ardyn waited for Noctis. he is a sloppy personality with a.. depraved satisfaction unlike normal people. He is the kind of character to make this 'dirty’ (not as-in grimy. dirty) scenery and play with it while he waited.

Ardyn was trying to achieve his victory by defeating Noctis as king, but was it purely for revenge?

Tabata: I wonder if there was a profound reason besides wanting to taste the highest pleasure of revenge on a strengthened Noctis. The misfortune of Noctis was based on my own happiness.

Translators Note: Dirty in the first statement is perverse. It also seems like Tabata gets off on the ending of the game. Explains a lot.It also seems like the corpses in the throne room were real bodies, a testament of Ardyns ability to preserve. It’s loosely stated Ardyn had much more power than he used, to the point of implying Noctis was allowed to win for the sake of Ardyn emerging victorious. 

Director commentary states the ending of the game was left purposefully vague, so that the player could decide what happens in the end. It is left entirely up to interpretation. 


best of greys - winning a battle, losing the war
     I’ve been wondering to myself, why are you so hell bent on getting me to go out with you? You know you’re my boss, you know it’s against the rules, you know I keep saying no. It’s the chase.

  • me: *literally just sees One picture of myself*
  • me: *has a full-blown existential crisis*

Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ Eᴍ10.14.16

sometimes a Family is just one dad-joking Suit with a robotic arm, a secretly-soft ageless pilot with a dark past, two tiny traumatised scientists in love, and a self-sacrificing beautiful superheroine with no chill.

interstellar, a zodiac series: 3/13
xu minghao


and for dear @jeongahn​, who’s an α scorpii in her own right, and shines brighter than antares. happy birthday!♡

genuinely! the more confidently you present yourself, the more everyone - including you! - will begin to see the positive aspects of you! keep trying! fake it ‘til you make it! 💕💫

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

Up until now, I didn’t know what it was like to look at someone and be like “fuck I never want to lose you.” I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same feeling as hearing coffee brew early in the morning. I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same peaceful feeling as when the sun sets. Or when I hear the waves crash into the rocks. Or when I look at teddy bears. Or that one time i finally got to swim with sharks. Or when im singing along to my music on blast. Or when I see elephants or koalas or panda anything fluffy (you know my obsession) Or when the pizza delivery guy comes. You make me happy and that’s a feeling I never really knew. To be able to look at you and say, “fucking shit you make me so happy.”
—  10 : 21 PM