you're the apple

Đã từng muốn chinh phục cả thế giới, nhưng cuối cùng quay đầu lại mới nhận ra, từng mảnh, từng mảnh trong thế giới ấy đều là em.
—  Those Years | Nhạc phim Cô gái năm ấy chúng ta cùng theo đuổi. 

In one world, the Feds attack and they’re overwhelmed.

Simmons sprints away.

Grif grabs Caboose and follows with little hesitation.

They fall back to the caves when they’re told.

Tucker meets them at the entrance, having taken cover when Lopez was shot just inches away from him.

In one world, the Feds attack and they’re overwhelmed.

Nobody grabs their wounded.

Tucker meets Wash’s eyes across a battle-strewn canyon, and screams his name when the walls begin to crumble.

A rock strikes him exactly wrong on the back of the head and he wakes up in an unfamiliar infirmary.

In one world, they panic and are separated.


In another world, it goes a little differently.

The Feds attack and they’re overwhelmed.

Felix yells for them to fall back to the caves and Caboose wavers because Wash is on the ground, so still, and he doesn’t move.

Tucker runs forward instead of back when Lopez is hit by the sniper and comes to the same conclusion as Caboose.

Simmons turns to run but Grif is staring at Sarge’s motionless body on the ground and neither can bring themselves to leave.

In another world, the Feds attack and they’re overwhelmed.

Tucker has Caboose hoist Wash up off the ground, grabs Felix by the chestplate, and makes it clear that if Felix doesn’t fall back with Wash in his grip, he won’t be leaving the canyon at all.

Simmons and Grif pull an unconscious Donut and Sarge over to a small group of New Republic soldiers and scream at them until they get the message to fall back with their wounded.

Two Blues and two Reds cover the retreat of the New Republic and when Tucker hears Felix screaming that the Feds will only follow them through the caves, he takes a deep breath, and tells Freckles to “Shake!”

In another world, they still panic and are still separated, but it’s softened by the knowledge that they saved their teammates first.


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

Les Amis Teacher AU where Enjolras is a poli-science teacher and Grantaire is that substitute teacher who always shows up to teach literally every subject, from arts to sports, and everyone just loves him.  One time someone thought he was the caretaker (because lbr, he does look like one) and spend three hours fixing the sinks in the bathroom after some 8th graders thought it was a nice idea to clog them with toilette paper. And he pretends like  nothing he does is ‘a big deal anyway’ and it’s infuriating and he always shows up when Enjolras last expects it so he can’t even… mentally prepare.

Like he can go and look for a history book for his class on the development of democracy and there’s Grantaire teaching 8th graders about the French Revolution and even the 8th graders are quiet and listen and Enjolras just… stares for a minute and then because…. Why is he so good at everything?! (And always talking so much with his hands which are beautiful hands and NOT THE POINT) And he returns to his class in a daze until one girl raises her hand like, ‘Monsieur Enjolras, didn’t you want to go get a book?’

friendship- showtunes about the bond of friendship

my junk - spring awakening // company - company // dear old friend - love never dies // my friend, the dictionary- the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // best friend - the wild party // together wherever we go - gypsy // friendship - anything goes // bosom buddies - mame // friends - the apple tree // two kinsmen - the mystery of edwin drood // what it means to be a friend- 13 // stuck together (strange but true) - catch me if you can // secondary characters - [title of show] // a friend like you - murder for two // you’ve got a friend - beautiful: the carole king musical // happiness - you’re a good man charlie brown // be my friend (the facebook song) -  edges //


@rawcharm answered:

         "Like what?“

                   There’s a quietly amused look to Baby as she draws
                   somewhat closer to Jack, letting her head fall slightly
                   to one side, her ponytails flicking about as she does.
                   Biting her lip a moment, she pressed closer towards
                   him… before reaching past him to retrieve his empty

         "I was going to ask if you wanted another?”

Jack was almost certain he could still breath. Right? Breathing. That thing humans do in order to stay alive? He could do that. As soon as the pretty blonde backed away from him a little. A deep shaking breath. She was asking him something. And he was a Ryan and certainly knew how to talk to pretty young girls. Totally. 



“I… uh…” Answer the question. Which question? Does he want another drink. “Yeah. Yes. P-please. Sure. Yeah…” Very smooth.